Flexible Plans For Shopify Merchants Focused on Post-Purchase

Malomo Pricing

$189/month for 4,000 shipments
Malomo Starter

Plus $0.04 per additional shipment

For Shopify brands like Paromi Tea and Wax & Wit that want to build their own tracking page today.

  • Branded tracking pages

  • Shopify Theme App

  • Klaviyo email & flow templates

  • Problem order reporting & triggers

  • Shipment/delivery reporting for 75+ carriers

  • Order lookup widget

  • Partial shipment tracking

  • Gorgias, Klaviyo, SMS and 50+ integrations

  • Email and in-app support

  • Access to Malomo.js (supports headless sites)

  • APIs, webhooks and dev tools

Preferred by 90% of Malomo Customers!
Malomo Growth
Contact us for Custom Pricing

For Shopify brands like Caraway and ILIA Beauty that need Malomo's expertise.

  • Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Concierge onboarding

  • Malomo-built tracking pages

  • Branded emails

  • Dedicated support

  • Scalable per shipment pricing

Integrate With 50+ Ecommerce Tools Including

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with Shopify?

We directly integrate with Shopify to improve the post-purchase experience and use shipment tracking to build your brand. Malomo allows Shopify stores to fully customize and control the tracking experience to reduce common problems that lead to “where is my order” support tickets. You can initiate the integration between Malomo and Shopify directly from within your Malomo dashboard.

How much does it all cost?

Starting at shipments up to 4,000 per month, the Malomo Starter fee is $189 per month and goes up from there. However, if you pay the annual fee upfront, you get 2 months free.

How do you work with Klaivyo?

Malomo integrates with Klaviyo to allow you to create, time, and analyze your transactional shipping emails through your current Klaviyo account. With Malomo, you’re able to send shipping emails—pre-transit, in-transit, out for delivery, delivered, and exceptions—through Klaviyo.

How do I build a tracking page?

You can build a tracking page on any page of your website leveraging our Malomo Starter or Malomo Plus plan. Your options are to implement Malomo's Shopify Theme App in your Shopify 2.0 site by dropping the app block on a page or leveraging your development and design resources to add Malomo.js code to a page on your site (headless compatible). Our Malomo Growth tracking pages are built by the Malomo team and are fully customizable and tailored to your brand. You’ll work hand and hand with our post-purchase experts who will focus on building you the most successful page for your specific brand. We’ll provide you with best practices and our deep knowledge of what makes the best design and work with you to create the ideal copy, imagery and layout.

How long does it take to implement?

With our Malomo Starter plan, you can get access to our Shopify Theme App and be up and running today. For Malomo Growth, the amount of time varies on the level of customization, and availability of design assets from your brand, but on average you can expect a turnaround time of about 30 days.

Control the entire shipping experience with Malomo

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