Problem Orders

Get ahead of delivery issues with Problem Order detection and notifications

Define, detect, notify. You can’t control shipping delays, but you can control how you communicate with your customers. Turn a poor shipping experience into a positive one by sending personalized, timely notifications about delayed or stalled shipments.

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Improve your repeat purchase rate

84% of customers will not return after a poor delivery experience.

Prevent bad delivery experiences with proactive communications so customers feel good about their purchase no matter what. Configure personalized rules for detecting common fulfillment and shipping problems, then automatically notify your customers when something goes wrong. Our Shopify brands are dramatically reducing 'Where is my order' support tickets and retaining customers even when things go wrong.


Define your problems

Malomo Problem Orders allows you to define problematic situations in your shipping and delivery process. Choose specific rules and timeframe criteria for detecting problem orders such as stalled fulfillments, late deliveries and returned to sender. Save hundreds of support hours by focusing your ops team on the orders that matter and reduce WISMO tickets with thoughtful notifications.


Detect delivery issues and identify trends

Our advanced algorithms analyze your order data to detect issues and trends in your system. See which orders are at risk and take action to prevent unhappy experiences. We provide valuable insights into your order data, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your fulfillment processes and carrier strategy.

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Notify your customers before they get frustrated

Our software can trigger your email and SMS to automatically notify customers when their order matches your criteria. By proactively communicating with your customers, you can prevent frustration and build trust and loyalty with your audience.


Weekly performance reporting delivered to your inbox

With our Shipment Performance Reporting, you receive weekly metrics around your average number of days between placed-to-delivered, between placed-to-fulfilled, between fulfilled-to-delivered and total number of Problem Orders. With the data sent right to your email, your operations will run smoothly with all the necessary information right at your fingertips.