Ecommerce Email Examples and What You Need to Know

Go beyond the obvious – reaching the right customers are the right time with the right message is email marketing 101 for the modern marketer.

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Using an Email Template

A well-crafted email marketing campaign is critical to gain maximum returns from your ecommerce business. But, a steady flow of outbound emails can take significant time and resources to create and customize. To save time and energy, create an email template with a header, footer, and other re-usable and important information to streamline your email marketing campaign efforts.

Modern email templates come in many forms and provide a great start for generating new business or keeping loyal customers interested in new products or services. Consider the following ecommerce email examples when building a library of email template examples:

  • Welcome new customers
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Shipment tracking emails
  • Follow-up emails
  • Re-engagement Emails
  • Transactional Emails

Each email example listed above should be customized to reflect your company's brand. Potential or returning customers should instantly recognize your emails through the reusing of key template elements like your corporate brand logo, graphic images, typography, color palette, menu, and sometimes even your slogan or brand tagline

Explore professional email template examples that are consistent with your audience and goals. Your emails should be concise and straight to the point. And a great rule-of-thumb taken from email marketing 101 is to follow standard formatting which includes at a minimum:

  • Subject Line
  • Salutation
  • Body
  • Closing
  • Signature

Shopify Email Marketing Solutions

E-Commerce websites have many options for mounting an aggressive email campaign that can help relationships with prospective customers, generate new leads, and directly engage both current and past customers. Some well-known service providers such as Mailchimp which provides online email marketing solutions to manage contacts, send emails and track results. AWeber is another email marketing service provider that helps businesses keep in touch with those who have subscribed to be on their mailing list.

If you run a Shopify e-commerce website then it makes sense to use Shopify email marketing. Shopify emails can be integrated with your customer data to create personalized emails and abandoned cart reminders. Consider using an automation app within your eCommerce sites such as Klaviyo or Omnisend. These apps allow you to get more done using powerful and flexible tools and are easily integrated into your email marketing for ecommerce website campaigns. You will benefit from the pre-designed forms and other features which include:

  • Collects information about your customers' preferences
  • Will apply customer information to create personalized emails
  • Can pull data from your marketing platforms like Shopify
  • Is easy to customize without development experience

These Shopify email marketing solutions allow you to easily design email campaigns, You can also save and modify the email marketing templates to boost sales for different product lines to generate more repeat business to your online store.

Find Business Email Templates Free Download

It's always a good idea to learn from the successes of other businesses. And you can also learn from other people’s mistakes and skip a few painful learning experiences researching email campaigns that convert. When you study these examples and case studies of successful ecommerce email marketing strategies, then you can download the best ecommerce email marketing templates.

Check out some of the companies that have launched great email marketing campaigns such as Amazon, VistaPrint, The Gap, and Clinique. Then you can find email templates for ecommerce sites that follow those same tactics. And when you choose your business email templates free download, make sure the business email template example fits your business model and features these 3 key elements:

  1. Targets the right buyer group
  2. Features personalization
  3. Addresses abandoned cart issues

Once you've settled on an email marketing for ecommerce template that fits your goals, consider integrating email swipe templates. A swipe file keeps a record of your top-performing emails, subject lines, and landing pages. Your email swipe file gives you valuable data to keep track of what email templates are working for your brand. This information can be a source of learning and inspiration. Search for these types of educational email template free download.

  • Ecommerce Thank You email template
  • Free responsive email templates 2017
  • Shopify email marketing Mailchimp
  • Welcome email template Html
  • Ecommerce launch email

Customer Service Response Samples

Your email marketing campaigns should also include customer service email response samples that can ultimately help you retain more loyal customers. When your business responds to customer feedback, you not only engage the customer but also improve customer retention. Amazon and Zappos are great examples since Amazon was founded on two basic tenets - fast product delivery and premium customer service. Explore the great Amazon customer service email samples to guide your efforts.

