Justuno x Malomo Integration: Growing your SMS list


Alicia Gaba

Head of Strategy and Operations

We're thrilled to announce a collaboration that is set to revolutionize your post-purchase journey! Malomo is partnering with JustUno to bring you an integration that will empower you to craft the ultimate brand experience during the critical post-purchase phase.

We'll be discussing tactical strategy, live merchant use cases, & more on our webinar (watch on-demand now)

Connecting JustUno and Malomo: Elevating Your Brand Experience

Now, with the seamless integration of Justuno and Malomo, you can take your post-purchase engagement to new heights. This integration allows you to combine the wealth of customer data stored in Justuno with the distinctive branded experience that Malomo offers through its advanced tracking pages and shipping-powered messaging.

Key Features to Transform Your Post-Purchase Strategy 🚀 :

  • Collect SMS Opt-ins with Order Tracking: Seamlessly gather SMS opt-ins from your customers as they track their orders, providing you with a direct and effective communication channel.

  • Segmented Tap-to-Text: Target customers who are yet to opt in, ensuring that your SMS communication is relevant and engaging for each individual.

  • Funnel Customers into Top Communication Channels: Optimize your communication strategy by directing customers towards their preferred channels, ensuring maximum engagement.

  • Optimized Pop-ups for Desktop and Mobile: Deliver a consistent and user-friendly experience for requesting reviews aligned with your order tracking notifications.

  • Engage First-time and Repeat Customers: Actively connect with both first-time and repeat customers, boosting revenue and retention rates.

  • Trigger Multiple SMS Opt-in Attempts: Increase your chances of gaining opt-ins by strategically triggering multiple attempts across different pages in a single session.

  • Bullet-proof Carrier Strategy: Leverage in-depth shipping analytics to build a robust carrier strategy, ensuring smooth and reliable deliveries with all your favorite carriers.

  • Boost Metrics Across the Board: Increase channel opt-in metrics, ROI, customer lifetime value (LTV), and customer satisfaction (CSAT) by leveraging the combined power of Justuno and Malomo.

  • Proactively Tackle Shipping Issues: Address potential shipping challenges before they become problems, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

  • Gamify the post purchase experience with spin to wins for customers (loyal and new) to earn prizes and rewards when they meet your conditions.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Marketing Campaigns:

By using Justuno and Malomo together, you'll elevate your marketing campaigns and customer engagements to new heights at crucial touchpoints. This integration is designed to enhance retention strategies and maximize customer lifetime value.

With Malomo and Justuno, you can seamlessly capture valuable customer information, including social handles, birthdays, emails, and SMS details as well as engage your audience with interactive quizzes and surveys, gaining insights that can inform your marketing strategy.

With this customer data, you can then surface accurate and personalized product recommendations based on individual order history and website behavior. The Malomo x Justuno integration’s dynamic capabilities to display banners on your tracking page, whether it's conveying shipping details, highlighting special offers, or delivering post-purchase messaging, is also a huge advantage for brands.

Learn more about how a top Shopify brand grew their SMS list with Justuno and Malomo in this case study.

We’ll give you a hint- in 90 days, they had a 22.57% increase in post-purchase engagement and a 3.66% engaged conversion rate from their tracking page 🤯.

How to Get Started:

Ready to experience the future of post-purchase engagement? Simply integrate Justuno and Malomo into your workflow and watch as your brand experience transforms into something extraordinary. Quickly activate the integration today with insights from our knowledge base.

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