Shipment & order tracking notifications

Beautifully branded transactional email & SMS notifications

Build your brand and reduce "where is my order" support tickets with every post-purchase touchpoint. Malomo helps Shopify brands create order tracking experiences that inspire, delight and convert--even when things go wrong.

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Customize and automate your post-purchase notifications

Build proactive branded shipping notifications to improve customer satisfaction and keep your customers informed about the status of their order. 84% of customers won’t return after one bad shipping experience. In a world where delays and problem orders are bound to happen, don’t let customer frustration rein. Instead, send timely (and beautiful) transactional emails and SMS notifications.


Transactional emails

Send transactional emails that impress and inform customers

After your customer buys from you, don’t let their branded experience end. Many Shopify brands are still sending customers a basic order confirmation email that points to a bland carrier tracking page. With our Malomo + Klaviyo integration, you completely control the post-purchase experience with branded, customizable transactional emails. We even have a library of 25+ pre-built Klaviyo flow templates 👀.


Transactional SMS

Turn SMS shipping notifications into revenue

Notify your customers where they want to be notified and see the benefits of customer loyalty increase. With our Attentive, Klaviyo SMS, and Postscript integrations, you can automate your transactional notifications to turn them into a revenue-generating channel. By combining email and SMS into your transactional messaging strategy, you can choose where, when, what, and how each customer receives different messages.


Control your brand with every message

Automate and segment your shipping notifications

Not only do you gain control over the design of your post-purchase experience with Malomo, but you can also add more flexibility into your workflow segmentation. With our triggers such as Fulfilled, Shipped, Out for Delivery, Delivered, Return to Sender, and 10+ more possibilities, you can automate post-purchase emails and texts based off of the definitions you create with your team.

Request Branded Tracking Page, Email & SMS Mockups

Get custom branded transactional notifications and a tracking page design sent to your inbox that you can use to inspire your new post-purchase experience. Time to wow those customers!


Free up your support team

Reduce WISMO tickets

It's a tale as old as time. 50% of your support tickets are WISMO, or ‘Where is my order?' tickets. Just by enabling timely shipment notifications, your customers will know exactly where their order is, thus reducing your WISMO-related support tickets and freeing up your amazing CS team to work on other tasks.

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Prevent poor shipping experiences

Tackle delays like a champ when problem orders arise

Delays and problematic orders are bound to happen, but what will set you apart from other brands is how you deal with those delays. With our Problem Orders reporting, you can send affected customers personalized, timely notifications around delayed and stalled shipments.


All your support info in one place

Maximize your support team's efforts

By helping you with your transactional messages we strive to get rid of all of your shipment related support tickets, but there will inevitably be some that trickle in. So when those few support tickets do come in, you'll want to make sure that your support team has every order detail possible right at their fingertips. With our Gorgias integration, your support team will increase efficiency, move faster, and can easily access information.

Your Guide to Transactional Email Marketing

Examples of real, high-performing post-purchase emails

Instructions on when, why & how to set up specific post-purchase email flows

Benchmarks for post-purchase email open and conversion rates

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"Malomo not only allowed Briogeo to provide a seamless experience for our customers, but also allowed us to accomplish our goals we sent forth as a brand. We were able to generate revenue and engagement without having to jeopardize the quality of our customer experience.”

Chauncey Twine, VP of eCommerce at Briogeo
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ILIA Beauty

"Being able to own the post-purchase customer experience with fully branded shipping flows has been a success with Malomo. Our customers expect a beautiful, branded experience at every interaction, and Malomo enables us to deliver exactly that. We now ensure that every customer touchpoint is consistent with the ILIA brand they know and love.”

Albert Chong, VP of Digital at ILIA Beauty
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Tenzo Tea

"As a result of the change [installing Malomo], we've seen a lift in our repeat purchase rate and a decrease in churn. These stats don't lie and combined make a huge lift to bottom-line growth"

Steve O'Dell, Co-Founder and CEO of Tenzo Tea

Beautifully branded email & SMS is our bread & butter

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