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FL&L connects with customers during the post-transaction funnel to drive almost $100,000 of revenue from existing customers

Founded in 2011, fashion brand For Love & Lemons was started by two best friends to create apparel that gave women confidence, femininity, and individuality.

As part of a small team, Katy Riley (For Love & Lemons’ Director of eCommerce & Digital Strategy) is running everything...and we mean everything! From marketing, to ecommerce, to customer support, Katy is her responsible for ensuring every time a customer interacts with For Love & Lemons, those brand values are upheld and showcased.

Take a look at their site (seriously, check it out - but come back after! You won’t want to miss this) and you’ll quickly see beautiful imagery, premium products, and an experience showcasing the values that For Love & Lemons customers have come to love and believe in.

The Post Purchase Gap

Katy was starting to notice something interesting with the experience she was building - customers were so connected to the For Love & Lemons brand and so excited for their product to arrive after they purchased, that they were hypersensitive during the shipping experience.

Not only that, but the current shipment tracking experience didn’t give Katy the ability to continue the beautiful, branded experience post purchase that customers came to love and know. To Katy, those interactions that were occurring as customers checked their tracking were being wasted.

With this in mind, Katy set out to control the shipment tracking experience and give customers more confidence as they tracked their order. She also wanted to find a way to take advantage of those customers interactions and help build brand loyalty and generate repeat purchases.

So she implemented the Shipment Marketing Platform, Malomo.

Building Confidence with Shipment Marketing

By using Malomo’s tracking page and Klaviyo integration, Katy now has full control over the shipment tracking experience to build trust with customers and help customers track their order at ease.

Customers are checking the For Love & Lemons’ tracking page on average 3 times. So, instead of those interactions being sent to carrier pages, Katy is able to keep the customer captivated inside a For Love & Lemons experience. Customers are not just looking at the page, they are engaging and interacting with additional product promotions, new product launches and any sales that are occurring at the time.

The For Love & Lemons’ tracking page coverts 17.3% of customers back to the site - allowing thousands of customers to continue their journey with the brand. For Love & Lemons has also been able to drive almost $100,000 of additional revenue from their tracking experience within just a few months, all while giving customers more confidence while they tracking their order.

Using Malomo’s Klaviyo integration, Katy is able to control the timing and customization of her shipping emails so that they also build trust and confidence with customers. Having a lot on her plate, the automated flows Katy is able to create in her current Klaviyo account allows her to quickly create fresh, personalized experiences at scale. Customers now open For Love & Lemons shipping emails 62.5% of the time and a click thru 28.4% of the time.

Katy’s able to keep the content fresh on the tracking page and within the emails to keep up with new product launches and keep customers excited every time they make a purchase with For Love & Lemons.

“Implementing Malomo has allowed me to give our customers a premium experience when it matters. Malomo has seamlessly integrated with our ESP giving us the opportunity to connect with our customers in the post-transaction funnel when they are most engaged. Customers feel confident that For Love & Lemons is there for them and appreciate the extra level of care." - Katy Riley

For Love and Lemons Takes Control

By taking control of her shipping experience, Katy has built an experience that upholds the For Love & Lemons brand values of giving women confidence at every step of the way in their journey with the brand.

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