Attentive + Malomo

Turn transactional SMS into a revenue-generating stream

Attentive integration header

Beautifully-branded SMS shipment notifications that deliver

Top Shopify marketers are curating personalized SMS shipping notifications to clearly communicate where their customer's package is, prevent support tickets, and drive repeat purchases.

Customer Testimonial

Through this integration, we’ve enabled sending customers their shipping information through their preferred channel of communication while growing our SMS list. We’ve felt very supported by the Malomo and Attentive teams through it all and are very pleased with the success.

Alex Pearsons, Ecommerce Manager at Chowdaheadz

Gain control

Leverage pre-built SMS notifications triggered by real-time carrier updates

Malomo integrates with Attentive to enable brands to drive traffic from their post-purchase SMS campaign flows to Malomo’s beautiful, high-converting tracking pages.

Shopify merchants can create SMS notification flows triggered by real-time carrier updates such as 'Fulfilled', 'Shipped', 'Out for Delivery', 'Delivered', 'Return to Sender', and more.

Make it Personal

Increase engagement through segmentation

Not only will you provide your customers with relevant and important information like estimated delivery date and order details, but you can also personalize the experience.

Through our integration, you and your team will be able to segment and create journeys based on customer characteristics, such as 'actions performed' or 'subscriber vs non-subscriber'.