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Integrating your top carriers with order tracking is easy with Malomo. We support 75+ leading carriers used by top Shopify brands including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express—just to name a few.

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Malomo's Supported Carriers

A premium post-purchase experience isn't complete without thoughtful carrier tracking. Our most popular parcel carriers are shown below and you can view our full list of 75+ carriers here.

We support 75+ carriers

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Carrier Tracking for our Shopify Brands

Supporting a wide range of shipping carriers is a strategic imperative for the Shopify brands we work with. Our Shopify brands need their order tracking experience to be the same no matter which carrier is delivering their goods. By offering extensive carrier tracking support, we provide our customers with a competitive edge so they can deliver exceptional value to their customers.

Ecommerce brands have diverse shipping requirements and preferences. By supporting multiple shipping carriers, we strive to cater to the unique needs of each brand, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the carrier that aligns with your specific requirements. This flexibility enhances your brand's overall shipping experience, enabling your team to offer tailored and reliable shipping solutions to your customers.

Different carriers excel in various aspects such as speed, cost, coverage, or specialized services. By integrating with multiple carriers, we enable you to access a diverse pool of carrier options and select the ones that best align with your business objectives. This flexibility allows your team to optimize your shipping operations by choosing carriers that offer competitive pricing, faster delivery times, or specialized services like international shipping or fragile item handling. Supporting multiple shipping carriers also mitigates risks and ensures continuity in the event of carrier disruptions or service issues.

Supporting multiple shipping carriers also mitigates risks and ensures continuity in the event of carrier disruptions or service issues. Carriers may face unexpected challenges such as capacity constraints, natural disasters, labor strikes, or technical difficulties. If a brand relies solely on a single carrier and that carrier experiences a disruption, the brand's shipping operations may come to a standstill, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential revenue loss. However, by offering support for multiple carriers, Malomo provides you with a backup plan, enabling you to quickly switch to an alternative carrier and maintain a seamless shipping experience. This resilience safeguards against potential disruptions, protects your brand's reputation, and ensures that customer expectations are met even during challenging circumstances.

Additionally, supporting multiple carriers fosters healthy competition among carriers, leading to improved service quality and competitive pricing. This competition ultimately benefits ecommerce brands as they can negotiate more favorable shipping terms, access improved service levels, and pass on cost savings to their customers.

With our carrier reporting and analytics, you have even more information at your fingertips to improve your carrier strategy. Via our Shipping Analytics Command Center, your shipments are all centralize in one place. Your CX and Ops teams can easily filter and segment data to identify any issues, optimize your carrier strategy, and consistently deliver a magical shipping experience to your customers. Streamline your operations and ensure every shipment is handled with precision and care.

"Between the weekly performance emails, access to shipment and carrier performance, plus the ability to monitor our problem orders, we have all the information we need to inform our carrier strategy and be proactive with our customers" - MARK RISKOWITZ, VP OF OPERATIONS

International carrier tracking is a crucial aspect of modern global e-commerce, enabling businesses to monitor and manage shipments as they traverse borders and reach customers worldwide. With international shipments subject to varying customs regulations, delivery processes, and transit times, staying informed about each package's status becomes paramount. Advanced international carrier tracking solutions empower businesses to gain real-time visibility into their cross-border shipments, irrespective of the carrier or destination country. Many of the Shopify brands that work with Malomo have international store fronts. By seamlessly integrating with a diverse network of international carriers, these solutions offer comprehensive tracking capabilities, including origin scan, in-transit updates, and delivery confirmation.

This level of transparency and accuracy empowers businesses to address potential delays, customs clearance issues, or any other hurdles that may arise during international shipping. As a result, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction by proactively managing expectations, providing timely updates, and ensuring a smooth and reliable delivery experience across borders. Whether it's for small businesses venturing into international markets or established enterprises managing large-scale global operations, robust international carrier tracking is a fundamental tool in optimizing supply chain efficiency, boosting customer trust, and unlocking the full potential of cross-border commerce. If you're interested in expanding internationally, you should check out our ebook about going international.

By offering extensive carrier support, Malomo empowers ecommerce brands with the flexibility to choose carriers that align with their specific requirements, optimize their shipping operations, and enhance the overall customer experience. Multiple carrier support also ensures resilience and continuity in the face of disruptions, fosters healthy competition among carriers, and drives service quality improvements and competitive pricing.

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