How Blueland Uses Malomo To Keep Their Customers Happy While Waiting for Their Package of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

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Blueland uses Malomo's personalize order tracking and notifications to achieve open rates as high as 77.7% and click-through-rates as high as 44.8%

The ability to connect with customers and build a loyal customer base is now a leading indicator of a successful direct to consumer company. With customer acquisition costs and competition from emerging brands increasing more each day, finding customers that will share your brand with others and repeatedly buy from you is paramount to growth.

As a high-growth eco-friendly cleaning brand, Blueland knows a thing or two about creating a brand that resonates with consumers to build a huge following that is needed to flourish in today’s environment.

With ambitions to continue to expand their DTC sales through their Shopify store, the Blueland team knew they also had to ramp up the customer experience. Josh Knopman, Blueland’s VP of Growth & Digital Product continued to ask himself: how and where can we enhance our experience to create more loyalty and engagement with customers?

After reviewing their entire customer experience, Josh discovered that after Blueland customers purchased a product, they were sent bland shipping notifications and directed to 3rd party carrier tracking pages. Josh realized shipping was a critical gap in their experience, and they had minimal control to do something about it.

As online buyers themselves, the Blueland team understood how important the shipping experience is to make sure the customer is happy with the brand. So, they solved this problem by implementing the order tracking platform, Malomo.

Blueland invested in brand-building from the beginning from PR to Instagram to our Shopify site so the generic, difficult to edit, and untrackable transactional emails felt out of place. We wanted to extend our brand experience to be truly end-to-end and ensure each customer has a post-purchase journey that is transparent, helpful, and informative.” - Josh Knopman, VP of Growth & Digital Product, Blueland

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Why Malomo?

Many stakeholders within Blueland, including marketing, customer service, operations, and (most importantly) the consumer, benefit from the experience Malomo powers for Blueland.

Consumers feel more confident about a brand and contact support less when they receive regular notifications about where their package is. They appreciate tracking experiences that are easier to understand and visually appealing. With Malomo, marketing and operations teams can control and manage the post-purchase experience to drive more customer engagement. Customer service can be more proactive and informative with customers to reduce the number of support tickets - saving time and money.

Blueland accomplished all this through:

  • Shipment exception handling that turned negative shipping events from carriers into brand-building opportunities by allowing customer service to automate proactive notifications to customers when things went wrong with their delivery.

  • Malomo’s metadata gave the marketing team robust customer, product, and order data to create personalized, engaging shipping emails for their customers.

  • Malomo’s Klaviyo integration gave the team full insights into the performance of the transactional shipping emails so they could understand engagement and continually make improvements when needed.

  • The branded tracking page kept the customer immersed within Blueland’s brand experience, not 3rd party carriers, while they waited for their package.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

In the age of Amazon, direct to consumer retailers must find ways to compete and differentiate with every interaction customers have with their brand - or risk falling behind.

For Blueland, that means leading each interaction with something no other retailer (including Amazon) has - their brand.

By turning the transactional, generic shipping experience into an immersive, branded one, Blueland is delighting customers, driving revenue, converting traffic back to their site, and keeping customers engaged with branded content while they wait for their package.

Last month, Blueland saw a:

  • 77.7% open rate for their non-subscriber order confirmation email with a 10% CTR.

  • 67.9% open rate for their just shipped email with a 17.2% CTR

  • 74.1% open rate, 44.8% CTR, and 3.7% placed order rate for their general exception email

Fun fact: Blueland’s general exception shipment email, which is triggered when there is a shipment issue with their package, has generated their highest CTR and placed order rate. That means that even when your customers might be frustrated with a shipment exception, they are still placing orders. By proactively notifying your customers of an issue with their shipment, you remove customer frustration and anxiety.

Personalized order tracking is essential

I’ve now implemented Malomo for two brands- it just makes sense when you’re looking to impress and minimize friction for the customer while also maximizing profit for your brand. Our customers love it and so do we.

Josh Knopman, VP of Growth & Digital Product, Blueland

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