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Go beyond the obvious – reaching the right customers are the right time with the right message is email marketing 101 for the modern marketer.

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Email Marketing 101

If your eCommerce website, Shopify, or Shopify Plus store isn't utilizing eCommerce email solutions to enhance customer experience, then your company is missing out on additional revenue. Of course, you and your team are focusing on the business. That's why it makes sense to look into marketing agencies like Wavebreak llc for professional eCommerce email ideas and digital marketing services.

An agency might do anything from handling all of the company's email strategy, to design, copywriting, coding, and testing. Using eCommerce email marketing services such as these are a valuable time saver as well as a way to generate more profits. Getting in touch with an agency for email marketing assistance can be just the wave breaker you need to open the flood gates to exciting new ideas. An agency with experience in email marketing for ecommerce website will have plenty of experience to draw from.

Working with an eCommerce email marketing agency means that you're free to take care of all the other aspects of your business. However, inhouse eCommerce marketers can gather ideas from agencies such as Wave Break and implement solutions using the inspiration they find on the wave breaker podcast and other email marketing blogs.

Using email marketing for an eCommerce website nurtures your audience from prospect to buyer, all the way to them becoming a repeat customer. Your business can integrate its tech stack with eCommerce email marketing software such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo, a cloud-based email marketing solution with key features including audience segmentation, integration with multiple platforms, and performance reporting.

Malomo integrates with your core eCommerce tech stack so you can use customer, order, and carrier data to create more informative, personalized experiences. Your business can run several automated email campaigns, then use e-commerce software to track and compare the revenue from each of those campaigns to discover what works best.

What's more—eCommerce funnels agencies focus on drip campaigns and email sequences, or some combination of those solutions. Why not get some inspiration to utilize these methods for email marketing your eCommerce website?

Shopify Email Marketing

Your Shopify business must build a relationship with its audience online. What this means is that it's essential to listen to customers, understand their needs and pain points, and then use those insights to provide a seamless customer experience.

While Shopify email marketing via Mailchimp used to be a good solution for eCommerce, the company has ceased integrations with Shopify, leaving Klaviyo as one of the best and most accessible email marketing solutions for eCommerce brands that use Shopify.

Now, eCommerce brands looking for ideas on how to use Klaviyo have many options for hiring a Klaviyo consultant or a Klaviyo email marketing agency to help with their email marketing strategy. Companies such as Malomo utilize deep integrations to unlock the power of customer purchase and behavioral data. Malomo integrates with Klaviyo so you can use customer data, order information, and more to create a personalized user experience.

Not only that, but Malomo also custom brands your Shopify order tracking page, so it blends with the rest of your website. You'll be able to add product recommendations, social media, videos, marketing collateral, and more all without code.

Even better? Malomo's integration with Klaviyo means your business will be able to harness the power of Klaviyo's personalization and optimize your post-purchase notification emails, giving your customers a positive shopping experience from beginning to end.

B2B Email Marketing Examples

Brand partnerships are a powerful tool for marketers. Companies with similar values can work together on a webinar, a guide, and utilize both of your email audiences to reach a more extensive network. However, there are differences between email marketing for B2B and a B2C—tone, length of time in the buying cycle, the best time to send emails, as well as the content of those emails will differ for B2B and B2C.

Of course, there are B2B email marketing companies that can manage B2B email marketing for a B2B business. These companies provide a skilled B2B copywriter who knows how to write B2B emails. They'll help you understand and implement B2B email marketing best practices in 2020, including:

  • Connecting with your audience
  • Customizing your email blasts
  • Grabbing your audience's attention and holding their interest
  • Creating a clear and compelling call to action
  • Crafting catchy headlines

Additionally, it's a good idea to use B2B email marketing examples, as well as B2B email newsletter examples, when you're developing your B2B eCommerce email marketing strategy. Gathering samples and templates will inspire your next B2B campaign – you could even hire a B2B email copywriter specifically for the job.

