No-code tracking pages on your Shopify storefront. Get started with order tracking in minutes.

Create and manage breathtaking tracking experiences right inside your Shopify theme. 15-20% of your website traffic hits your order tracking experience—make it count.

Lightning-fast order tracking page creation for Shopify

Shopify and carrier tracking pages are boring. Create a memorable tracking experience in minutes (not days) that drives repeat purchases and reduces support tickets.

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Launch a tracking page in 2 clicks. Seriously.

Let your brand shine as bright as your personality. Use Malomo's Tracking Page Creator to easily add existing imagery, color schemes and all the Shopify apps you love to your shipment tracking page.

With just two clicks, launch your tracking page directly in your Shopify account, no matter your theme. The built-in shipment tracking block easily connects your order and carrier data to each unique customer, creating a personalized and seamless experience for everyone

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Manage page designs inside Shopify.

We’ve made tracking page creation as easy as launching a new page on your storefront. Effortlessly create, design and update tracking pages directly in your Shopify storefront.

Create the order tracking experience of your dreams. The only limit is your imagination:

  • Host unlimited tracking pages and use data to segment and tailor your experience

  • Leverage customer attributes like gender, first-time vs repeat, subscriber type and much more to show the right marketing campaign to the right customer post-purchase

  • Get a 2x higher click through rate by segmenting and personalizing your tracking experiences like MUD\WTR, Soylent and Jaxxon

Tracking page creator integrations

Add superpowers to your tracking pages with 3rd-party apps

Add more features and functionality to your tracking pages by integrating the apps you love into your tracking experience. Finally make your post-purchase experience look and feel like your purchase experience. Leverage apps like Rebuy, Loop, Instagram and more to create dynamic and unique tracking pages.

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Crush WISMO with real-time tracking data

With Malomo, in one click instantly connect to 80+ carriers and show customers their tracking info in real time on your tracking page. Leverage the most advanced tracking block in the market to display the shipping status for customers from the moment an order is placed to when it’s delivered and beyond.

Display multiple shipments on a single tracking page. Your tracking block also does double-duty, serving as an order lookup widget for customers who visit your storefront seeking an update on their order status.


What people are saying

I was so excited for the Tracking Page Creator and now after using it, I love it. It took me less than 30 minutes to get the tracking page set up, designed, and published- finding the right UGC videos took most of that time. Building out our order tracking page was easy, seamless, and I could do exactly what I wanted to.

Hannah Toporoff, Marketing Manager at DefineMe Fragrances

What people are saying

Most of our customers check tracking from their phones, so we wanted to make sure we were optimized for mobile. With the Tracking Page Creator, we could easily design two different experiences for desktop and mobile users. Everybody loves it. We launched our page two weeks ago, and we're already getting great feedback and traffic. We're so happy to have Malomo in our tech stack to make my life easier and help me understand our data.

Mahrooz Karjan, Ecommerce at JLUXLABEL

What people are saying

What I love most is the ability to add existing branding elements, assets and any other Shopify apps to the tracking pages in minutes. We've helped over 30 merchants set up and see amazing results with Malomo, and this new feature will mean even quicker time to value than we've historically seen. We're already leveraging it for new clients and it's been a game changer!

Brandon Amoroso, Founder of Electriq Marketing

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Get custom branded tracking page & tracking emails/SMS sent right to your inbox!

Take the first step in up-leveling your Shopify post-purchase experience.

Why people love our Tracking Page Creator

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Launch fast

Launch fast

In just two clicks, you'll have a stunning tracking page seamlessly integrated into your Shopify theme.

Edit with ease

Edit with ease

Customize your tracking pages with your existing branding elements, assets, and any other Shopify apps you love.

Decrease WISMO tickets

Decrease WISMO tickets

Decrease your customer support tickets with up-to-the-minute shipment information.

Notify at the right time

Notify at the right time

Drive post-purchase notifications to order tracking at all the right moments.

Segment the experience

Segment the experience

Get creative and host multiple tracking pages with unique experiences based on buyer data.

Tap into all your apps

Tap into all your apps

Integrate any Shopify storefront apps into your order tracking experience.

Supported Carriers

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Control the entire shipping experience with Malomo

Keep your customers happy and start driving repeat purchases today.