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There are hundreds of apps in the Shopify app ecosystem but only a few that can truly change the direction of your brand. We believe the best solutions for your ecommerce business are a blend of great technology and relationship-based support. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the Malomo alternatives below.

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Competition keeps everyone on their toes. And we live for it.

We know that in almost every industry, there are competitors. But more importantly to us, we also recognize there are people behind our competitors. That's why we always lead with our core value of "being relationship obsessed" and treat everyone with respect first and foremost.

Here's how we compare against the alternative competitor platforms in the Shopify/Shopify Plus post-purchase ecosystem.

There are many reasons Shopify/Shopify Plus brands choose Malomo

But one of the key factors we've heard from the brands we work with is the ability to fully customize the design, layout, copy, and creative of their Malomo tracking page. Check out some examples below and check out our full order tracking inspiration page.

Thread TP 2

Thread uses clickable images to increase awareness for their ambassador program, the Attentive integration to guide customers to sign up for SMS, and Elfsight to pull in their social media.

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Caraway TP

Caraway utilizes clickable images to educate their customers on care tips and blog posts, the Shopify buy button to cross-sell, Talkable to display their referral program, Reamaze to provide support to their customers right on their tracking page, as well as Elfsight to display their social media.

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Drmtlgy tp

DRMTLGY built a fully custom order tracking page with the Malomo.js through our Shopify Integration. They also use Klaviyo, Attentive, Rebuy, Octane AI, and Gorgias to strengthen their post-purchase experience.

Bylt tp

BYLT Basics uses clickable images to provide cross-sells to their customers and their brand story as well as ElfSight to display their interactive social media channels and YouTube to display their new announcement video.

We play well with others

Not only do we give you control over where you're sending your customers via our custom tracking page, but we also seamlessly integrate with top partners such as Klaviyo, Attentive, and Postscript so that you can segment and automate your post-purchase transactional email and SMS notifications.

One of our awesome customers, Soylent, segments their post-purchase experience for subscribers and on-demand customers👇. And it doesn't end there--we're continuously building new triggers and flows to address the most complex transactional messaging strategies.

P.S. We're also the first and only partner of Klaviyo's to have a pre-built template library of flows in their platform (see some examples).

Soylent tp

Soylent segments their post purchase experience for subscribers vs non-subscribers. On their subscriptions page they use FeedGrabbr to display their blog, Superfiliate to display their referral program, and Elfsight to pull their social media posts.

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Soylent tp non sub

Soylent segments their post purchase experience for subscribers vs non-subscribers. On their non-subscriber page they the Rebuy integration to display dynamic product recommendations, FeedGrabbr to populate their blog, Superfiliate to display their referral program, and Elfsight to pull in their social media.

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Other reasons we stand out

Returns and exchanges tracking

For any brands in the Shopify/Shopify ecosystem, you'd probably agree that how a SaaS provider plays with other tech companies can make or break your tech stack. That's why we're constantly prioritizing innovating with our partners to maximize the benefit you and your team get through integrations. We're proud to say we're the first and only provider in the post-purchase space to integrate with Loop so that you can track and personalize the process around returns and exchanges.

The (accurate) data we surface

We know data is extremely important to brands, and that's why we continue to innovate on our shipment reporting dashboard, data points that can trigger notifications, and carrier analytics to provide the most value to the teams we work with. We surface a tremendous number of data points to your integrated apps for segmented transactional messaging. Plus, with your Shipping Analytics Command Center, all of your shipments, orders, and carrier information are in one place. You and your team can filter how you like, define your Problem Orders so they populate how you choose, and trigger notifications based on real-time updates. Not only that, but you can analyze your carrier data to see real-time performance and optimize your logistics. Learn more here!

Our support team

We believe we have the best team ever. And yes, we're a little biased. But here's where that transparency comes in--we've had brands leave Malomo for competitors only to come back months later because of the difference in service. We also recognize there's no way for us to show you how awesome our team is without speaking with us, so we'd love to hop on a call if you're looking to be convinced 💜.

We're time-tested and big brand-approved

We started our journey into Shopify post-purchase order tracking in 2018 when everyone was sending tracking notifications to bland and boring carrier pages. Ever since then, we've been working with some of the biggest Shopify brands like Summersalt, Caraway and Magic Spoon to help them build their brand with every shipment, reduce support tickets and drive up revenue after customers hit the "buy" button. We haven't slowed down and we won't back down from copy-cats.

Let's dive in

Now let's jump into specifics

Here is how we compare with some other competitors in the post-purchase space.

Brio carousel

Retain customers and improve your post-purchase experience

"Malomo not only allowed us to provide a seamless experience for our customers, but also allowed us to accomplish our goals we sent forth as a brand. We were able to generate revenue and engagement without having to jeopardize the quality of our customer experience.”

Chauncey Twine, VP of eCommerce at Briogeo