Customer relationships start post-purchase

Malomo helps your brand deliver an amazing post-purchase experience for your customers across email and SMS. We do this through a fresh approach to the order tracking experience.

About Malomo Hero

Our founding story

The Malomo story starts in 2011 when co-founders, Yaw Aning and Anthony Smith, ran a consulting agency called Sticksnleaves. The consulting agency turned into a DTC agency when they noticed an increase in direct-consumer brands asking for help. They noticed more and more DTC brands looking for software to help improve their customer experience, specifically their post-purchase experience.

In 2018, Yaw and Anthony built the first prototype of an order-tracking platform to help them control customer complaints, whenever delivery problems occurred. It was at that point, Malomo was born. In 2021, Malomo raised their seed round of financing to bring a premium post-purchase experience to all DTC stores on the Shopify platform. Malomo is now a team of 25+ employees located all around the world.

Malomo's mission

We’re on a mission to help ecommerce brands and consumers build better, more authentic relationships with each other. And we believe that the best relationships start post-purchase.

The Malomo Team

We're a distributed company with teammates across the world.

Yaw Aning

Founder & CEO

Jason Cartwright

Jason Cartwright


Kat Gordon

Chief Customer Officer

Alicia Gaba

Head of Strategy and Operations

Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson

Director of Customer Success

Mariah Parsons

Head of Marketing

Sydney Purichia

Sydney Purichia


Anthony Smith

Founder & CTO

Jenny Soetanto

Jenny Soetanto


Michael Whalen

Michael Whalen


Industry Recognition

Top Rated SAAS
SMB Tech
MIRA Awards

We like to say we're #BLSSD

We have 5 core values that we live by. These values help us identify traits in the current team that we want to reinforce, provide clarity around the types of people we want to recruit, and have better alignment around the behaviors we want to celebrate, compensate, and reward.

  • Be relationship obsessed

    Invest in relationships to create long-term payoffs
    Earn each other's trust
    Hold each other accountable
    Develop one another to be the best
    Celebrate each other
  • Leverage other viewpoints

    Challenge our own strongly held beliefs
    Be open and inclusive to new people, new ideas, and new perspectives
    Seek healthy conflict with trust
    Invite others to share their opinion and feedback
    We feel safe sharing our opinion because we know others have sought it out
  • Speed wins

    Put ideas in motion fast
    Good plans executed quickly are better than great plans executed slowly
    If we're not failing, we're not learning
    We create 20% solutions that deliver 80% results
  • Stay Resilient

    We make decade-long bets
    We bounce back from setbacks insanely fast
    We appreciate the journey
    We work hard and we take care of ourselves
  • Deliver results

    We love to win and we love for our customers to win
    We take pride in strong performance
    We are focused on outcomes
    We take ownership
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At Malomo, we are committed to our values.

We ensure our benefits and company culture align with our core values.

Remote First

Remote First

Four Day Work Week

Four Day Work Week

Competitive Benefits Package

Benefits Package

4% 401k Match

4% 401k

Free Financial Advisor

Free Financial

Unlimited PTO


Paid Parental Leave

Paid Parental

Latest Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

Our Investors

We’re backed by some of the best venture firms and angel investors in the ecommerce ecosystem.


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