The difference between customer service-related emails and email marketing is that customer service response templates is customer service that strengthens your relationships with current customers. Your aim with free customer service templates is to retain current customers with messaging that fits your audience and is friendly and helpful

Your customer service emails should get straight to the point, with the goal of connecting customers to someone who can help them rather than sending the same mass message to lots of customers. Your email marketing templates will differ from your customer service email response templates. Here you want to segment and address your customers based on shopping preferences. Marketing emails are highly personalized and crafted to resonate with the customer using the valuable content that is gleaned from customer purchase history and other information-gathering forms.

Responsive Email Template HTML Code Free Download

When you create your email marketing campaigns, make sure the sample email template HTML is responsive which means it will look great and function properly on any device. It doesn't matter if the email is opened on a computer, on a tablet, or on a smartphone - it will function well and be easy for the customer to read. You don't want the recipient to pinch or expand to read the text of your email.

The best responsive email marketing templates from software developers like Klaviyo will make it easy to set up order email templates either with html or with a drag and drop editor that writes the HTML for you. These types of ecommerce solutions can then be used with a shipment tracking SaaS product such as Malomo which integrates with your core ecommerce tech stack so you can use customer, order and carrier data to create more informative, personalized experiences.

Consider a bootstrap email template free download or responsive email template HTML code free download which makes it easy to design, code, and test your email marketing ideas across different apps and devices. The best and the most responsive HTML email template example is one that doesn't require you to write HTML or other code. With just two apps, like Malomo and Klaviyo, you can harness the power of easy personalization with a drag and drop editor to design, send, track and optimize your post-purchase notification emails.

Ecommerce Drip Campaigns

Ecommerce drip campaigns can consistently deliver a high return on your email marketing investment (ROI). This strategy involves a series of emails sent from your automated customer list. Your ecommerce email sequence may react and send an email after a user performs a certain action or they can be based on a theme or specific goal. These goals include to drive a purchase, to prompt an in-store visit, or to promote an event registration.

Choose an ecommerce email sequence templates that are automated and keeps customers coming back with some of the following features:

  • Personalized subject lines
  • Will encourage repeat purchases
  • Performance analytics
  • Post-Purchase Emails
  • Abandoned cart email series

Another stage of your ecommerce drip campaigns can be used to offer discounts or an incentive to purchase. A good email marketing series can start with a welcome to new subscribers or customers, continued with coupons or other incentives to purchase. Next, you can move to lead nurturing emails to guide shoppers through each stage of your sales funnel, with the goal of driving them to purchase.

Finally, use shipment tracking emails and post-purchase emails that feature helpful content such as related product recommendations. Malomo provides a shipment tracking platform for ecommerce marketers who care about their customers and helps your business deliver a consistent brand experience from beginning to end.

Excellent examples of drip campaigns can be found in the Malomo gallery of order-related email examples.

Order Email Template

Another important aspect of your email campaign requires using an order email template. An order confirmation reduces the customer's post-purchase anxiety by verifying that their order was placed successfully. This is another opportunity to use email messaging to reinforce your brand and build a good relationship that can later be developed for cross-selling other products.

A follow up email ecommerce strategy uses product email templates that give a brief description and an image of new products or those products that fit the customer's buyer persona. Don't make the mistake of inundating the customer with a slew of product emails, but include a group of products. These types of marketing emails can be generated from a product email template.

And finally, consider an invoice email template Html free download that can help your company get paid faster. Late invoice payments can be quite common, especially with B2B vendors. Requesting payment in an email is a sensitive stage of communication, but the right invoice email can make this process run smoothly and successfully. Always include a message body that is written in a professional and friendly tone and use automation programs are branded and are triggered base upon the length of time the payment is overdue.

Ecommerce Email Copywriter

Any successful email marketing campaign requires a great ecommerce email copywriter to write everything from warm and genuine Welcome messages to killer product descriptions. Look to an ecommerce email marketing agency that can provide writers skilled at generating persuasive copy that is not too salesy. Agencies such as CopyHackers will provide a range of ecommerce email marketing services with professionals skilled at writing multiple types of website content, including email messaging, informative blogs, long-form technical articles, and compelling brand stories.

Consult with ecommerce email copywriters to find the right language and messaging style for your target audience. This is crucial when writing breakthrough emails that will convert leads into sales. Other ideas for finding copywriters include content writing services such as UpWork which is an open platform for freelance writers of all website genres to advertise.

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