Malomo + Yotpo Integration

Personalizing and Segmenting Branded Transactional Email & SMS

Many Shopify merchants are already personalizing Yotpo's transactional email and SMS with Malomo's branded order tracking to impress your customers (and grow revenue) while customers track their order.

Watch this action-packed 30-minute session on how to utilize our NEW integration to elevate your post-purchase experience to impress customers while they wait for their order. Many Shopify merchants are already combining these two platforms to create a powerful post-purchase experience.

We will also share a live merchant use case capitalizing on the Malomo x Yotpo integration so that you can walk away with tactical strategy and a better understanding of the potential for your brand.

We’ll round out this speedy yet impactful event with a leadership Q&A, so be sure to bring your questions!

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Mariah Parsons, Talia Cohen, Yaw Aning

Mariah Parsons 00:00

Go ahead and get started. So I put this in the chat. But very excited to have you all here. I'm going to run through a quick introduction of our two amazing panelists. So from Malomo side, we have our co founder and CEO, yeah, inning, and then from yacht post side, Italia Cohen. And she is here to tell us all about what she knows as a customer success manager, specifically on the email and SMS side. So thank you both for being here. I know I'm excited. And I hope everyone here is as well. So we'll get running with a couple of things for housekeeping. So we want everyone to engage in the chat, I also put a reminder in here that you have to update your settings to send to everyone so that everyone can see your messages. Zoom does the thing that where it does not let me update the default settings. So please make sure that you send everyone that so you could change the toggle from posts and panelists to everyone. And then we also welcome you all to send questions, we have a little bit of time at the end, where we will be answering those. And there are prizes up for grabs. So be sure to stay tuned for those mostly answering questions that yeah, we'll pitch and you can put your answers in the chat. And then we also will be sending the recording to your inbox. So you don't have to scribble down notes or anything of the sort unless you want to. And this will all be hopefully by end of day tomorrow sent to you. So with that, we have a very brief agenda for you all here, we're going to be going over Malomo and Yabo. And then how these two technologies are working together. We're also beginning we're going to be giving a live demo, which hopefully you'll find exciting, and then dive into a little bit more of a strategy discussion about use cases with the Malomo x Yotpo integration, as well as our q&a portion. So with that, I'll hand it off to you at Yahoo to give an overview of Malomo. Awesome,

Yaw Aning 01:50

thank you, Mariah great to have everybody joined today, I'm pumped about this. This is gonna be cool integration got some some often use cases that I think we can unlock here. But really quickly about Malomo. If you don't know us, you know, we help you turn your order tracking experience into a retention marketing channel. So we've worked with, we've tracked about, you know, billions of dollars worth of orders on behalf of our merchants. And we've gotten to see firsthand working with with them, the impact that tracking can have on your attention and your customers kind of perception of your brand, during this pretty important time in the customer experience. So we're going to start things off right away with the trivia question. In our this is they'll give you a chance to win $25 DoorDash gift card. Question is how many times on average? Does the customer check their tracking per order? If you are a mobile customer, you probably know this well. But drop your answers in the chat. And closest guests will win the prize. So I'll give. I'll give you kind of 1015 seconds here to make some guesses. Got some flowing in who? Yes, a beloved? Yeah, okay. Nine, some really good guesses here? Surprise, nobody's guessed 1000 yet. I know I personally. I hit that refresh button.

Talia Cohen 03:26

All day, every day.

