How leading cookware brand Made In drives customer engagement after the buy button

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Made In uses Malomo to educate customers where they are most engaged - shipping. This led to a 16.2% CTR from their tracking page back to site

Made In is a direct to consumer brand that brings premium-quality pots, pans, and knives to home and professional cooks alike at an affordable price.

With $8.3M in funding, support from some of the world's top chefs and recently being named to CNBC's Upstart100 - 100 Of The World's Most Promising Start Ups, they are set to upend the traditional cookware industry. Behind their world-class products is a brand that celebrates the fun and excitement of cooking and connects with customers who are new to high-end cookware.

From their easy to follow how-to videos on to their kitchen collaborations with world famous chefs and small, delightful touches like the band-aid they include in the packaging of their chef knives to remind customers that yes, their knives arrive very, very sharp.

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The gap in experience

But even with a world-class customer experience, Made In saw a gap in the journey they were crafting: shipping. Made In knew that customers hate waiting on their cookware to be delivered. They wanted to combat the anxiety of the wait by extending the brand customers came to know and love into the post purchase experience - showing customers that Made In is there with them the entire way.

By taking control from purchase to delivery, Made In gave customers a branded shipment tracking experience and engaged them with brand content while their cookware was in-transit. Customers visited tracking assets 2.99 times per shipment.

Once Made In saw that customers were engaging with the brand while they waited for their cookware to arrive, they created a strategy to turn those brand impressions into targeted engagement that could help them solve a unique business problem.

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Turning shipping anticipation into relevant education

One way Made In differentiates themselves from other cookware brands is providing customers the necessary education and information to elevate their entire experience with Made In products.

Heat regulation, how cookware has been prepared, and how it has been cleaned all influence the experience of using a pot or pan and the resulting quality of the product and meal. To promote the best uses of its cookware and ensure an enjoyable meal, educational content is seamlessly built into Made In’s purchase experience.

Despite these efforts, some customers still left product reviews describing the poor experiences they were having with improper techniques.

Made In used shipment marketing to help solve this problem. By taking advantage of the anticipation customers have after they buy, Made In reinforced relevant, educational messages on their branded tracking page. As customers check tracking, the differentiated brand experience is continued, trust is built, and the relationship with customers is strengthened.

Click Through Rate

(from tracking page back to Made In website)


Elevating the experience drives marketing results

Keeping customers immersed in the Made In brand experience after they bought brought some tasty business results. In just one month, Made In saw 16.2% of customers who visited the tracking page click thru to the Made In website, driving highly qualified traffic back to their store. They also saw 8.1% of customers click thru on product care-specific marketing assets as customers continued to indulge in content that elevated their experience.

By turning shipping into a high engagement marketing channel, Made In ensured that their end-to-end customer experience delivers on their brand promise – a delightful cooking experience that ends with a delicious meal.

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