Soylent & Electriq Automate Sales and Support With Branded Shipment Tracking

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Soylent increased ROI by 54x with Electriq by automating sales and support through branded shipment tracking with Malomo

Electriq, a DRINKS Company, is one of the top full service agencies helping Shopify brands scale. They helped Soylent embrace shipment tracking as a sales and proactive support channel - bringing happier customers, increased lifetime value, and an overall better customer experience.

From their philanthropic program, Soylent For Good, to their page dedicated to providing consumers the science behind their products, Soylent continually sets out to provide one of the most unique and impactful customer experiences out there.

Assessing each customer touchpoint

When the Electriq team audited the lifecycle journey of a Soylent customer, they noticed a critical gap - delivery. Over 15% of website traffic was going to a standard Shopify order tracking page with no brand content or additional product upsells, and zero analytics were available around how customers were engaging with the transactional emails being sent out through the Malomo x Klaviyo integration.

In working with Electriq, Soylent established that a branded shipment tracking provided a massive opportunity to extend Soylent’s remarkable customer experience. This would cover the customer journey past the buy button to better serve customers, drive engagement and generate repeat sales.

Using Malomo, Soylent has turned shipment tracking from a cost center to a profitable marketing channel - generating a 54x ROI in just their first month of turning their experience live.

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Click Through Rate

on shipping emails via the Malomo x Klaviyo integration


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Display your referral program

Soylent communicates their referral program to their customers to increase engagement.

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Showcase your social media

Soylent uses Malomo’s fully customizable blocks to display their social media and grow their community.

Personalizing the delivery experience

On average, Soylent customers visit their tracking page 6 times per order, and so evidently, the delivery experience is a highly valued touchpoint. Taking this into consideration along with the knowledge that their customer base has a large percentage of subscription members, Domenica and the Soylent team wanted to segment for different post purchase experiences.

Soylent worked with Electriq to create segmented shipment tracking experiences for each type of customer. This included creating a custom Malomo order tracking page for one-shot customers versus subscription customers by integrating with Recharge.

Soylent header case study

Implement Malomo.js with ElectrIQ and Malomo

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