Send your transactional shipping notifications from Klaviyo with Malomo

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Why Shipping Emails?

You’ve spent all of this time and money creating that perfect campaign to captivate someone, and they’ve just bought your product. It’s time to celebrate!...but wait. The customer experience doesn’t end there.

While waiting for your products to arrive, customers view shipping notifications 4.6 times on average.

Consumers expect more during shipping

Shipping emails get opened 3.4 times more than typical marketing emails. A large part of that experience is the look, feel, and timing of your shipping emails. 38% of consumers say they’ll never shop with a retailer again following a negative delivery experience.

Ready to see how shipping emails can help you turn customers into repeat customers?

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Malomo + Klaviyo

Malomo seamlessly integrates with Klaviyo so you can create the shipping experience your customers will love and appreciate – leading to increased click-through rates and overall revenue from your email campaigns.
With Malomo and Klaviyo you can:

Gain control

Use carrier shipment statuses as flow triggers and conditions

Control the timing of your shipping notifications by using carrier shipment statuses as flow triggers and conditions.

Whether it’s an in transit email or an SMS informing your customer their order is out for delivery, share the right information with customers so they’re informed and confident that their package will arrive.

When things go wrong on the carriers’ end, trigger proactive notifications to customers to help remedy the issues. Building trust is key in fostering deep relationships with customers.

Email #2 Your order is arriving today

Make it Personal

Easily personalize your shipping notifications using the power of Klaviyo

During this time of high engagement with customers, ensure your messaging and content continues to showcase your largest point of differentiation - your brand. Use Klaviyo’s robust email building features with Malomo’s rich data to create a transactional email that not only informs but captivates, and easily update your emails for new product launches, campaigns, and more.

Retarget Customers

Continue the customer experience post purchase with a branded, customizable tracking page

Instead of sending customers to generic and stale carrier tracking pages, use your creativity to craft an experience that drives revenue, boosts customer engagement, and increases customer satisfaction. The only limit is your imagination!