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Find out how custom-branded, automated post-purchase notifications can transform your ecommerce business

Dollar for dollar, email continues to be the most cost-effective digital marketing tactic – and that includes all styles of emails. Your Shopify order confirmation email may be at the tail end of your customer's buyer's journey and yet it serves a very important role that should not be discounted.

When a customer uses your online order system to make a purchase from your website, Shopify makes it easy to send out an automatic Shopify order email notification that you can customize. The most basic form of this email gives your customer a confirmation that the order was completed properly and that they now have a receipt that their purchase should be on their way shortly. But that's just the basics. A well-executed response will go beyond a basic send order confirmation Shopify email and will also send a tracking number to customer Shopify so that they know exactly when their purchase will arrive and include a thank you email Shopify notice.

Why is this important? Because no matter how many times a person shops online, they often will still feel nervous about purchasing from a new online retailer. A Shopify order confirmation email is an incredibly easy way to cut out that uncertainty and extend good courtesy to thank them for doing business with you. You can also transform this email into opportunity by including subscriber links and asking them to follow you on social media.

Finally, if good customer service doesn't convince you to include and improve your Shopify order email notification system, then consider this: Confirmation emails are the most frequently opened type of email a business sends out. You may have already made the one purchase, but if you want to build your audience and increase your sales, then this is a valuable lead generation tool that you should not ignore.

Shopify Order Confirmation Page

Just as important as the confirmation email you send out following a purchase is the Shopify order confirmation page that your customer lands on following their purchase. The email is the after-receipt, the order confirmation page is the immediate receipt. You can, and often should, incorporate the same type of information on this page as you will in the automatic email.

Thus, critical elements to include here are:

  • Shopify order confirmation page. A confirmation of the order is the most important thing to include on this page. Upon purchasing, the page should redirect to one that offers a comprehensive receipt of purchase that your customer can print or save as PDF.
  • Order tracking page. Apps like Malomo and Oberlo make it easy for customers to track the status of their order as they would with bigger companies like eBay and Amazon. You can add a tracking link both to your Shopify order confirmation page and in the Shopify email notification you send out. Some apps can even integrate across your store and email service provider, allowing you to send personalized order confirmation emails from your ESP.

Depending upon the nature of your business, you might also consider adding a Shopify guide to your other products or including a breakdown of a Shopify custom order status and estimated time of delivery.

Shopify Shipping Confirmation Email

The order confirmation email should be set to automatically send out immediately following a customer's purchase. In addition to this email, you should also consider having a follow-up shipping confirmation email.

A Shopify shipping confirmation email or order shipped email alerts the customer when their purchased product has left the warehouse and is physically in transit to their location. If you work with a third-party warehousing company, then working with Malomo or an integration like Oberlo makes this easy as an Oberlo shipping confirmation email is sent out as soon as a product has been shipped and all you have to do is connect your Shopify with their app. Look for integrations that make it easy to replace a Shopify tracking number email with a custom email from your ESP so that customers can follow their package as it gets scanned through various USPS, UPS, and other shipping avenues.

Shopify Email Malfunctions

Shopify is a fantastic platform that makes it incredibly easy to sell products. Unfortunately, issues do arise and if you have problems with emails like a Shopify order confirmation email not sending or Shopify notifications not working, then you aren't an outlier.

The first step is to stay calm and send a test email Shopify to your own test email account. If that isn't going through, then check to see if you are having issues with an ISP ban (which has become increasingly common among sole entrepreneurs and small business owners). If your ISP is clear, then the second next step is to confirm that you nor your customer accidentally set Shopify disable notifications. Confirm that you and/or customers have both Shopify and email providers set to whitelist Shopify emails.

If you or your customer are still having issues, contact Shopify's customer service group directly and until then, try and send out personal emails from your business email with all of the relevant information. Using a third party tool like Malomo can help alleviate these issues, as Malomo will bring your email information into your ESP like Klaviyo, where you can see deliverability information and diagnose any email malfunctions.

Shopify Email

One of the most common questions we get about Shopify email is does Shopify have email hosting. While no, Shopify does not have its own email hosting, it is easy to establish email marketing through them as you can establish an unlimited number of business forwarding email addresses when purchasing or transferring a domain via Shopify.

Once you have that forwarding email set-up, you can go through Shopify to customize, create, and manage your email marketing campaign. Shopify email marketing is incredibly important as in today's digital era, email is a primary way you will connect with your audience and they with you. Having beautiful and informative Shopify email templates set-up and set for automatic sending is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to improve your customer relations and boost sales. Even better, bringing your email confirmations out of Shopify and into the ESP you already use to send your marketing campaign emails will give you full control over your emails’ designs, timing and content.

Remember, customer retention is quite frequently made and broken depending upon your company's communication. No matter what the product you sell, there will almost always be someone who sells is cheaper or of better quality than you. Why should a customer choose you the first time? And why should they return? The best most lasting thing you can give them is stellar communication. Start by improving or replacing your Shopify emails – all of them.

Shopify Email Templates

Don't know how to begin improving your emails? The good news is that through Shopify, you actually enjoy a lot of fantastic Shopify email templates that make it easy to draft the right email for each step in your customer's buying journey (including the post-buy order received and order shipped emails).

Emails are part of Shopify backend and through the platform you'll find various Shopify email template variables that'll help give you the right general strokes to each type of email you will need to send out. That said, while the general strokes are there for Shopify merchants to take advantage of, only you can really know the specifics of your audience and what they will and won't respond to. Send out only a few test emails of each template you build and see how well your audience responds (if at all). For example, if you sell baby clothes, then marketing to the young 20-something urban mom is going to be different from marketing to the 30-something rural mom. Do market research on all of your audiences and tailor your emails to them.

Shopify Apps

Shopify is a fantastic platform that offers small businesses an easy and effective way to find their customers and sell their products. That said, while Shopify offers a lot of services, tools, and features, there are many things that go beyond the basics of what this platform can handle in-house. This is why they, similar to Wordpress, have built their platform so that it can easily incorporate Shopify apps. There is a Shopify app for just about every facet of business you're looking for. There are the best Shopify apps to increase sales and, like mentioned above, the best Shopify apps for dropshipping and tracking customer packages. In fact, you'll find so many lists of the best Shopify apps 2018 and best Shopify apps 2019, that is easy to get overwhelmed and add dozens of apps that you'll never actually use to your website. So how do you find the right ones for you?

You experiment. Approach Shopify apps as you would any other potential business venture. It doesn't matter whether they are free, available at a one-time price, or take a commission every time the app is used, every app you consider adding to your Shopify account should be tested for customer approval and return on investment. Start by browsing through your trusted news sites and searching for things like best Shopify apps Reddit to see what is trending and how others are using different Shopify apps. Pick a couple and then test them on your own platform and see whether they improve your store and your customer's experience. It's important to never stop trying to improve your store by trying out new things like this as, remember, you will always have a competitor and it is up to you to stay ahead of the game. If you don't improve today, then five others will find what you do and do it better tomorrow.

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