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Shipment-and-order-related emails create peace of mind for ecommerce customers. Convert your customers into repeat buyers and raving fans.

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If your business sells online and ships products to customers, you know how important it is to your customers to receive an order confirmation email. Shipment-related emails for ecommerce customers create peace of mind for the customer. Shopping online is ubiquitous, but it requires a measure of trust. Sending an order confirmation email to buyer is one huge way to increase that trust.

Some of our clients have wondered how to write email to customer for order that is as effective as possible. That is a great question to ask, because a lousy order confirmation letter to customer doesn’t accomplish nearly as much as a strong, well-crafted one does.

A well-crafted order confirmation letter to buyer will accomplish several things. First, it shows the buyer that the seller they are purchasing from (that’s you) is serious and is likely to truly exist. In other words, scammers aren’t likely to take this step, so if a company sends a confirmation email, there’s a very high likelihood they are on the up and up.

Additionally, a solid order confirmation email will provide as much information about the transaction as possible. What did the customer buy? How much did the customer pay? And, most importantly, how can the customer learn when the item will arrive?

Third, a good order confirmation email to buyer will clearly outline next steps, like what the customer should do if there’s a problem with the order.

Order Confirmation Email Template

If you’re just getting off the ground and your sales are few and far between, it’s entirely possible to lovingly craft individualized emails for each order confirmation. But this approach clearly won’t scale well as your sales increase. That’s why we recommend you create an order email template, one that automatically goes to each customer at the moment of purchase.

The proper order confirmation email format is one that provides the information described in the previous section, laid out in a simple format that’s easy to read.

It’s easy to talk about this stuff in general, but it can be a little harder to execute the specifics well without guidance. That’s why we’ve provided an order status email sample and a free order confirmation email template right on this page. Simply click the download button to see some fantastic samples. If you’re hoping for ecommerce email templates free download or an order confirmation email to buyer template, you can find those here as well.

In addition to a strong order confirmation email template, you also need a solid order confirmation page on your website. Your customers are going to get worried if, after they order a product, they just get dumped unceremoniously back on your home page. Use an order confirmation page template so that each transaction lands on an appropriate order confirmation page. Again, you’ll increase your trust level with your customers as well as the sense of professionalism they have about your ecommerce offerings.

Order Confirmation Template HTML

Are you an HTML pro? Or does that question make you nervous? Either way, it’s OK. When setting up an order email template html is often the best choice for doing so. Email marketing software like Klaviyo makes this really simple. You can set up order email templates by creating the order confirmation email template html code yourself, or you can use a drag and drop editor that essentially creates the HTML code for you.

At Malomo, one of the strengths of our SaaS offering is that we provide awesome HTML templates that integrate easily with Klaviyo or other email marketing software platforms. This way you can design without having to know HTML. And if you do want to see the ins and outs of HTML, you can use our templates as an HTML email template code example.

Maybe you’re looking for a free HTML order confirmation email template or a responsive email template HTML code free download. Check out what’s available for free using the download button on this page. And here’s a pro tip: Malomo customers get access to all sorts of additional free resources, including an order confirmation template word free.

Pre Order Email Template

In addition to the great opportunities you have to impress your customers with order email confirmations and confirmation pages, there are other opportunities to consider. Are you launching a product with a long development cycle, one with a fair degree of hype surrounding it? Maybe you’re using a crowdfunding platform to raise funds in an unconventional manner. In situations like these, you have the opportunity to impress customers with a stunning pre order email.

Of course, to do that, you need a great pre order email template. This template will generate an email whenever a future customer pre orders your product.

You can take this to the next level by generating an email sequence that reaches all pre order customers at various points along either the product development cycle or the customer journey. All these will of course funnel into a shipping email when the product eventually launches.

Another avenue for reaching customers is holding events, from webinars to real-world in-person events. Your online registration form should result in a registration confirmation email, just like your orders trigger an order confirmation email. If you need a registration confirmation email template html, good news: we have that, too.

Order Confirmation Email to Supplier

Of course, as any ecommerce business can attest, customers aren't the only piece of the equation for successful enterprise. You also need to manage your relationship with your suppliers. And it's important to realize there's a big distinction between the way you communicate with customers in the way you communicate with suppliers.

An order confirmation email to supplier doesn't look like the one that you send to customers. Your customers should receive a branded email that's full of brand messaging and that brings in additional sales. Treating your suppliers the same way is unwise. Instead, your order confirmation letter to supplier should be down to business and straightforward.

If you're looking for help with your order confirmation email to vendor template, we can help. We also have an order confirmation email to supplier sample that you can review. Check out the downloads we have available using the download button on this page. Again, Malomo customers get access to all sorts of additional templates and helps that allow them to create any sort of order confirmation email to supplier template they could need.

Purchase Order Confirmation Email Sample

Sometimes you will also need to create emails that are focused on purchase orders. Like your confirmation emails to suppliers, these should be direct and to the point. As a result, most of these communications can be handled with straightforward templates and samples. You won't need a lot of frills for these.

Items in this category include various types of order letter, a purchase order email template, a reply mail for purchase order, and a letter of ordering goods.

Even though these are no-frills and straightforward items, we understand that you might want samples. If you’re looking for a sample email request for purchase order, a sample letter to supplier for purchase order, a purchase order confirmation email sample, a purchase order letter sample PDF, or a sample business letter for placing an order, we can help with those, too. Check out what’s available for free by clicking the download button on this page.

Letter for Change in Purchase Order

Despite your best efforts and intentions, sometimes things don't go quite according to plan in the ecommerce industry. Items get backordered. Sometimes shipping times slip through no fault of your own. Depending on your industry, it may be that you run out of a specific part or item and need to substitute a compatible one after purchase. Sometimes an item that you were taking pre-orders on hits a delay or might even get canceled.

Each of these scenarios is at best a headache, but each can quickly turn into a nightmare if communication is not handled well. In many of these situations, you need to create a letter for change in purchase order that goes to the customer, explaining whatever changes happened in their order. These, too, should be created through the use of templates.

Sometimes things go badly enough that all you can really do is cancel an order and try again. This is a delicate situation, so make sure you have crafted a strong letter to customer asking for new order. Just like a clever “404 page not found” message, this is another opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality even while delivering news that’s less than ideal. Spend some time building a solid template so that you don’t need to work from scratch each time you have a need for this.