"Where’s My Order" Ticket Opened Email Flow

Wheres my order ticket opened email flow

Import all the Malomo order, customer, and carrier data into Gorgias for easy viewing next to an open ticket. With this custom email flow, you can ensure that you're sending your customers the right message because your team knows what is going on with that customer at just a glance.

Many customer support teams in the ecommerce industry lack the capability to promptly locate crucial data points like order details, shipping status, shipping destination, and other pertinent customer information within their helpdesk software.

As a result, this deficiency causes a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth communication between the customer and support team, resulting in longer resolution times and greater customer dissatisfaction.

With the Malomo x Gorgias integration, your customer support team will have all the order tracking information at their fingertips when you receive a customer support ticket. No more digging for critical information or asking your customers to wait while you find the necessary numbers- talk about streamlining your process!

Check out some customer order tracking examples

Scroll & see what our amazing customers are doing with their order tracking examples. You can filter by industry type, communication type, and scroll over each image for more specific details.

Vessi tp

For their tracking page, Vessi uses Malomo.js to build a fully customized experience for their customers. They also use Klaviyo, Loop, Okendo, and Gorgias to enhance their post-purchase experience even further.

Drmtlgy tp

DRMTLGY built a fully custom order tracking page with the Malomo.js through our Shopify Integration. They also use Klaviyo, Attentive, Rebuy, Octane AI, and Gorgias to strengthen their post-purchase experience.

Metropolis Coffe

Metropolis Coffee uses Klaviyo for email list sign-ups, Rebuy & Recharge for dynamic product recommendations to push subscriptions, Octane AI for a quiz, Okendo for rewards, and Gorgias for customer support.

Learn how Gorgias + Malomo can enhance your customer experience, boost customer satisfaction and streamline your support service. By integrating Gorgias with Malomo, your team can respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries, while also providing a beautifully branded tracking page with shipment status to keep your customers happy.

This integration also provides easy access to critical customer information like contact details, order and tracking numbers, billing address, selected products, and pricing, empowering your support team to serve your customers better.

But that's not all. Here are some additional reasons to consider this integration:

  • Automate responses to order-related questions and save time for your support team.
  • Drive engagement and repeat purchases by directing customers to high-converting branded tracking pages.
  • Turn "where is my order" inquiries into upsell opportunities for your business.