How a Growing Ecommerce Brand is Generating $187K Additional Revenue in 30 Days from Their Branded Order Tracking Page

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This growing ecommerce brand is turning branded order tracking into a growth channel to generate $187K additional revenue.

Customers shopping online expect to know where their package is until it’s delivered right to their front step, and luckily Malomo not only allows Shopify merchants to accurately and proactively send their customers beautifully branded order tracking pages, but also directly see the revenue generated from them.

This fast-growing brand wanted to continue their rapid growth and approached Malomo to help because they knew how important their post-purchase experience would be in retaining customers. Their approach was to deliver a better customer experience by making order tracking more proactive, transparent, and branded. Better experiences, they believed, would engender more brand loyalty.

What they didn’t expect when launching their Malomo-powered tracking experience was just how much immediate repeat revenue their tracking page would drive. Leveraging Malomo’s Revenue Attribution Report, the brand could see first hand the incremental revenue lift their tracking page was actually creating.

Within the last 30 days, with a repeat order count of 761 and an average order value (AOV) of $246.16, this team generated an additional $187,325.15 of revenue from their tracking page, leading to an astounding 76X ROI from their Malomo investment.

That revenue helps fuel their efficient growth. Repeat orders from your tracking page often drive better profit margins because you don’t need to spend new ad or marketing dollars to acquire that customer again. And unlike other retention marketing efforts like email and SMS that may take months to get the customer to buy again, revenue from order tracking happens immediately.

That $187k in immediate repeat revenue each month also helps fuel the brand’s growth because it can reinvest those dollars back into customer acquisition, creating a new growth flywheel.

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How are they doing it?

Best practices to drive revenue from a branded order tracking page

1. Proactively update your customers with accurate delivery information

You can’t remarket to a customer during tracking unless you’ve solved their initial pain point of communicating their order status. The number one rule of branded order tracking is and always will be to provide customers with the most up-to-date delivery information possible. With transactional notifications via email and SMS you keep your customers informed and happier with their delivery experience.

Once they click through to the tracking page, you can then maximize that real estate by both communicating order status but also showing relevant products or promotions that entice that customer to keep shopping.

2. Know your brand and show 👏 it 👏 off 👏

One of the most effective aspects of driving revenue from your tracking page is personalization. But, some brands still continue to overlook this opportunity. Not this ecommerce brand. It only took this retailer a few minutes to build out their fully branded experience with the Tracking Page Creator. Tracking pages are viewed 3-4 times per order, and each one of those impressions is an opportunity to connect with that customer personally.

3. Make it easy for your customers to shop with you

A best practice for your order tracking page is to implement a dynamic product recommendation section to make it easy for your customers to see all the other products they might enjoy.

Which would you rather have: your best friend recommending a delicious entree they know you’ll love because they know your preferences, or having to read the five-page menu with size nine font all by yourself? We’re taking option one, and most of your customers will too.

So, serve your most delicious options to your customers with data-backed crossells and up-sells (using something like the Malomo x Rebuy integration). Or keep it simple by presenting your top sellers. You might even surprise them by showing them a product they didn’t know you offered!

4. Last but not least, befriend your customers

If someone is receiving your order tracking notifications, they’ve bought from you once. But, the next challenge to overcome is to get them to keep coming back. And that is where befriending your customers by promoting your loyalty and referral programs, social handles, educational content, brand story and mission, and so much more comes into play!

Once you’ve put all the ingredients together and have launched your tracking page, leverage the Malomo Revenue Attribution Report to see what’s working and double down to make order tracking a top performing growth channel for your brand.

This brand’s customers choose to shop with them because you have a great product and they love their brand. From working with countless Shopify brands, we know it can be intimidating to start from scratch, so that’s why we’ve built out a full library of inspiration from Malomo-powered brands that are crushing it. Or, if you’d like to see a mockup of what your branded order tracking page would look like, let us know and our team will send you a design mockup!


See inspiration from Malomo-powered brands

Here are some examples of how other ecommerce brands are using branded order tracking to grow their customer experience and revenue


JLUXLABEL was the second winner of the Tracking Page Design Challenge and beautifully branded their order tracking page with the Tracking Page Creator. They showcase their other recommended products, rewards program, and shoppable images.

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DefineMe Fragrances won our Tracking Page Design Dash Challenge with their beautifully branded order tracking page. Their team utilized the Tracking Page Creator to showcase UGC videos, trending products, referral programs, and SMS capture.

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Huron tracking page

Huron sends their customers to a unique tracking page to share delivery information, best-sellers, and social feed!


Sophistiplate submitted their Tracking Page design to the Design Contest and focused on showcasing their different collections and seasonality to their customers.

See the Tracking Page Creator

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