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What are order tracking pages and seven ways to drive brand engagement and outcomes

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Order Tracking Page

The missing piece of the end to end customer experience

To compete in today's competitive and fragmented world, brands must take advantage of every single touchpoint they have with customers.

To accomplish this, retailers invest time and money building their brand and getting the customer to purchase. Once the consumer hits buy, however, they hand off the experience to a 3rd party carrier, sending 15% of their traffic to a carrier site.

There's another way.

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, a seamless Post Purchase Customer Experience has emerged as a pivotal factor in retaining and delighting customers. At the heart of this experience lies the often underestimated element - the Order Tracking Page. A well-crafted order tracking page template not only provides customers with real-time insights into their purchase journey but also serves as a reflection of the brand's commitment to transparency and service excellence. The order tracking page design holds the power to transform what might be a mundane order update into an engaging and informative experience.

Platforms like Shopify offer a range of customizable options for designing this page through order tracking apps like Malomo, allowing businesses to infuse their unique touch while maintaining functionality. As customers eagerly anticipate their orders, the Order Tracking Page becomes a virtual bridge, connecting their excitement with the brand's narrative. Its significance goes beyond mere order updates; it shapes perceptions, fosters trust, and elevates the entire post-purchase interaction to an artful symphony of service. The order tracking page Shopify provides is just one step up from a carrier page, but there's so much more that can be done.

The hidden post purchase marketing channel

We've seen customers engage with the order tracking page upwards of 3.6 times per order. Multiply that by the shipments sent out a month, and that could be thousands of branded impressions with engaged customers.

See how Malomo brands have taken advantage of this in the ultimate order tracking page swipe-file.

Branded Shopify Order Tracking Pages

In the realm of Shopify Post Purchase experiences, the order tracking page stands out as a vital touchpoint that can make or break customer satisfaction. Picture this: a customer excitedly waits for their package, and with a simple click on "Track My Order," they enter the world of the branded order tracking page. The magic of a branded tracking experience takes the customer journey to a whole new level by leveraging the unique tracking number. A thoughtfully designed Shopify Order Tracking Page, aligned with your brand's aesthetics, doesn't just show shipping progress – it tells a story. It reinforces the brand identity, evokes emotions, and assures customers that their purchase is in trustworthy hands. In the digital age, where customer loyalty is earned through a series of interactions, the Order Tracking Page becomes a canvas to paint exceptional brand impressions, transforming mere order updates into a memorable part of the customer's buying story.

We have a library of hundreds of order tracking page examples you can gather inspiration from for your Shopify store. Get inspired.

Take Advantage of Order Tracking Traffic with These 7 Ideas

There are a multitude of ways brands can take advantage of their tracking page and turn those impressions into customer engagement.

Here are seven shipment marketing campaigns we've seen drive engagement, brand affinity, and additional sales with customers.

1. Reduce customer confusion

Things happen, and shipping issues will occur. By laying out the various ways to communicate with your customer support team and inviting a human-to-human conversation, you can build trust and brand affinity with that customer. It also helps if you show the team they'll be communicating with by putting pictures of the customer support team on this page! No more faceless customer service and confused customers. Need help with alerting customers of delivery issues? Malomo's Problem Orders data surfaces delivery exceptions so you can trigger timely communications.

2. Gain social followers

By using the tracking page to showcase recent posts and activity on various social networks, the customer will feel a sense of belonging to the brand community and their purchase will be validated through social proof (“Hey! Other people like this, too. I must be doing something right” - your customer.) They'll also see posts from your brand on the social platforms they use every day. Now that's staying top of mind!

3. Promote your products

Repeat customers are more profitable than first-time buyers. Inspire repeat purchases by showing customers how other products enhance their overall experience. Tons of Malomo customers are using our Rebuy integration to get this done. Check out all of our integrations within the Shopify ecosystem.

4. Get your customer excited about future products

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Staying top of mind with a customer is vital for retention. Brands are using the tracking page to get the customer to opt-in for future product launches or sales through more intimate and exclusive channels, such as text or Facebook Messenger to increase the likelihood the customer will buy once launched due to familiarity. Show the customer they are special by offering an exclusive sale and a unique way to learn more about it.

5. Gain customer feedback

The first step in showing the customer that their opinion is valued is by asking for it. Powerful brands are built by listening to customers and making them feel a sense of inclusion and belonging. By placing a survey on the tracking page, you can use this to gain customer feedback to enhance the customer experience, shape product development, or plan future product releases.

6. Get customers to read your content

The fusion of content and commerce is becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. Have some great content, but not sure how to get it in front of customers? Whether you're launching a new podcast, releasing a new article on your blog, or have an e-book you'd like to share, do it while your customer is most excited to hear more about your brand. Many of our brands are using the order tracking experience to showcase educational materials on the products just purchased.

7. Encourage customers to refer a friend

Word of mouth is the best way to grow your brand. People are 90% more likely to buy from a brand that was recommended from their friend. Incentivize the customer to refer their friend while they wait for their package by offering a discount or free gift.

Turn shipping tracking into an engaging channel of customer interaction

The campaigns above represent just a few approaches to leveraging a branded tracking experience.

Taking control over what customers are seeing and interacting with when they're most excited about your brand – aka while their recent order is in transit – will help build brand affinity, increase customer retention, and drive profitable growth.

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Post Purchase Experience Marketing

The post-purchase experience has evolved beyond the simple act of completing a transaction. It's a critical juncture where post-purchase marketing strategies come into play, shaping perceptions and fostering lasting customer relationships. But it's not just about the logistics of tracking a package – it's about creating an engaging and seamless branded tracking experience. By infusing the tracking process with the brand's unique aesthetics and voice, businesses can turn a routine update into an opportunity to reinforce their identity and values. This branded tracking approach not only keeps customers informed but also creates a sense of connection, reminding them that their purchase is a part of a larger narrative they're now a part of. In this digital age, where each touchpoint counts, the post-purchase experience is a canvas for businesses to transform a one-time sale into a long-lasting relationship.

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