ILIA Beauty Increases Customer Engagement and Retention


ILIA Beauty creates fully customized shipment tracking pages to increase customer engagement and loyalty

“Returning traffic from our Malomo tracking page converts 25% higher than our site average”

Albert Chong, VP of Digital at ILIA Beauty

ILIA Beauty is dedicated to providing their customers with clean, skin-centric beauty that protects and revives skin. ILIA prioritizes transparency throughout every stage of the process to empower their customers and highlight the radiance that is within them, naturally. With the customer’s best interest always in mind, ILIA wanted to ensure that every part of the customer journey was a seamless experience and true to the ILIA brand.

This led Albert Chong, the VP of Digital at ILIA, to focus on the post-purchase experience— from what happens when a customer clicks ‘purchase’ to opening their package and everything in between. Seeing that this critical part of the customer experience was not up-to-par with the ILIA brand standards, Chong and the ILIA team chose Malomo, a shipment tracking platform, to help fix this issue. Malomo allowed ILIA to carry their branded experience through every part of their customer’s journey while increasing customer engagement and retention, driving revenue, and reducing support tickets.

Utilizing branded tracking pages to increase customer engagement

Being customer centric, ILIA understood the value of each customer touchpoint and wanted to elevate their post-purchase experience. The problem was that ILIA’s previous shipment tracking experience was not unique to their brand. Their customers were guided to an uncustomized, bland page that did not reflect the strong values that ILIA stands for.

This disrupted the customer journey and was a missed marketing and engagement opportunity for valuable customer interactions. Instead, ILIA utilized Malomo’s fully customizable, branded pages to maintain seamless contact with their customers and increase customer engagement.


Branded tracking page

Ilia turns the thousands of visits to the tracking page into an opportunity to connect with customers

Square with Circle

Solve carrier issues

Ilia uses Malomo’s fulfillment and shipping data to provide personalized shipping experiences.

After launching with Malomo, ILIA saw an email open rate of 65% and a 17% CTR

Intentionality goes a long way, and when a brand's delivery is proactive and consistent, customers feel cared for and valued. Because there was less confusion from the consumer, ILIA saw a drastic reduction in “where is my order?” support tickets. With Malomo, customers are proactively informed of the status of their order and can easily access this information when and how they want.

ILIA also saw the influence their branded tracking page had on their customer retention:

Returning traffic from our Malomo tracking page converts 25% higher than our site average - Albert Chong, VP of Digital at ILIA Beauty

Success Obsessed Service Allowed for Rapid Onboarding and Effective Communication

How DID they accomplish such a feat in such a short amount of time you might ask? ILIA knew the expectation they held for their brand and relayed this to Malomo’s Customer Success (CS) team. ILIA emphasized the importance of design throughout the onboarding and implementation process and with a few deliverables from ILIA, Malomo’s CS team then designed their shipment tracking pages tailored exclusively to the ILIA brand. The branded post-purchase experience immerses the consumer and leads to a memorable, yet simplistic, shipment experience.

ILIA utilized Malomo’s full suite of customizable features including:

  • Hero images and branded fonts

  • Product cross/up-sell

  • Videos that can...
    • Educate consumers on how to care for or use their product

    • Teach about your company’s mission and story

    • Promote your newest campaign

  • Social Media feed

  • Contact information

  • Shipment FAQs

  • Referral program information and widget

  • Plus many other customizable features!

ILIA and Malomo partnered closely together and were able to rapidly create their tracking page while also getting ILIA’s email workflows up and running with Malomo’s deep Klaviyo integration. Every detail on the tracking page and email workflows was fully customized by the ILIA and Malomo team.

“Being able to own the post-purchase customer experience with fully branded shipping flows has been a success with Malomo. Our customers expect a beautiful, branded experience at every interaction, and Malomo enables us to deliver exactly that in the post-purchase experience, especially for transactional email updates that tend to be dry. We now ensure every touchpoint with our customer is consistent with the ILIA brand they know and love.” - Albert Chong, VP of Digital at ILIA Beauty

Open Rate

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on shipping emails


Conversion Rate

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