How leading DTC personal care brand Mira Care differentiates their brand after the buy button

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Mira continuously updates customers and they appreciate it - Mira's delivery exception emails have an open & click-through rate of 82.95% & 47.65%.

Not your typical DTC brand

Mira is a direct to consumer brand that brings fertility health solutions for every step of your journey. By making the consumer’s fertility goals their own, they’re helping guide 50,000 people with their ground-breaking technology.

Behind their world-class products is a brand that celebrates innovation and accessibility to healthcare. Mira consistently provides a unique experience to their customers as they navigate their own fertility experience with feedback on their own hormone levels.

But, the Mira team started to notice that their emails weren’t performing well. So, the Mira team partnered with YOCTO, a world-class email marketing Shopify agency, to stop their email engagement rates from declining due to poor segmentation, an aggressive email cadence, and overlapping messages between flows and campaigns. Having worked with the Malomo team before and knowing the importance of a great post-purchase experience, the YOCTO team also focused on building out Mira’s personalized and segmented order tracking notifications.

The gap in the email notifications

In addition to strengthening their other email campaigns, the Mira + YOCTO team saw a gap in the customer journey: updates around delivery. Mira knew that customers hate waiting for their package to be delivered, especially with products that pertain to their health. They wanted to combat the anxiety of waiting by extending the brand customers came to know and love into the post purchase experience - showing customers that Mira is there with them the entire way.

But Mira didn’t want to stop there, they wanted to segment their customer base by first-time buyer and repeat purchasers to personalize their email cadences even more, and they were able to do this with the Klaviyo + Malomo integration. This way, the copy and content differentiates based on which category the customer falls into, thus making sure that the message is the most accurate and informative for that customer.

By taking control from purchase to delivery, Mira gives customers a branded shipment tracking experience and engages them with brand content while their fertility products are in-transit – Mira’s post-purchase emails have an average open rate of 63.88% with an average click-through-rate (CTR) of 27.30%.

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Being proactive has many benefits (and profits)

Another part of the post-purchase experience worth highlighting was Mira’s delayed delivery email stats. But first, some context - when everything goes to plan, as in the package arrives when it said it was going to arrive and there were no delays or problems, we call that a ‘normal’ delivery experience. But when that isn’t the case, we call those delivery exceptions.

As consumers, if something goes wrong with our order, we want to know about it ASAP. So, we often suggest sending a delivery exception email when the customer should be notified that there is an issue, and Mira implemented this. What really stuck out was that their delivery exception emails had the highest open and click-through rates of all of their emails, 82.95% and 47.65%, respectively.

This suggests that when you’re proactive with your customers and tell them when something is wrong, you have their interest and attention. So, instead of allowing that attention to become frustration with a delayed order, Mira keeps customers informed and happy.

Once Mira saw that customers were engaging with the brand while they waited for their products to arrive, they created a strategy to turn those brand impressions into targeted engagement that could help them solve a unique business problem.

Going the extra step for customers

With the help of the YOCTO and Malomo teams, we’re able to control what the customer sees when they’re engaging with our brand. Especially in our line of products, it's super important to us that our customers feel cared for - having an exceptional post-purchase experience allows us to do just that.

Kate Avchinnikova, Ecommerce Manager at Mira

Turning shipping anticipation into relevant education

Another way Mira differentiates themselves from other brands is by providing customers with educational content to elevate their entire experience with Mira.

Using a new device could be a daunting task, and so recognizing this, the Mira team wanted to provide their Easy Start Guide to their customers even before their Mira Analyzer was in their hands. They did this by promoting it on their order tracking email and tracking pages. By educating their customers before their product arrived, their customers could excitedly start using their device right upon opening.

But not only does Mira educate their customers on their products (and their ease of use) but also on a broad range of topics having to do with fertility via their webinars and success stories of other Mira uses. Fertility is unique and personal to each person, so Mira works hard to inspire and support their current and future users. 84% of Mira users conceived in the first 6 cycles of Mira, and what better place to share that with your customer than to do so while they’re waiting for their package (and hopefully the same results)!

By taking advantage of the anticipation customers have after they buy, Mira reinforced relevant, educational and inspirational messages on their branded tracking page. As customers check tracking, the differentiated brand experience is continued, trust is built, and the relationship with customers is strengthened.

By diving deep on their email marketing strategy with the YOCTO and Malomo teams, Mira has turned shipping into a high engagement marketing channel. Mira ensured that their end to end customer experience delivers on their brand promise – a personalized customer experience to match an inherently personalized product.

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