SuitShop expands personalized order tracking to returns and exchanges with the Malomo + Loop integration

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SuitShop offers beautiful suits and a personalized customer experience with their branded order and returns tracking via Malomo + Loop Integration.

SuitShop personalizes their order, returns, and exchanges tracking

SuitShop is an online suiting company specializing in suiting for every body. SuitShop offers a unique online and retail shopping experience where customers can plan their style and fit and even coordinate their wedding party looks all from the comfort of their own home. The company prides itself on providing high-quality pieces at an affordable price point while focusing on exceptional customer service and a commitment to sustainability.

“We believe we're pioneering a new path for weddings, formal wear, and everyday suiting. We have brick-and-mortar stores for customers to come in and have that in-person experience. But we also have tech solutions on our website that have really helped to try to limit returns and exchanges. It is all about the experience for us. ” - Katy Eriks, Director of Customer Experience

In addition to being a pioneer in their industry, SuitShop is also pioneering new technology to continue supporting their customers as much as they can. Prior to the Malomo + Loop Integration release, the SuitShop team used Loop and Malomo as individual platforms and found strength in both to enhance their personalized order tracking and returns and exchanges suite. But after integrating the platforms in February 2023, SuitShop supercharged their customer experience.

Seamlessly integrating Malomo and Loop

With the Malomo + Loop Integration, consumers can initiate and track their exchanges and returns from the Malomo order tracking page and receive timely, branded notifications along the way. With personalization and segmentation, SuitShop’s customer experience continues to grow and retain revenue while decreasing WISMR (where is my return) and WISME (where is my exchange) support tickets.

To emphasize that point, Katy added, “It was a no-brainer. We were already seeing great success with these tools individually, so why wouldn't we combine them to create a better experience? Customer experience is the driving force behind everything that we do. With our customers already telling us that they love how seamless and headache free it is to suit up with SuitShop, it only makes sense to try to improve that continuously.”

The SuitShop team wanted to ensure a custom-tailored experience to each customer, so they took control of their post-purchase experience to provide a branded order and returns tracking experience. With the Malomo + Loop Integration, SuitShop built a custom tracking page that features different sections with critical information for both orders and returns.

Creating an all-in-one customer experience

SuitShop’s tracking page features important up-to-date shipment, return, and exchange information such as status, date, details, history, and tracking number. The Malomo + Loop Integration allows SuitShop to provide its customers with one tracking page for all their tracking needs. Customers can also start a returns or exchanges process directly from their order tracking page, providing even more accessibility.

With this intentional and carefully designed tracking page, SuitShop provides their customers with necessary information about their product, not just a tracking number like a typical tracking experience. And the customers appreciate it — SuitShop’s average open rate for their personalized post-purchase emails sits at 54.3%, and their average click-through rate (CTR) sits at 30.9%.

When asked why her team focused on intentionally building out their premium post-purchase experience, Kristen Tumasonis, Marketing Director, remarked, “First of all, we’re hoping customers will return and purchase again if they've had this great first post-purchase experience. But I also think we've made our post-purchase a beautiful representation of who we are as a brand. We communicate with the customer often from the moment they find our brand and we want to make sure we’re helpful and accessible. They could be picking out their wedding colors, getting their group suited, or needing help with sizing because they've never bought a suit before. So I think it would be a real miss if we didn't continue that great experience after they purchased.”

Growing gains and bandwidth of teammates

By blending exceptional order tracking with an intuitive returns and exchanges experience, SuitShop is also able to retain revenue while decreasing WISMR (‘Where is my return”) and WISME (“Where is my exchange”) support tickets. By reducing these sorts of support tickets that can flood a customer success team, SuitShop’s customer success team can focus on other more important areas with their customers such as sizing, group orders, and more.

“I'm pretty sure I asked for this integration on my first demo with Malomo. Like, ‘will this be a thing because I would love it.’ When we launched Loop in the first place, our ticket volume decreased by 80%. It was a huge game-changer for our customer service team. I think that this experience has just added to the convenience and ease of purchasing with us,” shared Katy when talking about integrating Loop and Malomo.

Having the ability to track their returns and exchanges is especially important in SuitShop’s line of work.

“If you're the customer waiting for a refund or your money back, that tracking matters a lot. Either you're waiting for those funds because you want to purchase something else from us, or it's just something that you need right now, and you'll come back later. The majority of our customers are in a wedding, so they have a specific event date that they need their items for. So being able to track how quickly their exchange is going to process is really important for our customers specifically,” says Katy.

“And I know that we are not the only brand that offers fast and free shipping and easy returns, even though that's a huge advantage, but we love to make that a selling point because of the industry that we're in,” echoes Kristen.

Educating their customers while they eagerly await their package

SuitShop’s tracking page also provides customers with educational and engaging content. They offer a step-by-step guide for the customer once their suit reaches them so that they immediately know what to do with their suit. With these educational tips, SuitShop enables its customers to have the best and easiest experience possible (and helps prevent returns and exchanges).

On their tracking page, SuitShop also features their social media with clickable images for their customers to engage with and follow as well as a cross-sell section that displays the current trending suits with shoppable images. Then following up on those call-to-actions, SuitShop places more educational content with care tips and how to get in touch with SuitShop’s customer care team.

Suitshop emails

With raising acquisition prices, retention is critical. The average brand lost $29 for every new customer they acquired in 2022, a number that has only tripled since 2013. SuitShop ensures that not only do their customers have a great product in hand, but that they had a great experience with their brand as well.

SuitShop joined our webinar to discuss the Malomo + Loop integration further, and you can request to watch here!

Two months after launching the Malomo + Loop integration, customers from 55 different brands have started 6.61k returns through their order tracking page, emphasizing the importance of the integration. To learn more and see it in action, request a demo. SuitShop also utilizes a few other Malomo integrations like the Corso integration.

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