Shipment marketing for ecommerce brands

Turn your shipment tracking into an experience that delights and amazes customers.

Control the shipping experience

Deliver the customer experience that finally lives up to your products through seamless, branded shipment tracking.

Malomo Tracking Page Before
Malomo Tracking Page After

Set your brand apart

See the transformation

Malomo gives brands complete control to design an experience customers rave about.

Enhance the experience

Consumers are increasingly frustrated by late deliveries or trouble tracking shipments. Malomo solves this elegantly.


Build trust & foster loyalty

Build trust and loyalty with customers by proactively notifying them when something happens with their order.

Tell your brand story when customers are highly engaged

Great brands are created with a great story that’s told over time. Shipment marketing is a unique way to tell your story to customers when they are most receptive to hearing it.

This was made for you

Our team of shipment marketing specialists can help craft a custom tailored strategy for your brand. Get a free strategy plan from one of our shipment marketing experts today.

Make your customers fall in love

Waiting for an order in transit is emotional for customers. Our platform was built with empathy at its core to help you turn problems into opportunities to delight.

A seamless experience for customers

Customers check tracking an average of 3.1 times during shipment. Don’t send those brand impressions to your shipping carrier’s website when you can immerse them in your brand.