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As ecommerce continues to be one of the most dominant ways to attract and engage customers, many people turn to Shopify to handle their transactions. While Shopify handles a number of functions, it’s important to make sure your overall sales funnel and strategy includes email marketing. This usually includes a drip email solution. Shopify email marketing solutions can include post-purchase and transactional emails for shipment notifications, but what about the other types of emails you will need to stay connected to your audience?

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Shopify email marketing integrations

There are a number of Shopify email marketing options with different email marketing tools to enhance and personalize the experience. In fact, the Shopify apps store lists ecommerce email marketing software, Shopify integrations that include the best Shopify apps to increase sales, and more. Understanding these apps and what they can do is key. Some common recommendations among marketers for the best Shopify email marketing app 2019 are Klaviyo email, Omnisend, SendInBlue and Campaign Monitor.

Shopify email marketing MailChimp was on the best free Shopify apps of 2018, but they have since parted ways with their Shopify integration. This was one of the more popular apps, but they acquired a Shopify competitor and could not come to an agreement on terms of use. You can still use MailChimp through a third-party integration that can handle your email marketing tasks, but it won’t be as seamless. If you’re looking for a free replacement to MailChimp, you may want to check out the Seguno app Shopify carries, and look at the comparison between Seguno vs Mailchimp. The Seguno email marketing pricing is comparable to others, but there is a free plan available.

So, what does the best email marketing app for Shopify look like? The app should at least match the capabilities of Shopify, which comes with automatic notifications and information on each customer while surpassing that with robust features. Information seamlessly integrate into such tools through Shopify. Here are some features your Shopify email marketing should have:

Automatic or triggered campaigns

You want to make sure you can create an email drip series to keep your customers engaged. Automatic campaigns will help keep things going without worry, giving the team time to work on other things. Just like the original Shopify triggered emails, an email marketing solution should have automatic order confirmations, abandoned cart, cross-sell or upsell promotions, and recommended product emails. Better yet, a good email marketing solution will allow you to determine when these automatic emails are sent.

Contact syncing

The app should be able to seamlessly provide information on new and existing subscribers. Purchase history and details on each customer should be accessible, as well as a snapshot of who signed up and who unsubscribed. Avoid email marketing solutions for Shopify that don’t allow you to handle both existing and potential customers. Since your goal is to turn potential customers into existing customers, it’s helpful to manage everyone in the same tool.

Ease of use

The best email marketing software comes with a solution that makes it easy to create beautiful, dynamic emails with images. Users should have no problems with drag and drop text, and have the ability to add Shopify product recommendations and lists. Customers are very visual, and like to see offers and products graphically. When using abandoned cart emails, for example, it’s imperative to include images of the items the customer has considered,l for the customer to reflect on what they were looking at and have their desires reinforced.

Accessible on the Go

The app should have a Shopify app download, and should be accessible in their own app to navigate or create while on the go. Users should be able to see who opened emails, who unsubscribed and more without a lengthy login process.


Users should be able to tell at a glance how much revenue was generated by each individual email that was sent out. This is an important component of email marketing tools to help you determine what is working and not working with your audience.

Once you decide on the best email marketing app for Shopify 2019 that works well for you, there are a few other apps to consider. Look into the best Shopify apps for dropshipping, especially if you have products that need to be designed and shipped all over the globe. Additional apps that can help increase sales and are highly recommended include the Afterpay Shopify app, which allows customers to get their product and pay for it over time. The Clipman Shopify app assists with creating ads that can be published directly to Facebook. Optinmonster Shopify apps helps generate those leads that will drive customers to your site while working with the other apps to create an experience customers love and remember.

These features are must-haves when deciding on the best Shopify email marketing app that will get the job done. The goal is to utilize software that will make the job easier while seamlessly integrating into the Shopify system. We highly recommend Klaviyo as a best free email marketing app for shopify 2019 with a fair pricing policy and free tier to learn on. Compare your needs, the cost, and the learning curve to make sure it works for your company. Then, sit back and let the app do its job.

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