Yaw Aning 03:29

Okay, going once going twice, sold. So the correct answer is 4.6. So whoever was closest, hopefully, Mariah will be able to grab you. And we'll get your contact information and send you off your gift card. So the order tracking page is one of the single most viewed pages for E commerce spreads. We've actually seen that upwards of 20% of your overall website traffic. So that includes all traffic, right? Anybody browsing your web, web, storefront, making purchases, or everybody visiting your storefront 20% of that traffic is actually going to just check the status of their order. So we like to put this into context. Like imagine paying Facebook right for ad traffic, and then sending one of every five clicks to a dead landing page that you don't control. Like that's sort of lunacy. But that's exactly what a lot of merchants are doing during delivery, right? They're just throwing away all that traffic to carriers, hoping that the carriers will deliver a good experience. And I've learned in business that hope is not a strategy. So with Malomo, right, we put we put the control of all of that traffic and engagement back into your hands. When a customer browses your storefront makes a purchase. We now give you control to trigger all of your post purchase transactional or enough notifications directly from Yato you can control the design, the content, the timing, and messaging of these notifications. And then when that customer click to track the package, we're driving them right back to your storefront to view their order status and a very engaging, fully branded, customized tracking experience. And there are several several benefits to controlling the delivery experience. By controlling it, you can drive repeat purchases, you can drive customer support down. And the results are pretty incredible. American tall drove about 17,000 repeat orders from promoting products and collections on their Malomo tracking experience in just 12 months, brew mate is experiencing an average open rate of 61% across their transactional emails, right, which added benefit, they're improving the deliverability and performance of their entire email account. By doing so, and then C sharp saw nearly a 40% reduction in CX tickets by really being proactive in communicating delivery information. So these are these are very typical results of our merchants in lots of different areas that can drive really good retention for your brand. So I'm going to pass things over to Talia to talk a little about Yabo.

Talia Cohen 06:17

Awesome, thank you so much. I know I am definitely someone who loves to check in on their order status very, very frequently. So I'm always of the camp of sending more notifications and being proactive about that. So it's like a match made in heaven here. But to give you guys a little bit of background on iapo yopu is a retention marketing platform, and our entire platform is built up to give merchants the framework and tools for successful retention marketing strategy. With our best in class solutions for SMS and email reviews and visual UGC, loyalty and referrals. And most recently, subscriptions. All living under one roof, our merchants are able to give customers a very thrilling customer experience. We have over 35,000 customers across industries and sizes, leveraging our platform. Now, we understand the challenges of the market currently, and our whole mission is to give you the tools and guidance to help retain those customers. We do this by breaking down the stages of customer retention, which you'll see in the next slide. You'll see how each of our products work harmoniously together to provide those best in class experiences. So perfect. So really, the key components of customer retention to us are one collecting a valuable first purchase, securing that second purchase and building a nurturing and engaged audiences with communications and experiences that will in turn, drive up customer lifetime value and repeat purchases. Furthermore, as all of our products live under one roof, each passing shared data to one another allowing for some truly exciting and innovating synergistic experiences to the customer. So breaking this down, what does it look like in real time, customers that have already adopted our retention marketing platform and leveraging this new e commerce playbook, they're already seeing a 40% increase in repeat customer rate, and a 25% increase in sales from repeat customers. On this next slide, just to call out a few kind of champions of this new e commerce playbook. So dine beauty has seen a 38% increase in repeat purchase rate, LS K D has seen a two times customer lifetime value with iapo. And PSD underwear has seen four times more orders on average from repeat customers. So the proof is already in the pudding, we're seeing the payoff really take have impact here.

Yaw Aning 08:44

Incredible, incredible, incredible. So that's like one of the reasons why I'm super excited about this integration is just Yabo has just been focused on bringing these tools together into one. And I think it really provides some unique ways in which you can leverage all of these tools during your tracking experience. Which brings us to why we built this integration. So Okay, second time to win a prize here. We at Malomo and yappa. We obviously love retention, but there is a silent killer crushing your attention and that is bad delivery experiences. So another $25 gift card up for grabs. What percentage of customers will you lose to a bad delivery experience? Okay, drop your answers into chat again. closest person will win. What percentage of customers will you lose to a bad delivery experience? All right. Yes, yes, yes. Okay.

Talia Cohen 09:45

Some good guesses?

