Order tracking that inspires, delights, and converts

Did you know that 20% of your website traffic hits the order tracking experience? Turn all of that customer engagement into customer loyalty. Malomo helps you get ahead of shipping issues, brand your order tracking experience, and reconvert shoppers while they wait for their package to arrive.

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Order tracking is a key touchpoint. Make it count.

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Launch a breathtaking tracking page in 2 clicks

Goodbye carrier tracking pages. Malomo makes it effortless to create a unique order tracking experience in minutes inside your own Shopify theme (no-code) or using our headless developer tools. Finally, you can launch pixel-perfect pages that match your brand standards. No compromises.

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Get ahead of delivery issues

Take control of your transactional notifications

Malomo proactively monitors every shipment you send and can detect dozens of different post-purchase events. Use those events to trigger email and SMS messages to your customers, or alert your CX team of critical issues.

Send transactional messages directly from your marketing platforms so you can easily control the design and content. Transactional messages also see a 3x higher open and click-through rate – use them to re-market and turn delivery from a cost center into a powerful retention engine.

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Build your carrier strategy with shipping analytics

Know exactly what's happening with your shipments and carriers so you're ahead of your customers every step of the way.

Delivery is a team sport – give visibility to your Ops, Support, and Retention teams to monitor every shipment and see where bottlenecks are happening in your experience. Slice the data by on-time performance, carrier, destination, carrier service level and more to make better decisions that cut WISMO in half while elevating your brand.

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Get ahead of delivery issues

Delivery delays are inevitable. Don't let them destroy your brand. Turn unfortunate shipping experiences into good ones.

It costs $5 to resolve just one WISMO ticket, so automatically deflecting them will go straight to your bottom line. Use Problem Orders to identify issues so you can keep customers informed of delayed, stalled, or lost shipments and resolve them before they kill your profit margins.

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Bring your marketing,
CX and ops tools

We integrate across all of your favorite Shopify apps so you can cross-sell, collect valuable 1st party data, help customers initiate and track returns, increase SMS subscribers and more.

Order tracking experiences that inspire

See how growing Shopify brands like ILIA Beauty, Stix, Who Gives A Crap, Nomad and more are elevating their post-purchase experience by controlling their brand, keeping customers informed and driving repeat purchases with order tracking.

Ilia tp

ILIA Beauty embeds their Vimeo to play their announcement video, uses Elfsight to display their social media, and clickable product recommendations to cross-sell.

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Stix TP

Stix uses Elfsight to display social media, the Shopify Buy button to cross-sell other products, and clickable images to educate their customers through their blog.

Podcast: Listen Now

Who Gives A Crap utilizes clickable product recommendations to cross-sell, the FeedGrabbr widget to display their blog, a clickable footer to promote their mission statement, and Elfsight to pull their social media channels into their tracking page.

Nomad tp

Nomad allows their customers to directly rate their shipment experience, embeds their YouTube channel to play an educational video, uses Elfsight to pull in their social media, and adds clickable images to shop product collections and bring customers to their FAQs page.

Podcast: Listen Now

Delight your customers with every shipment — even when things go wrong.

Customers want transparency, teammates want less stress. Give them both with beautiful, timely notifications and order tracking.

  • Be a memorable Shopify brand

    Customers check their order status an average of 4.6x per order, making order tracking one of the most visited experiences across the entire customer journey. Create a breathtaking order tracking experience in minutes with Shopify theme-based tracking pages and transactional email and SMS flows.
  • Take full advantage of your transactional messages

    Transactional email and SMS can drive revenue. Our customers are proving it every day by leveraging our integrations with Klaviyo, Attentive, Postscript and more.
  • Reduce WISMO, WISMR and WISME by half

    Stop letting "Where is my order/return/exchange?" flood your support tickets. Destress your team with proactive customer communication and powerful reports on every order and shipment.
  • Increase metrics that matter — ROI, LTV, CSAT

    Branded order tracking unleashes your ability to create revenue by reclaiming 15% of your website traffic that went to a carrier page. Customers love clicking on tracking emails. Make those clicks count with stunning tracking pages on your storefront that showcase product recommendations, tutorials, surveys and more.
  • Tackle shipping issues before they tackle you

    Turn a poor shipping experience into a positive one by detecting delivery delays or lost shipments before your customer does with problem order detection and triggered customer notifications.
  • Build a bullet-proof carrier strategy with in-depth shipping analytics

    Analyze your fulfillment, delivery, and carrier performance to identify which carriers are upholding SLAs with Malomo's carrier analytics.
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Blueland Case Study

"I've now implemented Malomo for two brands—it just makes sense when you're looking to impress and minimize friction for the customer while also maximizing profit for your brand. Our customers love it and so do we."

Josh Knopman, VP of Growth and Digital Product
Ilia carousel

ILIA Beauty

"Being able to own the post-purchase customer experience with fully branded shipping flows has been a success with Malomo. Our customers expect a beautiful, branded experience at every interaction, and Malomo enables us to deliver exactly that. We now ensure that every customer touchpoint is consistent with the ILIA brand they know and love.”

Albert Chong, VP of Digital at ILIA Beauty
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"With the help of the YOCTO and Malomo teams, we're able to control what the customer sees when they’re engaging with our brand. It's super important to us that our customers feel cared for—having an exceptional post-purchase experience allows us to do just that."

Kate Avchinnikova, Ecommerce Manager at Mira

Control the entire shipping experience with Malomo

Keep your customers happy and start driving repeat purchases today.