A Complete Guide to Understanding Parcel Tracking

Everything you need to know about parcel tracking, package tracking, order tracking & more!

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A Complete Guide to Parcel Tracking

Parcel tracking has become an integral component in the mechanism of modern ecommerce, establishing a reliable bridge between the buyer's order placement and the fulfillment of delivery.

The importance of parcel tracking lies in its power to assemble buyer confidence, foster trustworthy relationships, and ultimately, build customer loyalty due to the transparency that parcel tracking bestows upon the customer experience. Transparent messaging offers real-time information about the delivery status of packages, providing customers the felicity of knowing when to expect their parcels.

No matter what the ecommerce store sells, parcel tracking is no longer a luxury but a necessary tool, acting as a catalyst for increasing customer satisfaction and customer retention.

But, when you start to dig into parcel tracking, you'll soon notice a dizzying array of terms used- parcel tracking, package tracking, full package tracking, delivery tracking, order tracking, live order tracking, etc. Generally speaking, they can all be used to reference the same process- the process of tracking a shipment as it goes from one location to the other.

There are some nuances, so we've put together a guide to some of the common terms related to ecommerce package and parcel tracking. If you're looking for more specific details on how to track a package, check out this guide instead.

Is there a difference between parcel tracking and package tracking?

You may hear package tracking and parcel tracking used interchangeably, and for most people referencing these two terms, they signify the same process- tracking an item as it is being shipped.

But if we're getting into specifics, a parcel usually refers to a smaller item that is shipped through a postal service while a package can refer to an item(s) in a box that aren't necessarily shipped (think hand-delivered care packages). Package is the more general term, but keep in mind that certain regions might favor one of the other. For instance, some countries might more commonly use parcel worldwide tracking/parcel world tracking over package worldwide tracking. For this guide, we use package and parcel interchangeably.

Are full package tracking, delivery tracking, and order tracking different from parcel and package tracking?

Full package tracking, delivery tracking, and order tracking can all be used to reference the process of a brand sharing order tracking updates with consumers. For this guide, we will use the three interchangeably.

Full package tracking/delivery tracking/order tracking takes the shipment process a step further by sharing order tracking updates with consumers. When brands choose to provide full package tracking to their customers, they offer accurate insight into the stages of transit a parcel undergoes.

By sharing accurate insight into where a consumer's package is, brands accomplish many things, so we'll briefly touch on a few here. First, brands enhance the customer experience by reducing consumer stress or consumer grief after purchasing. Second, a brand establishes trust with their customers for transparently sharing shipping expectations through the whole post-purchase experience, reinforcing the bridge of communication between the customer and the brand. Third, accurate order tracking reduces the need for customers to reach out to the brands they shop with to ask 'Where is my order' (WISMO). This reduces the potential for customer frustration over wondering where their order is while simultaneously reducing the amount of tickets for that brand's support team. Four, and perhaps the most influential, brands are able to generate additional revenue through cross and upsells.

Overall, an effective order tracking system provides customers with real-time updates on the status of their orders throughout the entire purchase cycle. This not only helps to promote transparency in transactions but also enhances buyer satisfaction and loyalty. With order tracking, customers can feel more confident in their purchases and have a better overall shopping experience.

Is live order tracking the same thing as order tracking?

The two terms 'live order tracking' and 'order tracking' also refer to the same process we've been talking about, but live order tracking allows real-time tracking. It enables the customer to follow their package's journey with live minute-updates. If you've ever refreshed your order tracking page every minute and watched an Amazon delivery truck inch down the road towards your home, that's live order tracking.

How is parcel shipping related to parcel tracking?

Accurate parcel tracking is enabled by a brand's visibility into their parcel shipping process. Without proper insight to shipping updates from carriers and 3PLs, it would be very difficult to track a package or parcel. Encompassing the overall process of package pickup to delivery can be meticulous- accurate parcel shipping needs details such as order ID, package preparation, labeling, and, eventually, dispatching for delivery.

Shipment tracking software and order tracking platforms for ecommerce order tracking

Ecommerce order tracking (another term to reference the same process as we've described above) curates a dynamic, personalized post-purchase experience for each customer.

In order to provide their customers with the type of order tracking we've detailed in this guide, ecommerce brands must find a shipment tracking software, order tracking platform, or order tracking app that they like.

These software tool allow businesses to monitor and manage order status systematically. With shipment tracking software or an order tracking platform, businesses can keep track of their deliveries in real-time and provide their customers with accurate information about their order status. This not only helps to improve customer satisfaction but also enables businesses to manage their logistics more efficiently. By using shipment tracking software or an order tracking platform, businesses can reduce the risk of lost shipments, minimize delivery times, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Malomo, as a leading order-tracking platform and shipment tracking software, takes pride in its capability to revolutionize tracking experiences, empowering brands to deliver significant value at each step of the post-purchase journey.

Malomo Offers the Tools You Need For Success

Here at Malomo, we offer tools to streamline the post-purchase experience, promoting customer loyalty and shipping efficiency while reducing support tickets. An increasingly globalized world calls for worldwide shipping tracking. Our platform broadens the scope and sphere of parcel tracking, enabling ecommerce brands to sell, ship, and track orders on a global scale. It is a solution for consumers and businesses alike desiring to keep tabs on parcels.

Malomo's tracking platform supports tracking for many couriers worldwide, a testament to our commitment to adapting to the needs of our diverse clientele. We enhance your order tracking beyond your USPS tracking, UPS tracking, FedEx tracking, DHL tracking, and more so that your customers experience a seamless, fully branded post-purchase experience.Want to keep learning? Check out these related resources...

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