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It’s important for ecommerce merchants to communicate well with their customers. One of the most common ways is through shipping update emails. For those who might not know, shipping update emails are a great way for businesses to communicate with customers regarding the location, condition, and estimated delivery time of their shipment. In addition, there are several benefits that come from a shipping information email system that everyone should keep in mind.

Tracking Shipments with Email

When businesses use shipping update emails, they provide an opportunity to build brand awareness. These emails are, in essence, a form of free marketing, reminding the customer about the company. These emails also give the business a chance to market other potential products or orders the customer may be interested in. In many cases, these emails take the form of cross-selling, giving the customer an opportunity to make an additional purchase at a promotional rate. Instead of attempting to upsell after checkout, these emails attempt to sell during the post-shipment process.

Furthermore, these emails provide the customer with an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience, giving the company a chance to respond, and improve its communication, marketing, and business operations. A shipping email will also keep the customer engaged after their purchase, helping create a loyal customer.

When businesses are putting together a shipping update email, they need to make sure the messaging and design is intentional. These emails aren’t simply designed to provide a one-line update, these emails should be used to promote the company, increase sales, retain customers, and increase revenue. For this reason, businesses need to think carefully about the information they are going to put in the email. If the email is constructed correctly, these emails can be used to improve the bottom line of the business.

Order Status Email Sample

One of the most common types of shipping email samples is called an order status email. These emails are used to keep the customer up to date on their order when it's in the 'order confirmed', 'order placed', or 'order shipped' part of the delivery. This email contains order details including the tracking number, shipping method, shipping address, order number, contents of the order, location of the order, and the estimated arrival date and time of the order. This is critical because it is used to provide the customer with an update on their order.

This allows the buyer to plan for the arrival of their package, making sure that someone is there to receive it. This email also keeps the company and the order in the back of the customer’s mind. By keeping the company and its brand at the forefront of the customer’s thoughts, it helps to create a loyal customer.

Since customers want to know where their orders are, shipping emails tend to have higher open rates when compared to other types of emails. They’re a great way to keep your customers engaged and wanting to buy more.

When generating an order confirmation email to the buyer, it is important to set accurate expectations. A purchase order confirmation email sample is frequently used to provide an “estimated” delivery date. This email wording is important because it prevents the customer from being disappointed if the delivery date is missed. Remember that issues can happen along the way. Perhaps there is an accident involving the transportation of the package.

Maybe there is bad weather that hits and delays the transportation of the package. Maybe the package gets buried or otherwise lost in a shipping center somewhere. An order placed email template should be used to manage the expectations of the customer in an appropriate manner. This will prevent customers from being disappointed.

An order confirmation email to the supplier or an order dispatched email template is created as a broader method of controlling the experience of the customer. If the customer has a positive experience with the company, he or she is more likely to return in the future and make more purchases. On the flip side, if the customer has a negative experience, he or she might never return.

Therefore, when crafting an order status email sample, it is important to keep the broader purpose of this system in mind. Manage the expectations of the customer. Create a positive experience. This will go a long way toward not only delivering an order in an “on time” manner but also creating a positive experience for the customer. With positive customer experiences, businesses will be able to expand their customer base, cross-sell items in an effective manner, generate more revenue, and improve their bottom line.

Delivery Notification Email Sample

Another type of shipping update email is called a delivery notification email. For those who might not know, these are emails that are sent to the customer to let him or her know when the package or item they have ordered has been delivered.

Shipping carriers also provide delivery notifications to customers. There are a number of important reasons why a UPS delivery notification email or a UPS delivery notification text message is important. By properly using these emails, an ecommerce company can not only protect themselves but also the customer, helping to build their brand and increase their marketing presence. These emails should include the location of the delivered item, the time, and the identity of the person who received the item if it was left with someone.

First, these emails are important because they protect the company. One of the biggest concerns that customers have is when they order something that is going to arrive at a later date, they are worried that it won’t show up. An email to inform the customer of the delivery date will help the customer anticipate the delivery, building excitement.

Then, when the notice of delivery has been sent, the customer knows to look for the package. This is the company’s way of saying that they have fulfilled their promise to deliver the purchased item. If the item is not there, an investigation can be launched immediately to figure out what went wrong.

Next, these notices are also used to protect the customer. There has been a rise in the frequency of “porch pirates” recently, where people follow delivery trucks around and swipe packages from the porches of customers who have recently had their items delivered. If a customer receives an email letting them know that an item has been delivered, they can immediately go out and pick up their package, preventing it from being stolen.

Your Order Is Ready For Pickup Email Template

An "order is ready for pickup" email is just as important for those who are going to pick up an item in-store. This email sample should, first, let the customer know the location of the delivered item (complete with the address) and the time at which it was left. If the package was left with a specific person, this should be addressed as well. Next, the email should be used to remind the customer of the identity of their package.

This may help to trigger memories of the reason why the customer bought that item in the first place. In addition, use this email to thank the customer for their loyalty. Close by offering the customer a few other items they might be interested in. This will go a long way toward building a loyal customer base.

A sales order email template is important because it is a form of marketing. This email can help establish and improve the company's relationship with the customer. Ecommerce companies are using these emails, complete with UPS tracking, as a way to leverage their relationship with the customer. Used correctly, these emails can encourage customers to purchase other items from the company, fostering a sense of loyalty and improving their bottom line.

Shipping Follow Up Email

Another important shipping update email type is called a shipping follow up email. These emails are important because they can be used to, first, update the customer on the location and estimated delivery time of their package. A tracking number email template should also, of course, include tracking information that will allow the customer to follow his or her package in transit.

Furthermore, these emails should be considered as a form of marketing. There are a few goals of these emails. First, these emails are used to remind the customer of the identity and contents of their package. This might trigger the customer to think about other additional needs he or she might have that might be fulfilled by the company.

Next, these emails should be used to offer customers other items. These items are typically similar to the item that is already in transit. This might lead the customer to purchase might items, improving the bottom line of the company.

Order Email Template

An order email can play an important role in the email marketing campaign conducted by ecommerce companies. It is important for every company to know how to write emails to customers about their order. While optimizing an email marketing campaign, many companies forget to leverage an order email template. Every customer, after giving a company their hard-earned money, braces, waits, and expects that order confirmation email to come. They get impatient.

Research has shown that customers open order emails at a much higher rate than any other form of email. Therefore, this is a key way for companies to leverage their relationship with the customer, talking to them on a personal level and optimizing the emails for maximum engagement. Some of the important points that ecommerce companies need to remember are that these emails should capture the buyer’s excitement with direct, emotional, and influential writing.

This writing should be used to cross-sell customers on other products. Frequently, they are on autopilot and are open to purchasing more items. After all, there is already another item in transit. For this reason, order confirmation emails are among the most critical components of every ecommerce company’s electronic marketing and advertising campaigns.


Shipping update emails can help your ecommerce business improve communication with customers and help create post-purchase upsell opportunities.

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