6 Revenue-Generating Order Status Emails You May be Missing

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Customers expect to be notified about every step of their order process. Don't just inform your customers about their orders, tell them about your related and new products, advocate for your brand and more.

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Customers expect to be notified about every step in their order process. If you don't provide these updates, you may lose future business. A sample letter of informing client on order status can be used not only to inform customers about their orders but also to retarget those customers for repeat purchases. Here are six important order email templates to include in your marketing strategy.

1. Order Receipt Email Template

An order status email sample is likely the first email you'll send out after you receive an order. This lets the customer know you've received their order and are preparing it for shipment. Although no action is required by the customer, it assures them that you're on top of things. In a sales order email template you can include your contact information in case the customer has a question or needs to update their order. An order dispatched email template is simple enough to create and only needs the customer's order information to be automatically generated each time.

2. Shipping Information Email

A shipping email sample is probably the most important email to your customer. This email provides them with all the information they need to follow their order and know when it will be delivered. A tracking number email template can be provided so the customer can stay up-to-date on their package and make arrangements to be present when its delivered or pick it up if needed. This also makes it easy to identify any errors or delays in delivery so they can be addressed quickly. Most customers expect to receive a tracking number template email one to two days after they place an order.

3. Delivery Notification Email Sample

A delivery notification template alerts your customers that their package has been dropped off at its designated destination. A sample email of delivery notice will include the date and time the package was delivered as well as the precise location, whether in a mailbox, at the door step, or at the reception desk. You may also need to develop a "your order is ready for pickup" email template or sample letter of delivery schedule, depending on the type of customers you have and the goods or services you deliver. A delivery note email template is often the most exciting communication your customer will receive.

4. Late Delivery Notice & Extension Letter for Late Delivery

Sometimes issues come up and you need to have a sample apology letter to customer for delay in delivery ready to go. This letter should include an apology and explanation for the delay, plan to expedite the delivery, and updated delivery estimate. A letter for delay in delivery of material may offer a discount on future purchases, or free upgrade on expedited delivery. Mistakes happen but if not handled correctly, your customers may leave a bad review or refuse to do business with you in the future.

5. How to Ask Customer for New Order Email Sample

A letter to customer asking for new order can be overwhelming to write, but a request for new orders from existing clients is an easy way to encourage continued business. A sample email to client for new business could offer a discount on a future purchase, or recommend additional products or services that complement their previous purchase. Rather than filling your customers’ inbox with email after email asking for repeat business, consider putting your request for new business in the emails your current customers almost always check – your order confirmation and shipping emails. You may also want to know how to write an email to a potential customer sample. If you have a business where you develop a list of potential customers and then cold email them, a sample letter to customer for business is good to have in your marketing campaign.

6. Email Asking for Purchase Order

When you work with a large business a purchase order email to supplier is likely to be sent out frequently. A reminder email for purchase order can be scheduled to send weekly, monthly, quarterly, or however often you need it! When people routinely order from your business, they may forget to contact you so a sample email request for purchase order can help maintain business communication. Your purchase email order wording should align with your brand voice and other emails to maintain customer trust. For these types of customers, you'll also want to know how to write an email asking for an update and a request letter for pending purchase order.

Retaining customers by providing excellent post-purchase communication and helping them plan their next purchase is a winning marketing strategy. If you'd like to incorporate these into your email campaigns, schedule a demo of our software so you can create sample email templates for customer service and starting using them to generate more revenue this week!

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