The evolution of Calidad Tools' loyalty program from 1.8% to 17.8%

Calidad tools case study

Calidad Tools grew their loyalty participation rate 16% in 6 months by implementing Malomo, Yotpo, Klaviyo, and STATUS with GEM agency.

Loyalty Program Participation Rate: Grown from 1.8% to 17.8% in 6 months
Repurchase Rate for Loyalty Members: 6x higher than non-members in 6 months

Calidad Tools, a prominent brand in tool manufacturing, set out to enhance customer loyalty and repeat purchase rates. Teaming up with Garay Ecommerce Marketing, they leveraged Yotpo Loyalty, Klaviyo, STATUS Accounts, and Malomo, resulting in a remarkable surge in participation within their loyalty program. By integrating all of these Shopify apps, Calidad Tools was able to grow their loyalty program participation rate from 1.8% to 17.8% and their repurchase rate for loyalty members to be 6 times higher than their non-member buyers in 6 months.

Increasing customer loyalty sign-ups - we're up for the challenge!

In an effort to engage a customer base that had historically shown little engagement to their loyalty programs, Calidad Tools’ primary objective was to convert a low initial participation rate into a robust level of engagement. This transformation aimed not only to bolster brand value but also to foster lasting customer loyalty. Recognizing the need for a strategic approach, Calidad Tools collaborated closely with Garay Ecommerce Marketing to tailor a solution that would resonate with their specific audience.

Calidad Tools and Garay Ecommerce Marketing delved deep into consumer behaviors and preferences. By incorporating a blend of innovative techniques and cutting-edge technologies, such as Yotpo Loyalty, Klaviyo, STATUS Accounts, and Malomo, they crafted a multifaceted strategy poised to capture the attention and commitment of their customer base.

Let's get to the solution implementation...

Phase 1: Program Inception with Yotpo Loyalty & Klaviyo

The launch of 'Calidad Rewards' centered around Yotpo Loyalty as its foundation. Integration of Klaviyo for targeted customer education resulted in a rapid participation spike to 4.1% within just 60 days.

Phase 2: Sustaining Momentum

Continued utilization of Yotpo and Klaviyo, emphasizing strategic communication and rewards, propelled participation to 7.6% by BFCM.

Phase 3: Boosting Engagement with STATUS Accounts & Malomo

STATUS Accounts streamlined the loyalty program sign-up process by simplifying Shopify account creation. Integration of Malomo optimized customer experience by migrating shipping notifications to Klaviyo, driving further program engagement. By branding their order tracking, Calidad Tools took their post-purchase experience to the next level. These innovative approaches culminated in a remarkable participation rate surge to 17.8% in under 2 months.

What results did these combined platforms provide for Calidad Tools?

Significant Participation Expansion: Witness a remarkable surge of 988% in loyalty program participation, soaring from 1.8% to 17.8%, all achieved within a mere 6-month span.

Elevated Repurchase Metrics: Members enrolled in the loyalty program exhibited repurchase rates nearly six times greater than those who were not enrolled.

Enhanced Customer Interaction: Through the synergistic integration of Yotpo, Klaviyo, STATUS Accounts, and Malomo, experience heightened levels of customer engagement and loyalty within the base.

The evolution of Calidad Tools' loyalty program serves as a prime example of the profound effects of merging cutting-edge technological solutions with meticulous marketing strategies within ecommerce. Through collaborative efforts with Yotpo Loyalty, Klaviyo, STATUS Accounts, and Malomo, orchestrated by Garay Ecommerce Marketing, participation rates soared, solidifying the loyalty program's pivotal role in bolstering customer retention and brand allegiance.

Loyalty participation increase

compared to participation without tech stack


Loyalty members repurchase rate

compared to non-loyalty members


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