Ecommerce Email: Benefits & Tips for Email Marketing

Reap the benefits of email marketing for ecommerce website and direct repeat customers back to your brand.

Shopify Email Marketing

What do Ecommerce Emails entail?

If your company or brand has not yet taken advantage of email marketing, let us present some salient points of information about why it is worth considering. Today most people send and receive a great deal of communication and information digitally – why shouldn’t your company pique their interest? Marketing emails stack the odds exponentially in your favor with a minimal cost investment that reaches as many potential customers as you’d like. Recent studies show that email brings in more business than other electronic media channels, including social media. The quick convenience of send and receive and the relative ease of using this platform to design engaging representations of your company, brand, and products make it stand out among other methods. Reap the benefits of email marketing for ecommerce website and direct more traffic to your brand.

The best email marketing service plans advise you to include welcome, automated purchase, abandoned cart, browse follow-up, promotional, and new product emails. A simple tool to start with is a mailing list service, one of the free email marketing services you can find. Beyond organizing your contact list of potential customers and easily sending them communications, these normally offer help with content, design, and editing as well as advertising inspiration, templates, and reports on results. Omnisend, as its name suggests, takes your campaign from email to multiple channels including Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and Push notifications; companies who utilize three or more of these report a 250% increase in customer interaction and purchasing. Email marketing agencies like Wavebreak LLC offer strategy guidance for your email campaign through every step: copywriting, coding, design, and timely email sequences to potential customers. Shopify email marketing allows quick and easy setup of a polished marketing campaign for those ecommerce brands on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms. When using third-party email marketing tools like Klaviyo, use a Klaviyo consultant for expert guidance in branding design and content; Klaviyo email marketing agency also utilizes multiple channels and bold, experimental advertising. For example The Chronos agency promises sustainable long-term company growth and brings technical expertise to campaign design.

As you can see, choices abound on every level if you want to bring in a marketing service. For those who don’t yet have the funds, even the free resources provide high-quality email templates. If you already have an excellent writer, perhaps they can tweak their talents to copywriting and you can spend funds elsewhere. Base your decision on your existing team and resources.

B2B Email Marketing

In crafting a persuasive email showcasing your business, consider the different recipients. B2B ecommerce email marketing, or a business to business approach, refers to two companies benefiting by exchanging products or information, while B2C denotes a business communicating with customers. Email is an important medium in B2B marketing as 72% of business buyers share information in this way. Well-written emails make the difference in B2B relationships, and a B2B email copywriter has skills in direct response copywriting specific to businesses, with more of a partnership tone. Business buyers, after all, have company budgets to work with; their decisions are less impulsive and emotional. Consider having your copywriter learn how to write B2B emails, or take advantage of consulting services from B2B email marketing companies that know how to tailor their pitches to other companies and build relationships. B2B email marketing best practices 2018 focus on emphasizing your value in a partnership with another business: contributing coveted customer feedback data, exciting blog updates and news, fertile new prospects and prospect sources, and successful strategies. Newsletters stir up interest and offer up-to-date information, so take a look at some B2B email newsletter examples. Begin with an eye-catching subject line and keep content short, including an easy-to-find signup link and perhaps incentives for signing up.

Importance of Ecommerce Email

No matter the relationship or context, businesses should be getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to ecommerce email. Business to customer, or B2C, marketing can grow substantially by centering their efforts on email, and evidence provides good reason to do so. Customers who convert to buyers via email spend about 138% more than those who buy through other methods. Start scanning the important principles of email marketing 101 and the motivation to develop an ecommerce angle for your business is immediately clear: it gets results for amazing value, and it opens the door to a relationship with clients where they give you information about themselves which you can leverage to offer them more, and they in turn know they can depend on you.

Email Marketing Sample Letter

So now your strategy is sound and you’ve developed a meaty list of interested contacts...but if you don’t start with a foundation of well-written copy, the whole thing will fall apart. Make use of examples from other businesses you can easily find online and check out email marketing sample letters. See what has worked for other companies and build your own tools for your best ecommerce email marketing strategy.

Email campaigns that convert browsers to buyers typically use a sequential formula: the educational email that introduces products with clear explanations about why they’re vital, the dilemma email that highlights the need for their product, the solution email about how their product addresses the issues that need solving, and a follow-up email with statistics and reviews that outline other customers’ thrilled reactions. If a potential lead has not converted to buying at this point, a final email may offer a persuasive discount or offer. Look for specific examples of email templates for ecommerce sites: the welcome email template HTML that confirms a subscription, the product email template that informs, the order email template to confirm details, and the follow up email ecommerce so they keep your high-quality products in mind. Your existing customers are likely to spend even more when they return, so invest in this budding relationship and spend time perfecting an ecommerce customer service email template.

