Best practices for order tracking design

Everything you need to know about how to design your order tracking page and why all Shopify brands should.

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Best practices for your order tracking design

Efficient order tracking design plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining e-commerce processes. When considering the best practices for order tracking, a user-friendly interface emerges as a crucial aspect. Our expert team delves into the intricacies of intuitive order tracking systems, ensuring a seamless user experience. From responsive order status updates to visually appealing tracking interfaces, our approach to order tracking design sets the standard for user engagement. Discover how our innovative solutions elevate the e-commerce experience through cutting-edge order tracking design, providing customers with transparency and ease throughout their purchase journey.

When it comes to order tracking design, a well-thought-out and user-friendly interface can make all the difference. A visually appealing and intuitive order tracking page enhances the customer experience and fosters trust in your brand. By incorporating elements such as a customized design, real-time updates with transactional email & SMS, and clear delivery timelines on your order tracking page, you can provide a seamless post-purchase journey for your customers.

Many Shopify brands are optimizing their order tracking design for better usability, increased customer satisfaction, decrease of support tickets, and ultimately, increased conversions. Keep reading to discover the key factors and best practices for creating an exceptional order tracking design that keeps your customers engaged and informed.

Why should you care about the customer experience?

Before we dive into best practices, let's establish why you should care about your customer's experience. A user's experience serves as the cornerstone of customer loyalty and satisfaction. When customers have a seamless and enjoyable interaction with your brand, it not only fosters trust but also encourages repeat purchases and referrals. A positive user experience on your Shopify store can significantly reduce bounce rates, increase conversion rates, and ultimately contribute to a thriving bottom line. Moreover, in the age of social media and online reviews, satisfied customers become brand advocates, amplifying your Shopify brand's reach and reputation. By prioritizing user experience, Shopify brands not only elevate their brand's image but also build a foundation for sustained success in the dynamic e-commerce ecosystem.

When it comes to order tracking design, providing a positive user experience is crucial. A user-friendly interface should be at the forefront of any order tracking page. At first glance, Shopify brands want to have a visually appealing design that can enhance the user's experience and encourage them to engage with the site.

With a seamless post-purchase journey, customers remain informed throughout the delivery process while still feeling as they are directly interacting with your brand, not a third-party carrier or out-of-the-box order tracking. As we've covered, when a customer enjoys the way their order tracking page design looks and get's the delivery information they need, it leads to enhanced customer satisfaction.

By prioritizing these elements, brands can create an exceptional order tracking system that improves customer retention and brand loyalty. By understanding the importance of the user experience and approaching the design of your tracking page with that in mind, you will improve customer satisfaction and ultimately increase conversions. Now, let's dive into what you should focus on for your order tracking page design.

Features to incorporate in your order tracking page design

Customizable tracking options allow brands to tailor their tracking experience to their preferences. Additionally, branded order tracking adds a personalized touch that reinforces brand identity and fosters customer trust. Paying attention to order tracking page design is equally important, ensuring that the layout is intuitive and user-friendly.

When it comes to order tracking design, incorporating key tracking features can greatly enhance the customer experience. Here are some things you'll want to consider while designing your order tracking page:

Branding your transactional email and SMS

Before going into detail on your order tracking page design, let's tackle branded your transactional email and SMS. Once your customer receives their transactional email(s) and SMS notifications, they will click through to your branded order tracking page.

With transactional messages, you'll want to ensure that delivery information is front-and-center so your customers know crucial information such as order number, shipment address, products ordered and corresponding prices, delivery date, and current shipment status (order confirmed, order in-transit, out for delivery, delivered). Let's check out some transactional email and SMS examples from leading Shopify brands below.

Examples of order tracking page design

If you're a visual person, check out our resource library with some examples of email & SMS shipping notifications!


JLUXLABEL was the second winner of the Tracking Page Design Challenge and beautifully branded their order tracking page with the Tracking Page Creator. They showcase their other recommended products, rewards program, and shoppable images.

See the Tracking Page Creator
Kitsch tp

Kitsch's order tracking is built with Malomo.js, giving them full control over their post-purchase experience. They also capitalize on various integrations to enhance the customer experience, such as Klaviyo, Attentive, Rebuy, Octane AI, and Recharge.

Drmtlgy tp

DRMTLGY built a fully custom order tracking page with the Malomo.js through our Shopify Integration. They also use Klaviyo, Attentive, Rebuy, Octane AI, and Gorgias to strengthen their post-purchase experience.

Caraway TP

Caraway utilizes clickable images to educate their customers on care tips and blog posts, the Shopify buy button to cross-sell, Talkable to display their referral program, Reamaze to provide support to their customers right on their tracking page, as well as Elfsight to display their social media.

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Branding your order tracking page

Once you have your real-time delivery updates present on your order tracking page, you'll want to focus on the overall look and feel of the page before deciding what else you should pull into the order tracking page. This is where overall branding such as banners, and then branded transactional messages such as email and SMS, come into play.

When it comes to branding, this is very much where your expertise on your brand will come into play, as you'll be the most knowledgeable on what makes sense for you and your customers. But, we have plenty of examples to inspire you from the countless Shopify brands we've worked with. For most order tracking page design, Shopify brands elect to include a branded banner where they can advertise certain seasons, products, initiatives, or more. See below for some branded order tracking page inspiration.

