Twillory crushes post-purchase goals while generating an extra $15K/month

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With Red Beard Conversions, Twillory uses Malomo’s fully customizable, dynamic tracking page, Klaviyo integration, and order status look-up feature.

“Malomo helped Twillory reach our maximum potential for connecting with our customers after they make their purchase. Not only has Malomo helped us better our relationship with our customers, but they also helped us solve support issues we were having. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our team.” - Eli Blumstein, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Twillory, a leading brand in performance menswear, is dedicated to delivering the utmost quality in clothing to ensure unmatched comfort. In their commitment to their community of high-achieving patrons, affectionately known as "Twillsters," Twillory places a strong emphasis on customer feedback and experience. However, they recognized a crucial aspect of the customer journey that required enhancement: the post-purchase experience.

In collaboration with Red Beard Conversions, a boutique retention marketing agency, Twillory embarked on a journey to address the challenges they encountered after customers made their purchases.

During this period, Twillory observed that certain shipping carriers were neglecting to scan packages into the tracking system, leaving customers uninformed about the whereabouts of their orders. This lack of visibility exacerbated the issue as Twillory couldn't communicate with customers in the event of shipment problems, resulting in dissatisfied customers and an influx of support requests.


When Twillory came across Malomo, they successfully resolved these two challenges and regained complete control over the customization of their tracking page, along with the seamless integration of an order lookup feature.

Through Malomo, the Twillory team achieved the creation of a unified, branded customer journey, enabling them to curate every aspect of the content visible to their customers, right down to the wording on the page. Twillory now had the capability to showcase trending products, guide customers on becoming VIP members, present their latest product videos, and offer instructions on following their Instagram account, thus enriching the customer-brand relationship.

Furthermore, in their quest to streamline the shipment tracking process for their customers, Twillory harnessed Malomo's order status lookup functionality. This feature seamlessly integrates into each personalized tracking page and the Twillory website, allowing customers easy access to retrieve their shipment details. Customers can now conveniently track the exact location of their order using either their tracking number or their order number and email address.


Twillory not only successfully implemented an ideal solution for order tracking and customer satisfaction but also harnessed it to drive additional revenue through their shipment tracking emails.

In the typical workflow for transactional emails, the Malomo team established a seamless Klaviyo integration featuring four key status updates:

  1. Shipping Confirmation
  2. In Transit
  3. Out for Delivery
  4. Delivered

Each of these emails came with a unique, personalized, and dynamically updating tracking page, reflecting the real-time status of the customer's order.

Remarkably, thanks to these notifications, the Twillory team witnessed an impressive increase in revenue, averaging an extra $15,000 per month over the course of the 8 months since they adopted Malomo.

That translates to an additional 73 orders per month! Remarkably, almost 60% of this supplementary revenue is attributed to transactional emails, while the remaining 40% is generated directly from the Malomo tracking page.

Malomo achieves this boost in revenue by transforming your typical carrier transactional notification into an email with valuable marketing space (all without categorizing it as a marketing email). This is precisely where the significance of branded order tracking lies, and it's an opportunity that many brands often overlook.

Twillory case study

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