Yaw Aning 09:46

Yeah, yes. The red one is 200% You're gonna lose your customer delights. Yes, I love it. Okay, going one. I'm going to Hawaii's build, all right? At 4%, so eight out of every 10 shoppers will not return after just a single bad delivery experience. Which is that's a massive amount, right? So if we can simply improve the experience of tracking, we can actually really dramatically improve retention. And that's, that's really the reason why we built this integration, right? Malomo and Yotpo is your secret weapon to driving really great retention in your from your post purchase experience. We're both on a mission to help merchants grow their businesses through retention mindset. And so this, this integration is a pretty important leap forward in that direction. And with that said, let us hop into the integration. So I'm excited to walk through a live demo of how this all works. So we'll start we're inside of the app, both dashboard and Taya feel free to kind of add to chime in as I'm walking around. Absolutely. Okay, so in the integrations section, you will see Malomo as an integration that you can add, you can also search for it, there. And so we will follow the prompts to kind of connect the two platforms together, then we'll go into flows to to basically create our first flow. So this is where we'll go to trigger our email and SMS messages to customers. So I'm going to create a flow by searching for Malomo. And you'll see our event triggers pop up in the dashboard. So they're pre built pre populated, so makes it really easy to kind of trigger a flow from Malomo powered event. Next, we're going to want to send our first message and we're going to trigger an SMS message to customers. So I'm going to add an action and choose SMS. And what I love about this is we actually the opposite team did a great job of kind of pre populating a message that has some of our variables already in there to make it really easy for you to kind of really just get started with it. And so you'll see you know how your orders in transit, we can populate different kinds of delivery information and carry information that we're sending over to Yabo. And then we've also got some additional short codes that you can add in. And so you'll see some of the codes, some other codes that you can add in coming from the moment integration. So if we wanted to pop in kind of the tracking page URL, we can we can pop that into the message. All right, great. So with that, right, we've already got to our first message kind of teed up. I also want to add in and actually before it's up to the any any additions that you'd make Utah, you

Talia Cohen 13:05

know, I think for a first message, this is a great strategy I love leading with an SMS message, I think it's great, just get that instantly out there in front of customers. But I'll let you tee up the next one. Perfect.

Yaw Aning 13:17

Okay, then we're also we also want to trigger an email message to customers. So the SMS message will go to customers who opted in to receiving order updates when they checked out. For those that didn't, we also want to provide them with tracking information. So we're also going to trigger an email to those customers. So I'm again going to add an action and we're going to choose Email Message for this one. All right, we're going to scroll down to the email section. So I'm going to add in subject lines will add your order has shipped. And you can include variables in this as well. And so if you wanted to add in like the order number in the in that message, you could scroll down to the events, the events section and find order number here, right. And then I'm going to design the email as well. So I'll click into edit the design. And I've got actually a pre built template already built. So I'm going to go in and change the template here. Go over to my templates, and then add this template that I've already built. Cool, so we've got our branded um, I've got us teed up as our little dog store that we love to use at Malomo. We've got a fun little message that's on brand right our logo is in there got a really playful hero image that's letting them know the orders shipped. But it's on its way. And then we've got some more important delivery content information inside the email. So again, you can drop in various variables from the mobile event, like carrier name tracking number we've got, we can link to your tracking page. So we automatically can direct that customer to the tracking page that we'll build in just a second. And then other information, right, like estimated delivery dates and delivery details, we can drop in using variables inside of inside of the oppose email builder, then we'll end with a nice little kind of fun message about how to what to do if you need to contact support. So with that, you know, we've got an email designed, and when it gets triggered, it will pre populate this email all the variable data from the carrier event that happens. All right, and with that, the email is built. Uh, one thing I didn't mention, or maybe tell you could cover this, too, that I really, that I really loved, is you can you can also include content from some of the other yatco apps inside this this email. Yeah,

Talia Cohen 16:12

right. Absolutely. So as I mentioned before, because all of our Yabo products are under one roof, we're able to tie in data from other programs and platforms. So for example, if you're a loyalty member, or if you're not a loyalty member, we're able to say, Hey, did you know you could have earned X amount of points on this purchase, while you're waiting sign up here. Or we can include some reviews that we've collected if you want to help inspire that next purchase? Or even do a post purchase? scription upsell. So a lot of options to just continue that engagement and that conversation?

