Customers check tracking 4.6 times per order

Instead of sending customer's generic shipping emails and carrier tracking pages, take control of your customer's experience after they buy from you

Retain customers with branded shipment tracking

Create custom tracking pages in minutes.

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Go from reactive to proactive

Proactively notify customers when shipping delays or exceptions occur

  • Define what constitutes a problem order for your brand
  • Detect problematic orders as soon as they happen
  • Notify your customers before they notify you

Proactively Notify Goes Wrong

Turn transactional shipping emails into revenue

Take full advantage of your transactional messages

  • Create advanced flows based on real-time shipping data
  • Improve loyalty and CSAT with proactive alerts
  • Increase repeat purchases with timely, beautiful shipping updates

Choose When To Notify

Take control of your shipping and delivery process

The data you've been looking for

  • Optimize your carrier strategy with data-backed decisions
  • Always know what's happening with every order and shipment
  • Get insights into customer engagement and carrier performance


Other wonderful reasons brands love our platform

  • Display order tracking blocks that support multiple shipments per order
  • Add order lookup anywhere on your site
  • Use our public API to send our data points anywhere your marketing and CX teams want

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Platform Integrations

Malomo integrates with carriers and also your ecommerce, marketing, and customer service platforms


Implement your order-tracking block and data anywhere, including on a headless commerce site.

Learn more about what Malomo.js can do for you.