Felina eCommerce Store Drives Repeat Purchases from Order Tracking Emails & SMS Notifications

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Felina uses Malomo to delight and empower customers, leading to 71.6% open rate & a 9x ROI on order tracking emails, and an 8.2% CTR & 32x ROI on SMS.

A long-time incumbent in the intimates category with nation-wide sales in major retailers like Costco, Target, and Nordstrom Rack, California-based Felina made the decision in January of 2018 to expand its reach with online, direct-to-consumer sales. By connecting with customers directly online, Felina not only creates a digital luxury experience that matches the caliber of their high quality products and reputation, but also lives by its promise to empower women to be comfortable in their own skin, every minute of every day.

After designing the initial online shopping experience and delivering it on the Shopify Plus platform in Q1 of 2018. Neil Popkin, Felina's Head of Ecommerce, sought to further entrench Felina as a direct to consumer brand with strategic upgrades in 2019. In addition to leading efforts to identify areas of opportunity for improving Felina's online storefront, Popkin also identified strategic touchpoints in the end to end shopping experience that weren't living up to their promise to engage, delight and empower customers.

The touchpoints where he saw the most potential to improve the experience centered around the delivery experience. "After shopping online, our customers couldn't wait to get their Felina lingerie home, but we struggled to communicate trust and confidence in our own shipping process. If customers weren't getting the right information about their shipments there wasn't much we could do about it."

To solve his shipment tracking problems, Popkin turned to Malomo in 2019 and has been continuously revolutionizing the Felina post-purchase experience for years.

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Creating and controlling a luxury post-purchase experience with Malomo

Using Malomo's Shopify and Klaviyo integrations in 2019, Felina set up a custom-branded order tracking page and a series of custom-branded shipping emails that updates customers with the status of their shipment. Then in 2022, the Felina team enabled the Attentive + Malomo integration to continue improving their post-purchase experience. By fully controlling the design, timing, and content of these shipping notifications, Felina was able to turn their customers' shipping experience from a transactional one (where they held little control and insight) into one that is personalized, empowering and puts the Felina brand front-and center.

This new, more consistent experience not only solved problems around customers knowing what to expect after purchasing Felina products but also opened up new, branded channels for customer engagement and satisfaction.

Driving repeat purchases and engagement with transactional emails

By including shipment tracking into their redesign project, Felina not only improved their existing experience but also opened up marketing and branding touchpoints that were previously unavailable through their existing tech stack.

In a little over two months after launching with Malomo, Felina saw a huge improvement in their order tracking emails via our Klaviyo integration:

  • post-purchase email open rates of 71.6%,

  • click through rates of 22.1%

  • 9x ROI

As well as impressive results from their order tracking SMS notifications via our Attentive integration:

  • 8.2% CTR for their ‘Delivered’ SMS notification

  • A conversion rate of 10.4%

  • 32x ROI

Shipping Email Open Rate


Shipping Email Click Through Rate


Shipping SMS Click Through Rate


Shipping SMS Conversion Rate


A/B testing transactional emails

As Popkin saw the engagement and activity coming from the new shipping experience, he wanted to understand what content would produce even better results for Felina and once again reached out to Malomo for assistance.

Using the power of Malomo’s Klaviyo integration, Popkin and Malomo’s Head of Customer Success Kat Gordon worked together to design and conduct A/B testing of the email customers receive when their order has been delivered. Variation A featured personalized shipping and order information while Variant B also included additional product recommendations.

The results?

Test A 2020 0623
Test B 2020 0623

Variation B generated 2.9x the revenue of Variation A.

“I love to help our brands strategize ways to reach their goals while still offering a great post purchase experience to their customers,” says Kat Gordon, Head of Customer Success at Malomo. “The Malomo team really gets to know the brands we work with in order to recommend new ideas and it's exciting to see results like this.”

Malomo is paying off

This is probably the biggest win we've had all year

Neil Popkin, Head of Ecommerce, Felina

Build your brand with shipment marketing

As customers interact with your brand’s digital experience, each interaction positively builds or diminishes your brand. Design is a major component of brand-building through digital experience, and that includes not only the visuals your customers see as they experience shopping but also the cadences and channels through which you communicate with them.

Although shipping is typically considered an “operations” responsibility under fulfillment or logistics, ecommerce and marketing leaders should find great value in taking control of the interactions that occur with customers during shipping and how they affect the customers’ perception of the brand.

When every consumer touchpoint represents an opportunity to build or diminish your brand, ensure that the dozens of touchpoints your customers experience after pressing the buy button go to work for you.

Ready to build your brand during shipping?

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