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When people think of email marketing, they typically think of the promotion of new products, services, or any other offering from the business. While these marketing emails are important to your business success, there's a separate type of email that is far more important to the customer: a shipping confirmation email.

What are shipping confirmation emails?

A shipping confirmation email is an email sent to a customer after they've made a purchase. It explains when their product has been shipped. And according to recent studies, these types of emails are far more likely to be opened compared to other types of emails. This is probably due to the fact that customers care more about when they'll receive the products they purchased rather than learning about new products on the market. In fact, according to Litmus, 64% of consumers believe that transactional emails, like shipping confirmations, are the most important messages they'll receive from a business.

Most Important Components

When crafting shipping confirmation emails, there are a few components that matter most. You should pay close attention to:

A Simple Confirmation Email Subject Line

The subject line for these emails should be simple and straight-to-the-point. Something like "Your order #xxxx has shipped!" or "We shipped your package!" are perfect examples. Including an order # or other unique identifier helps your confirmation email stand out in your customers’ inboxes.

Prioritize the Shipping Confirmation Message

When customers open up these emails, their goal is to understand that their package has been shipped. That being said, the shipping notification should be at the top of these emails in a clear and easy-to-digest way.

Shipment Notification Email Template

While it's important to let a customer know that their product has been shipped, they also want to know tracking details and when they should expect to receive it. That being said, a shipping notification email template might be used to craft these important emails. In order to get a good idea of how these work, you should do your research online and look at a shipping email sample. A shipment notification email is essentially a shipping information email that describes key aspects about a customer's order. And the key difference of these emails compared to shipping confirmation emails is that a lot more information is supplied. If you're looking for an e-commerce solution that provides these templates with ease, then consider a third party integration like Malomo that works with your existing ESP. This easy-to-use platform provides useful templates that can help solve your needs quickly.

Confirmation Email Template

In regards to a confirmation email template, it's important to understand that these emails can be sent for multiple touchpoints in the customer's journey. In fact, not only can emails be sent to the customer, but they can also be sent to the supplier providing these products. To better understand this, we recommend researching the web to find an order confirmation email to supplier sample. One platform that makes very effective confirmation email templates without the need for an ESP is called Bootstrap. The confirmation email template Bootstrap provides is used by very successful companies all over the world, so you can trust that this platform can be a useful solution to your needs.

Order Confirmation Email Template

Another type of order confirmation email you should implement for your eCommerce store is an order confirmation email template. These emails let the customer know that you've received their order and are in the process of preparing the shipment. If you use Shopify, then there are many Shopify order confirmation email solutions to consider. But to better understand how these work, be sure to research the web to find an order confirmation email sample that is best suited for your needs. Once you find an order email template that works for you, then engaging with your customers after they made a purchase is very simple. However, it's important to note that the needs of every eCommerce store vary greatly, so it's best to find an order notification email template that works for your specific needs. And given that these customers want to quickly understand that you've received their order, it's vital to find a simple order placed email template that is concise and easy to read. You might also want to consider a funny order confirmation email that can provide a unique, comical experience for the customer.

Order Confirmation Email By Audience

When you're trying to craft an order confirmation email to buyer template, then it's best to customize these emails based on the audience. For example, for an order confirmation email to supplier, these emails will look far different than the ones sent to customers. In addition, for an order confirmation email to vendor solution, you want to make sure these templates are crafted with the right audience in mind. But in regards to sending these emails to customers, it's possible to have these emails change based on what the customer buys, if they are a repeat customer, or where they're located. For example, if a customer purchases an item in a different country, then it's possible to have the email automatically translate the message to a different language.

Order Confirmation Page Template HTML

While it's important to have an email sent to a customer after they made a purchase—whether that be an order confirmation or shipping confirmation, it's also important to have an order confirmation page that displays once the customer has sent the order through. Luckily, there are many order confirmation page template HTML solutions that can make this process simple. But while you may think you only need either an order confirmation page or an order confirmation email, it's important to utilize both of these for a complete experience for the customer. This will show that you really care about their order and that you're doing your best to ship it in a timely manner. In addition, you want to vary the messages that are displayed in both the email and web page to create a unique experience.

Order Status Email Sample

While you now understand the importance of shipping confirmation emails, order confirmations, and other confirmation emails that you can utilize, another important email to consider is in regards to the status of an order. From the second an order has been shipped to the time it reaches the customer's doorstep, customers love to stay in-the-know about where their products are located. An order status email template allows businesses to craft these personalized emails describing key information for the customer. To get a better sense of how these look, do research on the web to find an effective order status email sample that's suited for your needs. These emails are very important because they provide essential information like when the package will be delivered, which can tell the customer what time they should be home to receive their package.

Tracking Number Email Template

While a product tracking number might be sent in the shipping notification email, a smart tactic is to send this information in a separate email instead. A tracking number email template can be created that provides unique content that is different from your other confirmation and notification emails. These emails typically include a link where customers can see exactly where their package is. These emails also work as an order shipped email, and provide very valuable information like their tracking number, where the package is, and when they should expect to receive it. The open rate of these emails is very high because customers see these emails as very valuable. Another key benefit of these types of emails is that they can be sent during multiple stages of the package's journey. When crafting these emails, be sure to make them diverse, creative, and straight-to-the-point.

Delivery Notification Email Sample

A delivery notification email is probably the most important type of email you can send to a customer. These emails involve a letter to inform delivery date that describes key information on when and where the customer's package was delivered. However, it's important to understand that these delivery emails can include information about how their package is sent out for delivery, including other emails that describe when their package was delivered. To get a better sense of how these emails look, be sure to research a delivery notification email sample. A sample email of delivery notice typically isn't a very long email and includes a simple subject line such as "Your order has been delivered." Your order is ready for pickup email template can allow your customers to stay-in-the-know on where their products are located if they could not be delivered.

Other Types Of Confirmation Emails

While we've discussed quite a few different types of emails you can send to your customers, there are many other types out there that can be very beneficial. In fact, no matter what a customer does on your site, you can pretty much send an email for just about anything. For example, when customers book an appointment on your site, you can utilize an appointment confirmation email template to let the customer know you've booked their appointment. A booking confirmation email template can be a useful tool, especially for companies that book a lot of appointments with their customers. Another example is for sites that sell tickets to concerts, games, or other events. A ticket confirmation email template can be utilized to send customers an email that shows you've received their order and that their tickets have been sent or are being processed. And given how tickets can sell out quickly, this can be a very useful tool for customers.

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