Open Positions

The Malomo hiring process

What to expect

If you stand out among a stack of applicants, here's what to expect as you move through our process:

Step 1: Our talent team will schedule time to speak with you

Step 2: You'll interview with the hiring manager

Step 3: You'll interview with 1-2 other Malomo team members who will weigh in on the decision

Step 4: Final follow-up and/or take-home assignment with the hiring manager

Step 5: Decision!

Our Mission

Malomo is dedicated to a singular mission: enabling ecommerce brands and consumers to foster genuine relationships with each other. We firmly believe that the foundation for exceptional relationships lies in the post-purchase experience.

We empower Shopify brands such as ILIA Beauty, Caraway, Edikted, and Soylent to craft breathtaking post-purchase experiences. Our platform facilitates the creation of visually stunning tracking pages and transactional notifications that captivate customers, instilling a sense of anticipation as they await the arrival of their orders.

Our Team

Malomo is headquartered in Indianapolis but our team is globally distributed. Once a year, our team convenes in Indianapolis for a special gathering dedicated to team bonding. We foster a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture, driven by our unwavering focus on the post-purchase experience.

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