Affiliate Partner Program

Earn an average of $1,000 per referral

Grow your business with the Malomo Affiliate Partner program and earn a 10% monthly recurring commission. Simply sign up to get a unique link and start referring your followers to the top post-purchase experience platform today.

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What is the Malomo Affiliate Partner Program?

Your customers, followers, and friends will appreciate the power of a unique order tracking experience that drives immediate ROI, long-term LTV and, dramatically reduces support tickets. Earn 10% of the annual subscription price for every Malomo customer you convert through your referral link.

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Malomo Affiliate Partner Program

How it works

If a Malomo customer you refer pays $200 this month, you earn $20 dollars. If they pay $500 a month, you get $50 — every month, for as long as they stay a Malomo customer. The more customers you refer, and the longer they stick around, the more you can earn.

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Step 1

Use your unique link immediately

Anyone can join the Malomo Affiliate Program. You don’t even need to be an Malomo customer! Just click here and receive your unique referral link and access to the exclusive Malomo Affiliate Portal.

1 Use Your Unique Link Immediately

Step 2

Get a free starter pack to help you promote the Malomo platform

Share your link, start earning. It’s that easy. But to make it even easier, we put together some Malomo resources that you can snag and start using to accelerate your referrals.

2 Get a Free Starter Pack to Help You Promote the Malomo Platform

Step 3

Earn 10% commission forever!

That’s it! You’re ready to earn. You’ll get 10% of whatever the people you refer pay Malomo — forever. The average affiliate earns $1,000 per referral, and there are influencers in the program earning thousands of dollars every month.

3 Earn 10 Commission Forever

Why do affiliates and influencers love the Malomo program?

Affiliates partner with Malomo because we offer a unique solution for the thousands of Shopify merchants that want to improve their shipping experience and generate additional revenue post-purchase.

A rare opportunity

A rare opportunity

Malomo is the best kept secret for influencers in the Shopify ecosystem. Most post-purchase platforms don’t have affiliates yet — which opens the door for you to grow.

Partner portal

Partner portal

Submit leads, track payouts, access enablement materials and more all from within your Partner Portal account.

Zero effort to close deals

Zero effort to close deals

All you need to do is send us people — our sales people will close the deal and our customer success team will continue to provide value. You pass us the lead, we do the heavy lifting and pay you for it!

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Ready to join the Malomo Affiliate Partner Program?

When your referrals are successful on the Malomo platform, they'll stick around. Not only do you look like a hero in the space, but you have a monthly commission check you can rely on.