2-Click Tracking Page Creator Examples

Check out our favorite examples you can use as templates for your own branded order tracking page

When Malomo launched its 2-click Tracking Page Creator tool our customers got excited and went right to work creating new order tracking pages inside their Shopify storefronts.

You've probably already seen our huge compilation of order tracking examples, but this article is specifically curated to showcase designs made with our newest tracking page generator. With our lightning-fast and super easy-to-use Tracking Page Creator, brands are creating a custom order tracking page in just two clicks–and voila, a stunning tracking page seamlessly integrated into your Shopify theme!

What's the big deal? It's the fastest method out there to create your very own branded order tracking page. And, it can help you recapture a whopping 15% of your website traffic that used to get lost in those boring carrier tracking pages.

You can give your tracking page a personal touch by adding your existing branding elements, assets, and even some of your favorite Shopify apps.

Here are some of our favorite examples:

Charlie Rae

Example #1: Order tracking page for a baby brand with an insane cuteness level.

What we love most: The imagery is adorable and makes the Bestsellers section stand out to drive repeat purchases. They follow it with a featured collection block to drive buyers to check out their Bamboo collection with a very cute, very large image that makes it hard to skip over.

Pro tip: The IG gallery at the bottom is everything we live for.

Epic Gardening

Example #2: Simple order tracking with featured best sellers to drive repeat purchases.

What we love most: It's simple and the experience matches their website with perfection. They've extended their brand into order tracking with a matching navigation bar at top and bottom for ease of use.

Pro tip: Use a scrolling best-sellers section with easy add-to-cart options. They're driving those cross-sells like crazy!

Epic Gardening


Example #3: Order tracking focused on customer education with recipes and how-to videos.

What we love most: Is infusing oil with herbs and botanicals only for pro chefs? This tracking page proves it's not. LEVO does a wonderful job of reinforcing your decision to try infusing with delicious recipes and how-to's.

Pro Tip: If your customers ever wonder how to use your product to its fullest potential, this order tracking example is your new life goal.

Metropolis Coffee

Example #4: Food and beverage order tracking featuring referrals, rewards and upsells.

What we love most: This page is all about the rewards. They know coffee lovers can be cult followers, and they're leaning into it. It's hard to miss the emphasis on rewards and referrals on this page.

Pro tip: Metropolis' one-time add-on option with easy add-to-cart functionality is money in the bank.

Metropolis Coffee

PSD Underwear

Examples #5: Apparel order tracking featuring referrals and trending products.

What we love most: This brand is what we call a BRAND. And they lean into it in their post-purchase experience with their trending product recommendation section. If you buy from their brand, you care about staying on trend--and sometimes you are creating the trend.

Pro tip: Order tracking is a perfect time to ask for text subscribers if you missed them in the pre-purchase. And little nuances like calling it a "text club" matter when your target market is anything like theirs.

PSD Underwear

Raaka Chocolate

Example #6: Food & beverage order tracking designed to drive subscriptions, share recipes and drive cross-sells

What we love most: When you have buyers that haven't subscribed yet, this is the order tracking experience you want to mirror. They use add-to-cart with a frequency schedule built right in. Dreams.

Pro tip: Tease those clicks with recipes that don't give any details, just delicious imagery.

Tiny Tags

Example #7: Jewelry order tracking that does a lot of things, but is truly just beautiful

What we love most: Tiny Tags is all about commemorating beautiful moments and people. We aren't sure if there's anything more beautiful than this order tracking page.

Pro Tip: Using that "as seen on" section is crucial in a crowded space like jewelry where cheap knock offs are rampant!