Yaw Aning 16:47

Yeah, and it's so easy to write, you can just grab that if you're already integrated using that app, you can just drag it right onto right onto that. Yeah, to that email. Yeah, so awesome. Wonderful. So we've got a flow built, that will trigger when the package has been picked up by the carrier and it's moving, sends that customer an SMS, if they have opted into receiving SMS, or sends that customer an email around their delivery status. All of these, I believe, are marked as transactional by default. Is that correct? Correct. Yes. Amazing. So these will hit the primary inbox, you get good deliverability on these. Alright, so we've got, you know, our email flows, you can go back and create flows for all of the different different shipping statuses to ensure that customers are getting updated on their order. All right, great. Next one, whenever that customer clicks to track their package, we need to send them to a tracking page. So I'm gonna go inside of the mobile dashboard and, and quickly show how to do that. So inside of Malomo, you'll navigate to the tracking page creator and click Create a tracking page. You'll you'll then fill out a couple quick pieces of information like the title of the page that you want, and what URL under your store that you want your tracking page to live under, and click Create. And once you do that, a new kind of tile will pop up that that will be your new tracking page. And so you can then go in and customize that page. So when you click customize, we deep link you directly into Shopify content management system so you can actually edit that page directly. So I'm actually going to really quickly build this page, I can select a background image or a doc store. And then I actually already have some pre built sections built inside of my storefront and so I'm just going to add those sections. So I included our featured collections and highlighting some of our favorite products that our customers purchase. And then you know, obviously I've got loads in a rewards program powered by yacht po and I want to promote that as well post purchase. And so I've got you know prebuilt section talking about that program, and how it works perfect and then I can quickly just hit save right and preview that page. And it looks fantastic looks totally on brand was part of my storefront and and while all right and in 10 minutes we were able to build a tracking experience from scratch. You can see the live page that we built here on that storefront

Talia Cohen 19:48

I love that you included the get order updates via SMS, that little floating button at the bottom. That's a really great continue more conversation even after the customers are They place their order.

Yaw Aning 20:00

Yes, that's a great call out to you I'd forgotten about that. The beautiful part about all of this right is the app has got some really great opt in tools that you can leverage. This is right. One of those tools, you can have this living on your tracking page. If customers want to get updates via text, you can build your SMS live in a way that feels very natural and a way that customers actually want to continue to hear from you. All right, cool. With that we've walked through the live demo. So I'm gonna, I'm actually going to stop sharing. And we're going to jump into the q&a section to talk a little bit more about some strategy and answer some some questions from the from the audience. Okay, so probably, I actually wanted to start off by, you know, asking you merchantville, a lot of emphasis on creating really premium experiences, post purchase, you know, with their transactional email and SMS. Any ideas why that is, like, Of all the places that you could invest your time, like, why spend time on this part of the customer journey?

Talia Cohen 21:15

Yeah, I think that's a great call out. And I think a lot of it is has to do with kind of the area that SMS and email marketing is in currently, specifically SMS marketing, during COVID, it was a a huge boom, and customers were kind of expected to get, you know, a 20% off coupon every single time they got a text. And we're seeing that it's kind of fatiguing. At this point, customers don't really see the value in the product anymore, if they're always gonna get a coupon, it's really hard to make that conversion. So we're really putting an emphasis with brands to focus on that. That relationship that you're building, and still give out coupons when you want. But make sure that we're nurturing a relationship before that. And so a really great time to do so is, you know, in that post purchase engagement, and really building up that trust and that relationship, and with Malomo, especially since we'll be able to have such up to date notifications, the customer can really feel that relationship grow and then ultimately convert into another purchase.

Yaw Aning 22:16

Yeah, love that. Yeah. Yeah. You see that quite a bit, right? You don't want to degrade the value of your products by blasting people with with coupons. But it's hard to think about different strategies when you want to communicate and, and relationship building starts in moments where you you actually want to build trust, and creating emotional connection and and post purchase and tracking is a great is a great opportunity to do that. 100%

Talia Cohen 22:42


Yaw Aning 22:44

well that. I'd like I'd love to hear from you, too, how other merchants might be using other products in the post suite to enhance their their post purchase experience. So like, how are brands using tools like UGC or views post purchase to connect with customers?

