Our Core Values

B.L.S.S.D. to be at Malomo

Be relationship obsessed

Leverage other viewpoints

Speed wins

Stay resilient

Deliver results

At the core of our company, we uphold these five fundamental values. These values serve as guiding principles that shape our team, allowing us to reinforce desired traits, establish clarity in recruitment efforts, and align ourselves around behaviors that warrant recognition, compensation, and reward.

These values not only define who we are as a team but also serve as a compass for our collective actions and decisions. They form the foundation of our culture, driving us towards success and fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

Open Positions

The Malomo hiring process

What to expect

If you stand out among a stack of applicants, here's what to expect as you move through our process:

Step 1: Our talent team will schedule time to speak with you

Step 2: You'll interview with the hiring manager

Step 3: You'll interview with 1-2 other Malomo team members who will weigh in on the decision

Step 4: Final follow-up and/or take-home assignment with the hiring manager

Step 5: Decision!

Our Mission

Malomo is dedicated to a singular mission: enabling ecommerce brands and consumers to foster genuine and enhanced connections. We firmly believe that the foundation for exceptional relationships lies in the post-purchase experience.

Through our groundbreaking strategy in order tracking, we empower Shopify brands such as ILIA Beauty, Caraway, Edikted, and Soylent to craft remarkable post-purchase journeys. Our platform facilitates the creation of visually stunning tracking pages and transactional notifications that captivate and invigorate customers, instilling a sense of anticipation as they await the arrival of their orders.

Our Team

The Malomo team is a globally distributed workforce, spanning across different regions. However, our origins lie within the thriving tech ecosystem of Indianapolis, which serves as the central hub for Malomo. Once a year, our team convenes in Indianapolis for a special gathering dedicated to team bonding.

At Malomo, we foster a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture, driven by our unwavering focus on the post-purchase challenge and our direct-to-consumer (DTC) clientele. We are passionate about solving this problem and are dedicated to providing exceptional value to our customers in the DTC space.

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