Generate revenue with Shipping powered SMS alerts, through Postscript and Malomo!

MAL Postscript Landing Page

Get more out of Postscript by using Malomo

Customer's open shipping emails more than any other email you'll send them. Why not use the same idea and translate it to your SMS?

The best marketers are turning SMS shipping notifications into revenue-generating opportunities.

Gain control

Create custom notifications in Postscript based on carrier shipment statuses

Malomo integrates with carriers and your ecommerce platform to send Postscript events that consist of carrier, product, customer, and order data.

Use these events to trigger automated SMS messages to customers when statuses change from Fulfilled, Shipped, Out for Delivery, Delivered, Return to Sender, and more.

Make it Personal

Easily personalize your shipping notifications using the power of Postscript

Beyond including relevant information like estimated delivery data and order details, use Malomo's Postscript integration to personalize and segment SMS messages based on customer behavior, purchase frequency, and more customer traits.

Convert customers

Continue the customer experience post purchase with a branded, customizable tracking page

Instead of sending customers to generic and stale carrier tracking pages, use your creativity to craft an experience that drives revenue, boosts customer engagement, and increases customer satisfaction. The only limit is your imagination!