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  • Soylent customers viewed their tracking page 6 times per order to drive 54x ROI
  • For Love & Lemons drove $100,000 of revenue from existing customers
  • ️ILIA Beauty order tracking page converted 25% higher than site average

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Mud wtr tracking page repeat purchaser

MUD/WTR segments their tracking pages based on non-subscription vs. repeat purchasers. This example showcases what a repeat purchaser would receive.

Copper cow coffee

Copper Cow Coffee designed their branded order tracking page with the Tracking Page Creator. On their page, they showcase their brew guide, top picks, referral program, social media, & more! When submitting to the Tracking Page Design Dash Challenge, the Copper Cow Coffee team wanted to drive cross-sells and product education.

Read more about the Tracking Page Creator
Halfdays delivery attempted email

Halfdays sends their customers a personalized email to let their customers know that a delivery was attempted but could not be completed.

Honeylove delivered sms

Honeylove sends their customers a transactional sms through our Klaviyo integration to let them know that their order has been delivered!

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"I've now implemented Malomo for two brands- it just makes sense when you're looking to impress and minimize friction for the customer while also maximizing profit for your brand. Our customers love it and so do we."

Josh Knopman, VP of Growth and Digital Product, Blueland
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ILIA Beauty

"Being able to own the post-purchase customer experience with fully branded shipping flows has been a success with Malomo. Our customers expect a beautiful, branded experience at every interaction, and Malomo enables us to deliver exactly that. We now ensure that every customer touchpoint is consistent with the ILIA brand they know and love.”

Albert Chong, VP of Digital at ILIA Beauty
Tenzo tea

Tenzo Tea

"As a result of the change [installing Malomo], we've see a lift in our repeat purchase rate and a decrease in churn. These stats don't lie and combined make a huge lift to bottom-line growth"

Steve O'Dell, Co-Founder and CEO of Tenzo Tea