Post Purchase Thank You Email

Turn post purchase emails into an opportunity to drive sales and customer loyalty

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Why are Post-Purchase Emails so Important?

Experienced retailers know that the key to ecommerce success is retention. Customer retention is always easier than customer acquisition. Existing customers are more likely to purchase from you than first time buyers who haven't yet become loyal customers. This post will discuss why post-purchase email sequences are so important to the ecommerce user experience. We'll also review the five essential post-purchase email types. We'll then discuss tips on how to turn these traditionally transactional emails into your most effective marketing channel.

Because the click-through-rate (CTR) for post-purchase emails is higher than almost any other email type across the ecommerce industry, post-purchase emails can be a powerful marketing tool for any ecommerce business when leveraged correctly. Post-purchase emails are also important because they are expected and welcomed communications and are therefore vital to a high-quality ecommerce customer experience.

Higher click-through-rates (CTR)

According to Mailchimp's report, "Email Marketing Benchmarks and Statistics by Industry," ecommerce marketing emails average a 15.68% open rate and a 2.01% CTR. Compare those numbers to the average open rate of 42.51% and a CTR of 18.27% for post-purchase thank you emails, and it's evident post-purchase emails spur greater customer engagement.

Marketing through UX fulfillment

Online shoppers have been groomed to expect post-purchase confirmation and thank you emails, so post-purchase communications are now a customer UX best practice. Customers expect them; customers want them. This expectation drives customer engagement, and by extension, conversion rates within the emails, making post-purchase emails a perfect time to ask for customer feedback, to cross-sell, upsell, or offer product recommendations.

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