9 Best Practices for Ecommerce Order Confirmation Emails

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In the world of ecommerce, an order confirmation email is more than a simple "thank you." It is a crucial tool in communicating with the customer and enhancing your marketing campaign. In today’s digital landscape the order confirmation letter to customer of yesteryear is digital, interactive, timely – an email. Order confirmation emails not only let customers know that their orders were received and are being processed but also provide customer information and another avenue to show the customer who your brand is and what its about. Confirmation emails get to the customer at a crucial stage in the consumer journey, where they have identified themselves as willing buyers and have taken action in engaging with your brand. As such, they afford you an excellent opportunity to develop your relationship and hopefully keep them in the long-term. This is why it is necessary to learn how to write email to customer for order.

In this post, we will discuss the best practices for you ecommerce order confirmation email to buyer:

Take control of your top-performing emails

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Set clear expectations

As much as consumers are increasingly becoming comfortable with the concept of online shopping, there are those who remain skeptical about the specifics and shipping of their orders. In addition to matching the order confirmation email format to the format of your regular emails you should be clear about shipping and how buyers can track their orders. While a standard order confirmation email to buyer template may not show you this, it is also important to provide customer support channels. An online search on ecommerce email templates free download will help you find the guidance you need. Here are some examples of best order confirmation emails.

Simple, straightforward subject lines

You have limited time to earn the reader's attention. You should make the email easy to read and ensure the information focuses on the customer. Using simple and straightforward subject lines just as you would in an order confirmation email to supplier or order confirmation email to vendor will also make your customers’ work easier. There are a number of great and effective subject lines that you can use to get your message across which you can A/B test with ESP software like Klaviyo. A look at our order confirmation email to supplier sample will give you more ideas.

Keep the emails true to your brand

Regardless of the pre order email template you will be using you should use these emails to help build your brand. Make sure that your brand concept is clear through your logo as well as the colors, font, and voice you use. Rather than using the stock design you can access in many ESPs or stores like Shopify, enhance any confirmation email template html you might start with to ensure the email is in line with your brand.

Use imagery

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. As an ecommerce company, you will receive different types of order letter from customers. However, it is how you respond that will help attract new and retain existing customers. By including imagery in the email, you will not only attract users' attention but also make the confirmation email look better. A good order email template html or purchase order confirmation email sample will help you know the kind of visual content to include and where to place it.

Make sure it is mobile-friendly

With more people using mobile devices to access the internet, you must ensure that your emails will perform as well on a small screen as they would on a big one. Make sure the sample email request for purchase order and the sample letter to supplier for purchase order that you choose take this into account. We provide an order confirmation template word free and a responsive email template html code free download to help you make the most of your emails. A mobile-friendly design will also be necessary when creating a sample business letter for placing an order.

Get customers to follow you on social media

Today, social media platforms have become important tools for marketing. As such, always request customers to follow you on social media. Social media is not only a great communicating tool but also helps you build long-term relationships. To generate interest, go beyond simply including icons with links to your social media content in your order-related emails by including content like Instagram photos which show what your customer can expect to see more of if they follow you. However, to maintain this relationship, you should ensure effective communication with your suppliers by basing your emails on a professional purchase order email template.

Incorporate user-generated content

Including testimonials, customer photos, and social snapshots will create a sense of authenticity and help build trust. New customers are more likely to do business with you based on the information they get from fellow consumers. In fact, user-generated content is likely to have a greater impact than a letter to customer asking for new order.

Include a call-to-action

It is critical that you include a call to action in your email. While most of the content should pass the primary transactional message with order details, companies that provide value can use the opportunity to encourage users to visit their website for more. Check out our free html order confirmation email template to help get you started in turning your transactional order emails into marketing opportunities.

Iterate, iterate, iterate

Think of your order confirmation email as a living document. Just like the rest of your emails and your presence on social media, your order confirmation and post-purchase emails are channels you should consistently optimize and refresh. Use A/B testing with subject lines, content and levels of design sophistication. For example, test order confirmation emails that are beautiful and vibrant like your campaign emails against drier, less visually sophisticated emails. You might be surprised at what you find! And while confirmation emails are transactional in nature and should primarily explain to the recipient their order information, it is permissible to include some marketing content in these emails. Refresh your order confirmation emails to contain new campaigns and product releases as they happen.

In a nutshell, always ensure that your confirmation email isn't dry or just transactional. The email should reassure the customer of your commitment and instill some trust in them. This is critical when you want to reply mail for purchase order and when you intend to send a letter of ordering goods. You can look at our order status email sample and order email template to learn more. If you go about it right, your customers will always be looking forward to the next email.

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