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Order confirmation email

Order Emails

It is critical for all companies to keep their customers up to date as much as possible with various shipping notifications, like order emails. Customers need to know that their order has been received. They also need to know when their order is going to ship and when it should arrive.

A crucial type of customer communications is an order email notification. This is typically the first and most basic update that Shopify brands send. These notifications inform a customer about their order after making a purchase. Shopify order emails can include essential details such as:

  • The items ordered
  • Their quantities
  • The price paid
  • Discounts applied (if any)
  • A 'track your package' CTA (call-to-action)

Some order updates might even feature links to view or directly edit orders within a specific timeframe in case customers want to make any changes before their orders ship. Merchants can improve the overall shopping experience by customizing Shopify order confirmation pages that display immediately after a customer completes a purchase. These pages serve as virtual receipts for customers while providing additional valuable content like personalized product recommendations or cross-selling opportunities based on their purchases. Once tracking information is available, it's typically added here too.

In addition to the transactional information provided in order emails, merchants will opt to send their customers to a branded tracking page powered by a software app like Malomo. This allows the merchant to retain their customers ore effectively by showcasing marketing initiatives. If you'd like to learn more about how you can customize your order emails in Klaviyo and Shopify, download our free guide below!

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Order Confirmation Email Template

An order confirmation template is going to include information related to the customer, the company providing the order, the contents of the order, the shipping date, the expected arrival date, and an email address or phone number to contact with any questions or concerns. A confirmation email reply sample should be both friendly and professional. The order received template should be an acknowledgement and acceptance of order that lets the customer know that his or her order has been received.

Furthermore, if a customer reaches out to the company with a question or concern, there should also be an email received confirmation reply that is sent back to the customer so that he or she knows that his or her message has been received. This email should also include information regarding when he or she can expect a reply from the company. When it comes to an order email template, this is one of the most important examples.

When it comes to the email confirmation page, the order confirmation email template HTML code should be as simple and straightforward as possible. This will reduce the chances that a bug might disrupt an email that the customer might be looking for. There should also be an order confirmation email to buyer as well as an order confirmation email to vendor. This type of order acknowledgement email chain is an important part of any order confirmation page template, which will make sure that everyone is in the loop. The order confirmation page template HTML is one of the most important parts of any email confirmation page.

A sample order confirmation email might include copy such as:

“Hello [customer name],

Thank you for your order! Your order for [product] has been received.

It will be filled and shipped on [shipping date] with an expected arrival date of [delivery date].

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to make any changes to your order, please contact us at [phone number, email address].

Thank you!”

Inspiration for transactional emails

Check out our resource library with some examples of email notifications!

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Soylent subscriber

Soylent sends their subscribed customers their segmented Shipment Fulfilled email. Note their highlight of their referral program in their email!

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Huron updates their customers with a personalized email to let them know their order is out for delivery.

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JAXXON sends their customer an order confirmation email through the Malomo x Klaviyo integration.

We also have plenty of content around delivery status examples as well as a visual library of order emails above.

The Importance of Post Purchase Notifications

Post purchase email and and SMS messages nurture ongoing relationships between merchants and consumers. Sending targeted post-purchase follow-up emails with delivery updates, thanking customers for their support or requesting feedback on products purchased through surveys or reviews can improve customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business by making customers feel appreciated and valued. Below, we'll dive into post-purchase email and SMS in more detail.

Post Purchase Email & SMS Notifications

Beyond mere transaction confirmations, post-purchase email & SMS serve as your key to cultivating customer loyalty and driving sales. Explore some post-purchase email examples below:

Order Confirmation Email: This is the standard post-purchase email, providing customers with a detailed summary of their order, including items purchased, order number, and shipping information.

Thank You Email to Customer
Express gratitude to your customers for choosing your store. You can use this opportunity to reinforce your brand's values and provide contact information for customer support.

Shipping Confirmation Email
Notify customers when their order is shipped, including tracking information. This reassures them and keeps them informed about their delivery. You can find more details on the recommended email flows that Malomo recommends to all of its branded order tracking customers in our "Best Practices for Klaviyo Flows" article.

Shopify out for delivery notification:
This alert signifies that the ordered package has reached its final stage before delivery and is currently en route to the customer's location. This is arguably the most exciting notification a customer receives.

Purchase Order Template

A purchase order email serves as a way to notify the company that an order has been placed. For this reason, a purchase order PDF is one of the most important tools that can be leveraged for companies to communicate with their customers. You can think of purchase order emails as a similar email to an order email, but instead of being sent to a customer, they are sent to the company.

For example, a purchase order email template might include short but informative copy like:

“Hello [Company], you have received a purchase order from [Client]. Here are the order details: [Order details].”

Of course, a purchase order request form template word can take many shapes; however, this email is important because it ensures that orders are not missed.

How To Respond to an Unhappy Customer Email

From time to time, customers are going to be unhappy with the company. There is an endless list of reasons why a customer might be frustrated with the product or service and many of these reasons have nothing to do with the company at all. The reason could be a multitude of issues, but it is critical for all businesses to know how to respond to an unhappy customer email because this will increase the chance of retaining their loyalty in the future.

A sample email reply to customer complaint must include a few elements.

  • First, make sure to validate the complaint of the customer. Make sure their complaint is acknowledged as valid and express both sympathy for the situation and a willingness to correct the problem.
  • Provide an assurance to the customer that their problem is going to be addressed as quickly as possible.
  • Then, provide a brief explanation of how the problem is going to be fixed or how the problem is going to be escalated to someone else who will help them solve the issue.

Remember that customers don’t often know how to write a complaint email to customer service, so try not to get upset with the wording of their complaint.

Other Notification Email Templates

It is important for eCommerce brands to send emails that notify customers and followers about announcements related to the brand, order issues, and account information. These emails are important because they let the customer know that they are valued. They also provide companies with a chance to communicate with their customers, increasing loyalty and boosting sales.

A notification email template, such as a new website announcement email sample, should include a few elements.

  • First, make it very clear what the email is. Provide this in big letters at the top and include a graphic if this is appropriate. Ideally, the customer will know the purpose of the email from the subject line.
  • Then, keep the message short and to the point. Whether this is an account activation email message, a course registration email sample, or even an email about a potential sale, remember that this is an opportunity to communicate with customers and followers, so make sure it counts.
  • Provide a clear call-to-action (CTA) with the action you want your customer to take.

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