Ecommerce Copywriter

We can't stress enough the importance of skilled copywriting for successful email marketing. A professional eCommerce email copywriter, such as Chris the email copywriter, can help. Give his free e-book, "Make It Rain: The Secret to Generating Massive Paydays From Your Email List," a read. It has ideas and information that will jumpstart your email marketing campaign.

Also, check out how Laura Lapouch uses CopyHackers cold email template to drive business her way.

The thing is, a sales email on the last day of a product launch shouldn't be written like the third email when you're nurturing a prospect. What this means for you is that using a system such as 10x Emails will make it much easier to navigate your email copywriting options. The templates that you get with 10x Emails and Six-Figure emails make it easy for you to navigate your email copywriting options, and they'll help you make the best use of those eCommerce emails.

You'll learn how to:

  • Frame your message
  • Link your offer
  • The best places to be relevant
  • How to use one specific example to draw interest

As Laura Lapouch explains in her article, the cold email copywriting must be relevant to grab the reader's attention. That's why it's essential to customize those email templates. Your reader must believe that you can provide what they need. Grabbing your audience's attention is step one to starting the conversation, so make opening that email worth their time.

Email Marketing Sample Letter

By now, you probably realize that looking at examples and case studies of eCommerce email marketing templates can help you learn from other people's mistakes, as well as garnering eCommerce email ideas. What's more, you can even skip a few painful learning experiences if you utilize all of the resources available.

That's why it's vital to keep an email swipe file with your email eCommerce address and eCommerce email samples.

You can implement an email swipe templates file to keep track of what email templates for ecommerce sites are working for your brand and which aren't. Separate the marketing email template sample that starts the conversation and tweak it to personalize it each time. Then track it to see which companies open that particular email. Keep swipe templates for the variety of emails your business sends customers – don’t forget to include emails sent post purchase like an order email template and ecommerce customer service email template.

Save your email marketing examples as a PDF to refer to later. Then create your own marketing email template sample that you've customized from each of the eCommerce email templates free download. You'll find which works best for your business with a little experimentation.

Creating eCommerce emails related to customers' orders, such as using an order confirmation email template, is equally as important as those initial cold emails. A consistent product email template, order email template, and eCommerce thank you email template, all help provide consistent customer service and also build brand recognition. Additionally, customer service templates and thank you templates help drive customer loyalty and retention as well as brand affinity.

Imagine an email sending your customers to a tracking page that's integrated with Shopify, Klavio, and even your Instagram account. These Malomo clients' campaigns should provide plenty of inspiration as you consider how you can integrate your email campaigns to your products to drive sales and learn from ecommerce email examples.

Brands such as Chowdaheads, Love and Lemons, and Grace Eleyae have all transformed their order tracking into a premium brand experience, with integrated solutions in their order confirmation email template and HTML code.

Ecommerce Email Sequence

Email marketers know that it's essential to get the right messages to the right customers at the right time. That's why eCommerce drip campaigns are the base of an active and successful email marketing campaign. An eCommerce email sequence is a set of email campaigns that convert prospects to buyers and buyers to loyal customers.

Of course, you can use eCommerce email sequence templates to create your email marketing series, beginning with an eCommerce launch email, all the way to a follow-up email that shows your customer appreciation. For example, For Love & Lemons integrates the Malomo tracking page into their post-purchase email. This move resulted in a 17.3 percent conversion of customers back to the site—allowing thousands of buyers to continue on a seamless brand journey.

By using Malomo's Klaviyo integration, the company controls the timing and customization of its shipping emails so that they also build trust and confidence with customers. Not only that, but they're also able to keep the content fresh on the tracking page and within the emails to keep up with new product launches.

Customization and fresh content keep For Love & Lemons' customers excited every time they make a purchase. By using an eCommerce drip email campaign and following it up with site integration, customers ultimately get an experience that upholds the For Love & Lemons brand values of giving women confidence at every step of the way in their journey with the brand.

Are you bringing back customers with your ecommerce emails?

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