Talia Cohen 23:04

Yeah, we really recommend or encourage brands to utilize other tools if they have those programs up and running. For example, with something as simple as, if you're a brand using our loyalty tool, will recommend you to condition out your flows based off of loyalty status. And instead of just sending to a customer, Hey, your order is on its way. You can say hey, your order is on its way. PS, we noticed that you're not a part of our loyalty program. Did you know you could have earned X points on this purchase, join now while you're waiting for your purchase. Another really quick one that a lot of merchants are taking advantage of is that conditioning based off of customer cohort. So we don't want to message the same message to every customer the exact same time if I'm someone who has placed five orders my entire life and I've spent over $1,000 at a store. I don't want to just get a simple generic message that says hey, Thalia, thanks for your purchase. Let's speak to the fact that I'm such a dedicated and loyal fan, we can say, hey, superfan Talia, thanks so much for your order. You know what to do? Here's your tracking information. Let us know if you have any questions and really build out more of that relationship there. And so with your poll, you're able to condition off of all of those segments and really speak to the customer where they're at. Yeah,

Yaw Aning 24:21

that's great. Yeah, that's, that's really good. It's nice to have all that data integrated into one. Yeah. So you can orchestrate that. That in a coordinated way.

Talia Cohen 24:29

100%. Yeah. That's good.

Yaw Aning 24:34

Yeah, great. And then talk talk a little bit about like, opt in strategy, right. You know, I think a lot of merchants are thinking about this, the differences between marketing versus transactional and like, how does that work inside? Yep. Oh, yeah. I should be thinking about that.

Talia Cohen 24:55

Yeah, well, I think a big push and something that Um, you know, merchants are really moving past is thinking the only way that I can collect subscribers is through a pop up or at checkout or a landing page. And that all happens pre purchase. But something that we can do with SMS, that's similar to email marketing is we can condition based off of if someone is an SMS subscriber. And when I'm checking out, I'm still gonna leave my phone number. And even if I'm not opting into SMS marketing, I can still get those transactional updates. And we recommend to our brands to utilize the keyword opt in tool. So we can say, text bone to goodest. Boy, our text bones are number two, join our SMS program and get even more text and more deals. And that's happening after the customer has already placed their order. And it really speaks to the fact that we're building up this relationship and really healthy and carefully crafted way. And we're not just immediately throwing them with another 10% coupon. After opting in, I just placed an order. I don't need a coupon. But maybe we should give me a different Hawk track to help me make that next order. Yeah,

Yaw Aning 26:03

that's great. That's great. Awesome. Well, I'll maybe let's jump to some audience questions to Mariah. Yeah. Want to want to make sure that we get audience questions answered

Mariah Parsons 26:16

here. Yep. So Liana asked, would we be able to segment your Yabo tracking emails by carriers? Oh,

Yaw Aning 26:25

yeah, that's a that's a great question. Yeah. I don't believe we are able to do that today. But we're working through some fastballs on the integration in order to support a lot more segmentation, concepts like that. So we would not we would not be able to segment off carrier I believe today, but I'll double check with the with both engineering teams to confirm that. But we are like I said we're collecting all the the insights around how to how to continue to do some fastballs on the integration.

Mariah Parsons 26:54

Love it. And then one more question while we wrap up? Are these notifications considered transactional by default?

Yaw Aning 27:01

Yes, yes, they are considered transactional by default, which is, which is great. You know, you don't have to go through any, I believe any sort of like approval process from Malomo or iapo. To get the setup as transactional, we build them as transaction by default through this integration, which is Yeah. Which makes things a lot easier for merchants to kind of get up and running.

Mariah Parsons 27:27

Wonderful. Okay. I think that is it and perfectly timed. So great job. Thank you both. It was so awesome to sit and just admire the conversation and the integration from a little bit of afar. Thank you, everyone for joining as well. I will be in touch with those who want our gift cards. And thanks for engaging in the chat. It's always fun to see everyone's guesses. Yeah, so we can leave it at that and we'll be in touch. Thanks, everyone.

Yaw Aning 27:54

Thank you. I see