Benefit from the experience of other companies and check out their templates and strategies. The best email marketing for Shopify 2019 features assets from an already successful brand you can use to create and manage email marketing campaigns sent from your domain name, with minimal time spent setting up. Omnisend puts myriad channels at your fingertips, and Klaviyo offers designs from pre-built successful workflow sequences.

The addition of software to beautify and streamline your marketing emails and guidance from marketing companies to keep you on the cutting edge are stellar places to invest funds. If you’re not there yet, start out with ecommerce email templates free downloads. Plenty of attractive and engaging examples can be found online. Keep a list of which templates seem to connect with clients in a file of email swipe templates: a list of unique subject lines, emails that spark interest, and landing pages that keep customers coming back. It’s a quick, convenient file of building blocks so you can crank out winning communiques at a moment’s notice.

Pull out all the stops when crafting your emails – this is the meat and potatoes of growing a thriving brand. Like investing in a few classic, well-tailored pieces of clothing that take you everywhere, this is the area in which shelling out extra will be worth it.

Ecommerce Drip Campaigns

In addition to saying the right things, an irreplaceable part of your email marketing series is the art of timing: getting the right messages to the right customers at the right time. Ecommerce drip campaigns help you accomplish this. Drip email marketing refers to pre-written emails distributed to your promising mailing list on a defined schedule in a specified order, leading them down the funnel of browser to buyer. Relevant emails about the urgency of their need for your product should be delivered on a schedule to your contact list who have either shown interest or are good candidates. This well-researched ecommerce email marketing flow reaps results, and examples abound online. Take a look at ecommerce email sequence templates for great ideas on thank you follow-ups with discount codes and blog/newsletter templates. For a potential customer, utilize drip campaigns with welcome, new subscriber, browse abandonment, and cart abandonment emails. For existing buyers, welcome them in with a first purchase thank-you email, then add a request for feedback, cross-sell offers (suggestions of complementary products), and VIP circle invitations on a drip campaign schedule. Steady, periodic communications from a drip campaign keep your company and its worthwhile products in customers’ minds even when they’re not actively shopping.

Ecommerce Copywriting

Quality of the content of your emails means everything. Unless you have talented writers on your staff, an ecommerce email copywriter will likely be the investment that catapults your company from surviving to thriving. You’ll need a creative person to paint a picture, create ambiance, and connect with buyers’ emotions while also providing valuable information that will prompt action. You can purchase ecommerce copywriting services, or if you see potential in anyone on your team you may want to sponsor an ecommerce copywriting course for them.

Ecommerce copywriting is a steadily growing field, gaining new talent every day. The ecommerce copywriter salary is about $40,000-70,000 per year and many find it to be enjoyable work. Let a copywriter lend their abilities to help your business grow, while also learning from innovative ecommerce copywriting examples, memorable campaigns with stellar copywriting that compels you to open emails. It will profit you to delve into SEO copywriting for ecommerce, well-written and natural-sounding copy that contains keywords and keyword phrases which your reader would be likely to type into a search engine to find information they want. SEO-rich content helps a page or site rank higher in search results and goes a long way to bring in more traffic.

Keep in mind that a copywriter also needs skills in cold email copywriting. This takes more nuance than communicating with those who are already browsers because you first have to do the work of creating interest and then keep fanning the flames each step of the way in the conversion process. For these potential customers a copywriter should avoid overselling or sounding hokey, cut to the chase with succinct facts, and back up their words with real customer testimonials. Check out Copyhackers email templates by successful, professional copywriters skilled at putting out difficult-to-write cold copy emails.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency

Knowing just how profitable ecommerce can be, you also undoubtedly know that to truly take advantage of this key resource you have to do it right. You need to be purposeful and have a strategy so the right prospect is receiving the right content at the right time. You’ll need to invest in ecommerce email marketing software to write and distribute top-of-the-line emails that grab interest, and marketing agencies keep abreast of all the latest tools and resources. Within the constantly evolving sphere of technological developments, purchasing ecommerce email marketing services means incorporating the expertise of someone whose job it is to stay current in this field and make your emails stand out. Experts will write and/or strategize marketing campaigns, help you develop and communicate your brand, or critique and improve your marketing strategy. You’ve learned that the best pick, in addition to bringing these talents, will also be an email funnel agency, knowledgeable in the process of how customers move along the funnel of a sales pitch through stages of concise, informative content and selling.

Review the skills of those on your team and ask whether they have growth potential to learn other specialties. Look at your budget and what you can afford to invest in software, consultants, or both. A fresh set of eyes, particularly those who stay up on the latest marketing trends, always brings useful perspective. Email marketing is a gem waiting to be mined, and the talents of an ecommerce email marketing agency may help you get the most out of it.

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