Summersalt extends their luxury experience post purchase with Malomo

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Summersalt uses Malomo to provide a seamless post purchase experience to customers - leading to 12.4% CTR from the tracking page back to site

Summer days are best spent on the beach in total bliss. But for many women, finding the right swimsuit is not so blissful.

Summersalt is out to change that.

Fashion brand Summersalt launched in 2017 offering premium eco-friendly designer swimwear without the designer price tag. They turned away from wholesale and instead differentiated by owning the relationship they had with their customers to offer a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience that turns the headache of finding a swimsuit into an enjoyable experience.

From eye popping product shots to their lifestyle editorial, Forecast, Summersalt immerses customers in a highly engaging and seamless experience.


Enhancing the end to end customer experience

Continually looking to provide the best to their customers, Summersalt wanted to match the quality of their post-purchase experience to the high caliber they maintain for their purchasing experience.

As soon as customers completed their purchase transactions, they were directed away from the luxury Summersalt experience to a third party carrier page. Summersalt had no control over the communication that followed, leaving a disconnect between customers and their brand.

Taking control of the experience

To help solve these problems, Summersalt used Malomo to take control of their post purchase experience and maintain the relationship they built with the customer after the buy button.

With Malomo, Summersalt was able to:

  • Provide customers with a branded experience that customers recognize and trust as they check their shipment
  • Control the design and messaging of the notifications customers receive using Malomo’s Klaviyo integration
  • Keep customers engaged with brand marketing assets to drive traffic back to their website

After just one month with Malomo, Summersalt has been swimming in results:

  • 12.4% of customers that visited the tracking page click through back to the site to look at additional products and branded content
  • Instead of directing customers right after they buy to a 3rd party carrier site with no tracking information, customers are sent to branded tracking page with clear delivery communication from Summersalt

Summersalt engagement

Click thru rate from tracking page to site


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