Request Tracking Page and Email/SMS Notification Mockups

We'll turn around beautiful order tracking visuals in 2 days or less (typically the same day except weekends)!

Get custom branded tracking page & tracking emails/SMS sent right to your inbox!

Take the first step in up-leveling your Shopify post-purchase experience.

Drive up LTV and CSAT with an impressive brand experience your customers won't forget.

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Launch a tracking page in 2 clicks. Seriously.

Let your brand shine as bright as your personality. Use Malomo's Tracking Page Creator to easily add existing imagery, color schemes and all the Shopify apps you love to your shipment tracking page.

With just two clicks, launch your tracking page directly in your Shopify account, no matter your theme. The built-in shipment tracking block easily connects your order and carrier data to each unique customer, creating a personalized and seamless experience for everyone

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Send transactional notifications that impress and inform customers

Beautifully branded email & SMS is our bread & butter. Turn your transactional emails and SMS into a revenue-generating channel with proactive, timely order tracking notifications that keep your customers coming back for more.

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​​“Malomo not only allowed Briogeo to provide a seamless experience for our customers, but also allowed us to accomplish our goals we sent forth as a brand. We were able to generate revenue and engagement without having to jeopardize the quality of our customer experience.”

Chauncey Twine, VP of eCommerce at Briogeo
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ILIA Beauty

​​“Being able to own the post-purchase customer experience with fully branded shipping flows has been a success with Malomo. Our customers expect a beautiful, branded experience at every interaction, and Malomo enables us to deliver exactly that. We now ensure that every customer touchpoint is consistent with the ILIA brand they know and love.”

Albert Chong, VP of Digital at ILIA Beauty
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Tenzo Tea

"As a result of the change [installing Malomo], we've see a lift in our repeat purchase rate and a decrease in churn. These stats don't lie and combined make a huge lift to bottom line growth"

Steve O'Dell, Co-Founder and CEO of Tenzo Tea

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