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We're on a mission to help brands create lasting relationships with customers.

We believe that in today's transactional world, the brands that succeed are the ones that build real, authentic connections with the people that support them. We built Malomo to empower brands, and help them build 1-to-1 connections with their customers.

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Meet the people who make Malomo a success.


Yaw Aning

Founder & CEO

Anthony Smith

Founder & CTO

Kat Gordon

Chief Customer Officer

Alicia Gaba

Head of Strategy and Operations

Mariah Parsons

Head of Marketing


Jason Cartwright

Jason Cartwright


Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson

Director of Customer Success

Sydney Purichia

Sydney Purichia


Jenny Soetanto

Jenny Soetanto


Michael Whalen

Michael Whalen


2021 Dual Mira Award Winners!

We're honored to have received TechPoint's 2021 Mira Awards for both Entrepreneur of the Year for Yaw Aning and Startup of the Year!

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Our Core Values

We like to say we’re #BLSSD here at Malomo.

Be relationship obsessed

Leverage other viewpoints

Speed wins

Stay resilient

Deliver results

We embrace and embody these five key values that are integral to our organization. These values serve as beacons, helping us identify and reinforce desirable traits within our current team. They also provide clarity in our recruitment efforts, guiding us towards individuals who align with our principles. By aligning ourselves around these values, we celebrate, compensate, and reward behaviors that reflect our shared vision and contribute to our collective success. These values form the bedrock of our culture, unifying us and driving us towards our common goals.

Our Mission

Malomo is driven by a singular purpose: to empower ecommerce brands and consumers to cultivate meaningful and enriched connections. We hold a strong conviction that the post-purchase experience forms the foundation of extraordinary relationships.

With our pioneering approach to order tracking, we equip Shopify and Shopify Plus brands like Caraway, ILIA Beauty, and Soylent with the tools to curate exceptional post-purchase experiences. Our platform enables the creation of visually stunning tracking pages that mesmerize and energize customers, fostering a sense of excitement while they eagerly await the delivery of their orders.

Our Beginning

Malomo's journey began with our co-founders, Yaw Aning and Anthony Smith, who operated a Shopify development agency. In this role, they provided consultation and developed software solutions for numerous ecommerce brands. The inception of Malomo arose from the pursuit of addressing the order tracking experience challenge for a leading eyewear brand in the United States.

Over the years, Malomo honed its expertise by crafting tailor-made post-purchase order tracking pages and transactional email flows for esteemed Shopify and Shopify Plus brands. Through these endeavors, we immersed ourselves in the process, ensuring that merchants create exceptional experiences right from the start. Our commitment to service and consultancy remains an integral part of our DNA, even as we continue to evolve and make history.

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