Briogeo Hair Care utilizes post-purchase best practices to increase their email engagement

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Briogeo Hair Care cultivates and designs their post-purchase experience to ensure the best customer journey all while decreasing support tickets.

“Malomo not only allowed Briogeo to provide a seamless experience for our customers but also allowed us to accomplish our goals we sent forth as a brand. We were able to generate revenue and engagement without having to jeopardize the quality of our customer experience. That is invaluable to us.”

Chauncey Twine, VP of eCommerce at Briogeo

Briogeo is the place to go when it comes to clean and 6-free hair care. To be 6-free means to exclude harsh sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, DEAs, and artificial dyes from their products. Their formulas are 90 to 100 percent naturally derived and eliminate harsh chemicals to redefine clean and transparent hair care. With their products, Briogeo knows how to care for their customers. But, they noticed that once their customers pushed the buy button, all communication stopped—and so did their opportunity to take full advantage of the customer buying journey.

Briogeo began to explore how they could ensure their customers were not only taken care of at the product level, but through every touchpoint—including the post-purchase experience. This part of the customer journey is when a customer has made their purchase and is waiting for their package to arrive.

Having been unimpressed with a different shipment tracking platform, Briogeo was ready to elevate their post-purchase experience. They found what they were looking for with Malomo: Briogeo could create a fully branded post-purchase experience to reflect the quality of their carefully crafted products. To send out customized transactional emails, Briogeo capitalized on Malomo’s Klaviyo integration to create workflows triggered by Shopify tags that would send each customer to their own personalized tracking page.


In order to implement their custom branded tracking pages, Briogeo worked with Malomo’s next-level Customer Success team to discuss best practices and goals to create the ultimate experience. And they truly delivered!

Monthly NPS score

Malomo's CS team


Briogeo’s dedicated Malomo Customer Success Manager, Kat Gordon, shared that 80% of customers check their tracking pages from a mobile device and so Malomo’s landing pages are optimized for viewing on all devices and can even be crafted for different experiences if desired. Briogeo carefully designed their tracking page to ensure no matter the device, their user experience would accurately and seamlessly reflect the Briogeo brand and shipment tracking information. Additionally, Malomo has different templates and tracking page integrations to choose from, so the experience truly is custom for every Briogeo consumer.

With these features, Briogeo was able to create a fully branded page to reflect their naturally beautiful hair care products. Branding is important for every brand but Briogeo goes the extra mile when it comes to their customers. With their branded tracking page, Briogeo continuously prioritizes their customers even after they have made their purchase.


Not only did the Briogeo team want to provide the very best experience for their customers, but they had a goal of driving repeat purchases, educating their customers, and providing opportunities to earn rewards.

The features offered by Malomo can be spatially moved to drive certain outcomes and so Kat recommended various options to drive these customer actions. Briogeo selected placing a product block under the tracking information block. With this product block placement, Briogeo saw a spike in their customer engagement with an open rate of 59% and a CTR of 33%. These stats are higher than the industry average by 38% and 24.06%, respectively.

To educate their consumers on product usage and importance of quality hair care, Briogeo chose to place an explainer video in their tracking page. This educational block helps increase customer engagement and continues to build a relationship with customers.

Briogeo elected to add their Instagram feed as well as a banner to encourage their rewards program to continue increasing engagement and education. Through all of these choices, the Briogeo tracking page intentionally builds on the previous block to create a seamless customer experience that naturally guides the customer along.


Display product recommendations

Briogeo Hair Care displays their most popular products on their tracking page.


Showcase your product videos

Briogeo Hair Care displays their beautiful- and informational- promotional videos.


With poor shipment tracking communication, many customers send in “Where is my order” support tickets. Not only does resolving this confusion around tracking information detract from other necessary support tickets, but they usually can be resolved through proactive steps.

Kat shared with the Briogeo team how to reduce confusion and provide additional support to their customers through their post-purchase experience. By sending the proper shipment tracking notifications, Briogeo was able to erase any doubt and confusion their customers had when it came to their order and its location. With this, Briogeo would be able to preemptively answer many questions and avoid the generation of support tickets that could overwhelm the Briogeo support team.

Customers appreciate having an array of resources available that are helpful throughout the buying journey, and by doing this Briogeo displayed another level of care for their customers. Of course, one of the best practices is to think like a customer and predict what information they would want easy access to.

With all of these suggestions and the help of Malomo’s CS team, Briogeo was able to design and implement a fully developed post-purchase experience. From going live with Malomo, Briogeo has seen a 13.9% increase in ROI and an email open rate of 59% with a click-through rate of 33%. These impressive results are a mere reflection of the caring intentionality that defines Briogeo Hair Care to ensure each step in the customer journey is one of quality.

If after reading this you would like to know more about post-purchase best practices, download Malomo’s free ebook!

Briogeo hair care case study

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