Examples of branded email & sms

Check out these leading Shopify brands and their beautiful transactional messages!

Kitsch oful email

Through our Klaviyo integration, Kitsch sends their customers a transactional email to let them know that their order has been fulfilled, which means that it will soon be shipped!

Drmtlgy delivered email

Through the Malomo x Klaviyo integration, DRMTLGY sends their customers a transactional email to let them know their order has been delivered!

Honeylove delivered sms

Honeylove sends their customers a transactional sms through our Klaviyo integration to let them know that their order has been delivered!

Mudwtr out for delivery sms

MUD/WTR let's their customers know their order is out for delivery through the Malomo x Klaviyo integration.

Delivery tracking information

You'll want to ensure that first and foremost, your customers' delivery information is clear, accurate, and easily accessible. 84% of consumers will not shop again with a brand when they've had a poor delivery experience, so it's imperative this is your main focus for your order tracking page design.

With real-time updates, your customers will be informed about the status of their orders, providing transparency and peace of mind. Clear delivery timelines further contribute to a positive experience, managing customer expectations and minimizing any potential issues. If there are issues, certain order tracking platforms allow you to proactively notify your customers when there is a problem with their order so they are constantly have up-to-date information.

Personalized product recommendations

The sections below the delivery information is where Shopify brands can really start designing their order tracking page to match their brand and company goals.

Personalized product recommendations on an order tracking page can transform a routine transaction into a tailored and engaging customer experience. As customers eagerly await their orders, strategically placed personalized product recommendations not only capture their attention but also present additional value. By leveraging data on past purchases and preferences, these recommendations demonstrate a keen understanding of the customer's needs, providing a curated shopping experience even within the order tracking context.

This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also has the potential to drive additional sales. The order tracking page becomes a dynamic touchpoint where customers not only monitor their purchases but also discover new and relevant products, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

Featuring educational content on your order tracking page

Incorporating educational content on an order tracking page goes beyond mere transactional updates, offering a strategic opportunity to reinforce brand values and foster a lasting connection with customers.

By providing important product information such as care tips, getting started guides, best practices and more, a brand not only enhances the user's understanding of their purchase but also empowers them to derive maximum value from it.

Integrating a mission statement on an order tracking page allows customers to align with the brand's ethos, creating a sense of purpose beyond the transaction.

Another educational asset you could design your order tracking page with is highlighting referral and loyalty programs. Encouraging referrals and showcasing loyalty programs not only promotes customer retention but also transforms the order tracking experience into a platform for building a community around the brand. By strategically featuring educational content on the order tracking page, a brand not only provides essential information but also cultivates a relationship that extends beyond individual transactions, fostering loyalty and advocacy among its customer base.

Surface an SMS capture to make it easy for customers to opt-in

Implementing an SMS opt-in feature on a your brand's order tracking page is a strategic move that can significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction in that channel. By providing customers with the option to opt in for SMS notifications regarding their order status, shipping updates, and exclusive promotions, brands create and maximize a direct and personalized communication channel.

This proactive approach keeps customers informed in real-time, reducing uncertainty and increasing overall satisfaction with the post-purchase experience. Additionally, SMS opt-ins on the order tracking page enable brands to nurture a more immediate and intimate connection with their audience. This direct line of communication can be leveraged not only for order-related updates but also for sharing valuable content, such as promotions or product releases, directly to the customer's mobile device.

As the open rates for SMS messages tend to be higher than other communication channels, the order tracking page becomes a prime opportunity for Shopify brands to enhance customer experience, build loyalty, and drive additional sales through targeted and timely engagement. We know that it can be daunting to message customers on their mobile devices, but as long as you have an intentional strategy that provides real value to your customers, you should find success in that channel!

Embedding your brand's social feed on your order tracking page

Integrating social feeds onto a Shopify brand's order tracking page is a savvy strategy that enhances customer experience and reinforces brand identity. By featuring social media feeds directly on the order tracking page, brands can create a dynamic and engaging environment where customers not only track their orders but also stay connected with the brand's latest updates, user-generated content, and community interactions. It also allows customers to easily follow your brand and see your social proof in their feed, keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Benefits of focusing on your order tracking design

As we've described, implementing a well-designed order tracking page brings a multitude of benefits to both brands and customers. Improved usability ensures that customers can easily navigate the delivery process, providing a smooth and frustration-free experience. This, in turn, leads to increased conversions, as customers are more likely to make repeat purchases when the ordering process is streamlined. An engaging order tracking experience, with visually appealing graphics and interactive elements, captivates customers and encourages them to stay connected with the brand. Moreover, an order tracking page keeps customers informed every step of the way, offering real-time updates on the status and location of their orders. By incorporating these benefits into the order tracking page design, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, build trust, and ultimately drive growth and success.

Shopify apps that allow you to design your order tracking page

When it comes to order tracking design, utilizing reliable order tracking apps that allow you to brand your order tracking experience can greatly enhance the customer experience. When seeking the best order tracking apps, it's important to prioritize those that give you the capability and control to perfectly design your order tracking page.

Many Shopify brands choose Malomo as their order tracking platform of choice so that they can easily and quickly design their order tracking page with Malomo's 2-click Tracking Page Creator.

By leveraging the power of order tracking apps with these design principles, brands can ensure customer satisfaction, improve conversion rates, and ultimately drive growth in today's competitive market.

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