Grace Eleyae uses Malomo to build a branded post purchase experience that welcomes customers into the family

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Grace Eleyae turns shipping into a branded marketing channel to drive sales, welcome new customers, and reduce support

Grace Eleyae (pronounced Uh-Lay-uh) is a family-run business committed to promoting healthy, fashionable living. While on a trip to Kenya, Founder Grace Eleyae found herself astonished at the fact that her hair had broken off during a bumpy 8-hour car ride. After years of straightening her hair in the typical fashion using the constant heat and friction, combined with the chemicals used to achieve the desired hair style, Grace knew that this was the final straw - there had to be a better, healthier way to straighten her hair.

With no solutions in sight, Grace set out to solve this problem herself. The solution? Her infamous Slap. This led to a full line of modern hair protection products and a company run by her and her family members, Grace Eleyae Inc.

Angel Eleyae, CMO of Grace Eleyae and Grace’s sister, handles all things marketing and brand. She wants to ensure that from the moment consumers land on the website, the entire experience is curated to make consumers feel like they're being welcomed into the experience by Grace herself. She wants it to be familial.

After working tirelessly to create a product and experience that aligns with Grace Elayae’s core family values, Angel realized that there was a gap in that familial experience - post purchase, more specifically shipment tracking.

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Why Malomo?

Angel knew Grace Eleyae needed a shipment tracking experience that gave customers more confidence after they bought while also representing their brand at a time customers were excited. She wanted to go from treating customer's like strangers to welcoming them into the family.

“We realized we had missed a huge opportunity and some great touchpoints with our customers to build our brand. We didn’t want our consumers to see confusing UPS tracking pages. We wanted to show them a Grace Eleyae experience to make sure they were feeling welcomed into the Eleyae family and stayed excited until their product arrived," Angel said.

Using Malomo’s branded tracking pages, Klaviyo integration, and more, Grace Eleyae was finally able to take control of their brand and capitalize on the “missed real estate” of shipment tracking. Malomo now allows Grace Eleyae to represent their brand how they want to - with beauty, care, and their signature “happiness guarantee.”

Welcome to the family

With Malomo, Grace Eleyae is able to design beautiful tracking pages that showcase the Founder Grace, a wide range of innovative products, and their loving brand tone and voice.

On the tracking page, not only is there vital shipping information like the estimated delivery date and updated statuses, but the page also displays a video from Grace Eleyae herself. In this video, she personally thanks the consumer for her or his purchase and welcomes them into the family. This type of content matches the exact level of personal touch and care Grace puts into her product and her company.

Grace Eleyae is able to keep their customers engaged post purchase by promoting best sellers, recommending relevant products through our Rebuy integration, and sharing how-to style guides directly on the tracking page. This is something they were unable to do with their experience previously when they were sending customers to a carrier tracking page.

With content curated specifically for consumers, Grace Eleyae is seeing:

  • 56.6% open rate on their shipping emails
  • 18.7% click through rate from their tracking page back to the site
  • 8x ROI from the repeat purchases that are occurring through their emails and tracking page.

Now, instead of missing an opportunity to connect with customers, Grace Eleyae communicates with their consumers through every step of the post-purchase experience using Malomo’s robust Klaviyo integration.

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of shipping emails


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of tracking page


Welcome to the Family

“Malomo has been a great addition to our marketing stack. We get to provide a branded experience so customers don’t have to deal with UPS as much and we get to provide an experience we’re proud of. This is all while we’re making money from customers buying again while they check their tracking. We love the partnership!”

Angel Eleyae, CMO of Grace Eleyae, Inc.

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