Twillory crushes post-purchase goals while generating an extra $15K/month

Twillory case study 1

With Red Beard Conversions, Twillory uses Malomo’s fully customizable, dynamic tracking page, Klaviyo integration, and order status look-up feature.

“Malomo helped Twillory reach our maximum potential for connecting with our customers after they make their purchase. Not only has Malomo helped us better our relationship with our customers, but they also helped us solve support issues we were having. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our team.” - Eli Blumstein, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Twillory, one of the top performance menswear brands, strives to provide the highest quality clothing to deliver maximum comfort. To serve their community of high-achieving customers (or Twillsters, as they’ve affectionately named themselves), Twillory has prioritized customer feedback and experience, but they realized there was one step of the customer journey that needed improvement: the post-purchase experience.

Twillory and Red Beard Conversions—a boutique retention marketing agency— began to explore possible remedies for the issues they were experiencing post purchase.

At the time, Twillory noticed some shipment carriers were not scanning packages into the tracking system, leaving customers in the dark about their order location. To make matters worse, Twillory wasn’t able to communicate with customers when there was an issue with their shipment, which led to unhappy customers and a lot of support tickets.


When Twillory discovered Malomo, they were able to solve these two issues and gain full control of the branding of their tracking page and integrate an order lookup page.

With Malomo, the Twillory team was able to create a seamless, branded customer journey and choose every piece of content their customers would see, even down to the page copy. Twillory could show their customers trending products, how to become a VIP member, their newest product videos, and how to follow their Instagram which further enhanced the customer and brand relationship.

In addition to wanting full control over their post-purchase experience, Twillory also wanted to simplify the shipment tracking process for their customers so they could easily reach their shipment information. To do this, they utilized Malomo’s order status look-up feature. This feature is integrated in each personalized tracking page and the Twillory website for easy access so customers can look up exactly where their order is by their tracking number or by their order number and email.


Not only was Twillory able to provide the perfect solution for keeping track of their orders as well as keeping their customers updated and happy, they were also able to drive additional business through their shipment tracking emails.

In a normal flow for transactional emails, the Malomo team will set up four status updates via a seamless Klaviyo integration;

  1. Shipping Confirmation

  2. In Transit

  3. Out for Delivery

  4. Delivered

All of these emails are accompanied by a unique, personalized, and dynamic tracking page that will update in real time based on the current status of the customer’s order.

It was through these notifications that the Twillory team saw, on average, an extra $15,000 in revenue every single month for the 8 months they have installed Malomo.

That’s an extra 73 orders per month! Nearly 60% of this revenue comes from transactional emails, with the other 40% coming from the Malomo tracking page itself.

Malomo generates that additional revenue by taking your average carrier transactional notification and turning it into an email with marketable real-estate (without actually marking it as a marketing email). This is where the value of branded order tracking comes from, and many brands miss out on this opportunity.